Asiatique The Riverfront in Bangkok

After a long break, today I felt like reminiscing about my trip to Thailand. Bangkok had been the final destination of my visit and the last place in my itinerary was Asiatique The Riverfront. It is a prominent open-air mall in the city. The entire place bubbles with energy and life, filled with food stalls, street food markets, restaurants, amusement centers, and shops selling dresses, gifts, souvenirs, and many more.

Interesting Facts about the Market

Asiatique The Riverfront is considered one of the best markets in Bangkok. Its vibrant atmosphere entices tourists from all over the world. Located on the banks of the elegant Chao Phraya River, it is the ideal place to chill with family and friends. The views during the day and at night are unique in their way. Days are filled with the sun's rays sparkling on the fountains, a scenic view of the well-curated gardens, and the artistic decor of the market glittering in illuminated daylight. Nights are colorful and lively with music, cheerful crowds, aromatic street foods, brightly lit showhouses, rides, restaurants, shops, and other entertainment arenas.

Entertainments, Amusement activities, and Fun shows

Ferris wheel or Asiatique Sky – A giant wheel ride where you can board and enjoy the picturesque views of the entire city of Bangkok. It's enthralling to watch the river with the skyscrapers, hotels, and several religious and official buildings along its bank. One of the best ways to escape from the crowd at Asiatique The Riverfront, and immerse into moments of peace and calmness.

Grand Carousel: A merry-go-round ride for the kids to engage in a joyous moment while feeling the rhythm of the amusing journey.

Mystery Mansion: A haunted train with multiple two-seaters passes through the mansion among ghosts and paranormal characters, with eerie feelings for the guests.

Calypso Cabaret: A gleaming dance show by transgenders, performed for one and a half hours.

Muay Thai Live: Antics and display of fighting skills by the expert Muay Thai fighters.

Joe Louis Thai Puppet Theatre: You can enjoy the traditional Thai puppetry at the theatre, wrapped with fun and laughter.

Zones of Asiatique The Riverfront

Waterfront District: Faces the river and houses international drink bars and restaurants. You can engage in various outdoor sports, and activities, while engrossing in the breathtaking river views.

Factory District: Place for shops selling clothes, accessories, fashion products, bags, and much more.

Town Square District: Hosts innumerable shops selling colorful bags, and fashionable clothes. You can also check out this district's beverage shops and restaurants.

Chareonkrung District: A zone dedicated to shops selling gift items, home decor products, chocolates, and souvenirs. Fun shows, restaurants, and certain clothing stores are also present in the district.

Shops at Asiatique The Riverfront

You will love to hand around the shops and pick up your choicest items. Both trendy and traditional attire are available in the market. The design and the patterns and amazing, some with soothing colors and some with bright patterns. There are both formal and informal wear for men and women. For kids, there are dedicated shops selling clothes and accessories.

You can treat your eyes with a plethora of designer bags, available in various shapes and sizes. There are sling bags, backpacks, stylish bags, formal bags, and even hand-made straw bags. Along with the bags, you can check some of the accessories displayed at the shops.

The footwear section is indeed interesting, with shoes of various designs and colors. They are comfortable to wear and fashionable too. Besides, you can hop on to buy some jewelry, and gift items for your near and dear ones.

Street Foods and Restaurants Arena

The aroma and fragrance of the street foods in this area is alluring. Various local and exotic foods are displayed, definitely not to miss. Skewers, barbeques, grills, fruits, fruit juices, and refreshing drinks are a must-try. You will love the lips-smacking and mouthwatering dishes and delectable drinks.

Besides there are several restaurants serving foods and drinks from the local and international cuisines. The prominent ones are Happy Fish Restaurant, Kodang Talay, Capri Italian Restaurant, Wine I Love You, Brick Bistro Restaurant and Bar, Kacha Kacha, and KFC.

How to reach?

You need to first arrive at the Saphan Taksin station. From there, come out from Exit 2 for the Sathorn Pier. At the Pier, you need to avail the Asiatique free shuttle boat which operates at an interval of 10 minutes from 4 PM to 11:30 PM.

Hope you all enjoy the experience at Asiatique The Riverfront. Do not miss it on your itinerary.



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