Shopping in Punjab, Check Out The Famous Items

Punjab is a vibrant and different state like many others in India. Certainly, shopping in Punjab is a unique experience too. The land of Sikhism and Golden Temple throw open in front of you innumerable things to shop for. If you thought shopping in Punjab involved just the textile, lassi, and Kara, you haven't been to the state.

Amritsar, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Mohali, Patiala, and Bathinda are the hotspots when it comes to shopping in Punjab. Pick your spot and start your shopping journey. And be ready to splurge a bit to do justice to your shopping in Punjab.

A note of gratitude to Arshdeep Singh and Ranbir Singh @ranbir_baath for the photos.


Phulkari is a unique embroidery work done on women's attire in Punjab. It is difficult to find a woman in Punjab who doesn't have a collection of Phulkari works in her wardrobe. Phulkari is basically threaded embroidery-flower works on cloths to embellish it. It is part and parcel of Punjabi traditional wear, you see it almost everywhere.

Chiffon, crepe, khadi, cotton, and georgette fabrics are used for it. The price range of Phulkari works starts from INR 500 upwards. Buy it, wear it, and flaunt it.

The traditional Salwar-dupatta combination worn by women, now commonly seen in the rest of the country, is popular in the state of Punjab. The loose pant or salwar and attractive, broad dupatta have become a nationwide fashion statement.

As for men, yes men can smile too, a wide range of fashionable choices are available for men too. Kurta with dhoti and Kurta with pajama are more popular among them.


The Punjabi traditional attire comes with several pieces of jewelry and ornaments. While shopping in Punjab, it is a good idea to try some of these on. Surely, you will love to purchase some of them.

Chooda is another must-have when a woman is dressing up for the wedding. It is a set of bangles usually in white or red color.

Paranda is a hair accessory. The long colorful tassel is braided along with the hair braids by women. For traditional functions and programs, they wear it usually.

Kaleere is a piece of dangling jewelry that is worn along with the bangles by a bride during the wedding ceremony. The bead chain is an attractive piece of adornment. They come in different styles and colors, but usually in golden color.


No introduction is needed here. And once you are in Punjab you can just see it everywhere men wearing it. The long piece of cloth braided and worn on the head by Punjabi men is a part of their rich tradition and faith. Yes, you could buy them from the shop. The 5-8 meter long cloth comes in multiple colors to match your overall attire. Amritsar and Patiala markets are famous for them.

Arshdeep Singh and Karanbir Singh can be seen in their Turban.

Punjabi Jutti (handcrafted footwear)

The traditional handmade footwear worn by men and women alike in Punjab and in most parts of North India is famous. These leather works are classy and traditional, easy to wear, and durable. With multiple designs and colorful patterns, it is a must-have when shopping in Punjab.

With around INR 300 upwards you can take home a pair of this quality craftwork. Amritsar and Patiala are more famous for these Juttis.


Reminding one of the Uchiwa of Japan, this is a handheld fan so common and unique in Punjab. We know how notorious the Northern summer can be. Pakkhi is one simple, useful, stylish, and affordable means to comfort yourself with a whiff of wind. Phulkari works embellish them to look attractive with a carved wooden handle. It will cost you around INR 300.

Swords, Shields and Framed Pictures

Apparently arms. However, the swords and shields that you can find across the shops especially in Amritsar are traditional ones. They are used on auspicious occasions as part of the Punjabi tradition. The glittery, beautiful craftsmanship can adorn your walls with spectacular impact. Do check with the airline if you can take them by flight though.

Beautifully framed images of Golden Temple and notable Sikh Gurus are also available to be purchased.

Religious Items

Kada/Kara could be the commonly bought and used article among them. It is a steel bracelet worn not as an ornament but as a permanent bonding to Sikhism. It symbolizes no beginning or end. Mostly steel, but then you will find it in golden color too. A few of them have inscriptions too.

The kirpan is a small sword in its sheath the Sikhs carry it with them. It comes in different sizes.

Kanga is a traditional wooden comb. It symbolizes cleanliness. Being physically clean implies the spiritual side of it.

The Guru Granth Sahib is the sacred text of the Sikh religion.

These are all religiously important objects for the Sikh and they give utmost importance in respecting them. Hence, buying these would mean, giving these objects the reverence due to them.

Edible items

You go to any hotel, they will suggest you have Makki ki Roti that's a heavy meal in itself. The corn powder-made roti becomes delicious when had with Sarson Ka Saag and a scoop of butter.

Homemade pickles are enjoyed by Punjabis. The varieties include mango, lime, chilly, radish, carrot, ginger, and more. Certainly, you will cherish the zing of it in your platter.

The Masala Papad adds the perfect touch to any meal you enjoy while shopping in Punjab.

Jaggery provides a sweet twist. Thanks to the abundant availability of sugarcane. During the season they make jaggery with its juice.

Soot ke ladoo is another sweet item. Made of refined flour, sugar, and ghee, the delicacy is famous in Patiala.

And among the authentic dishes, you can't miss is the wholesome Lassi. A glass of it can energize you like none.


The locals enjoy their meals. When in Punjab eat like Punjabis.

Happy and safe shopping in Punjab.



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    I love the article, reminds me how much we ate and how much of mad shopping we did when we visited Amritsar and Chandigarh


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