Janmashtami Decoration Ideas for Home

Tomorrow India will be celebrating Janmashtami, the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna. It is a very popular festival in the country, celebrated in many households with great zeal, fervor, and fun. Lord Krishna is worshipped during Janmashtami which is considered an auspicious occasion in Hindu mythology. People decorate their houses with bright colors and with all the items related to Lord Krishna. Devotional Songs, dances, and music are performed as a mark of worship and respect for the Lord. Today in this article, I would like to share some of the Janmashtami decoration ideas for home. You can get some thoughts and surprise your family with your decors.

Dahi Handi art

Lord Krishna, during his childhood days, had a special fascination for white butter or Makkhan. The white butter was prepared by churning the milk. He used to finish off all the butter prepared by his mother Yashoda and even the ones prepared by his neighbours. Such was his love for the butter. One of the Janmashtami decoration ideas is to buy some clean and medium-sized handis and create Dahi Handi art. You can rekindle your creative mind to decorate the Handis or pots resembling Lord Krishna eating butter or related ideas. Use bright colors to emphasize the theme and essence of Janmashtami.

Floral Decorations

Buy flowers like marigolds, roses, chrysanthemums, and hibiscus. You can create garlands for the idol, hang them on the doors and windows, and at the entrance of your house. Combine the flowers with some mango leaves to create a unique effect on the decor. The flowers enhance the brightness of the house and the place where the idol of Lord Krishna is placed for worship. Adorning with flowers of different colors, shapes, and sizes is one of the most common Janmashtami decoration ideas. Besides the fragrance of the flowers further relights the atmosphere at the Puja Bedis.


In the majority of Hindu festivals, Rangoli is considered a traditional custom. Janmashtami is also not an exception. You can either create a Rangoli with colored powders or flowers and diyas. A distinct idea is to design a rangoli imitating Lord Krishna or a divine instrument the flute or the Bansuri. You can also create handis as a rangoli. Otherwise, you can bring about different artistic patterns in the form of a rangoli. Rangolis are one of the best Janmashtami decoration ideas, uplifting the charm of the house. You can also place a few diyas or lamps in between the rangolis to generate a soothing effect.

Incense and Diyas

Another traditional custom in Indian festivals is to light diyas and incense sticks of various fragrances. You can paint some diyas on your own or buy them from the market. It is good to have some artistic diyas with bright colors to adorn your house. You must place a few of them near the idol of Lord Krishna. Buy some good incense sticks with a good aroma and keep them lighted while you worship the Lord. The smell must not be very strong but light ads you have to keep them burning indoors.

diya decoration
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Torans or door hangings

Torans or door hangings are a perfect way to beautify your house. They are available in various patterns and designs and have multiple colors, shapes, and sizes. You can opt for the hand-made ones too. If you love art and craft, then you can make them – a good brain work and a good immersion into creativity. Beads, motifs, sequins, glitters, etc. can be used to design the Torans. You can hang them at the doors, windows, entrance gates, and near the idol of Lord Krishna.

Wall decorations with Bansuri or Flute

Bansuri or flute is the divine instrument played by Lord Krishna. One of the most significant and unique Janmashtami decoration ideas is to decorate the walls of your house with it. You can buy a replica of the flute or make one at our home. The items mainly needed are paper rolls, cardboard, colorful paper tissues, and some shining glitter, sequin, and beads.

Adorn with peacock feathers

As per Hindu mythology, the peacock feather symbolizes the power and beauty of Lord Krishna. Hence it is auspicious to use peacock feathers to adorn your house. Peacock feathers are captivating in their elegant beauty and marvel. Decorating your house with the feathers will surely enhance the charm and magnify the eccentric glamor. You can bunch them together and place them near the idol or scatter them at a few places near the door, window, or on the walls.

Design Jhula or Swing

During Janmashtami, the idol of Lord Krishna is placed on a swing or Jhula signifying Baby Krishna being coaxed like an infant after his birth. You can design the swing with flowers, bright crepe papers, beads, sequins, and colorful glittering clothes. You can opt for wooden Jhulas or metal Jhulas and then embellish them with several decorative items.

Beautiful curtains or drapes

Janmashtami celebrations are incomplete without families or friends assembling in a place and it can be your house. So why not plan to keep it clean and adorned with beautiful curtains and drapes? They add a specific sophisticated feeling and charm to your house. You can experience the classic touch, surely to be appreciated by your near and dear ones. The curtains and drapes can be either bought or stitched.

The wall art of Lord Krishna

A wall art of Lord Krishna can be one of the Janmashtami decoration ideas for home. You can either purchase from the shops or if you have an artist at home, try drawing out the art of the Lord. Nowadays there are plenty of options for art, different types of colors, methods, and strategies. So why not try them out?



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