Cruising to Phi Phi Islands and Maya Bay in Thailand

I hope you liked reading my first blog post on Thailand about Fisherman's Village in Koh Samui. Today I want to share my experience of cruising to Phi Phi Islands and Maya Bay from Phuket. My first destination in Thailand itinerary was Phuket. The second day at Phuket was reserved for the speed boat cruise to Phi Phi Islands and Maya Bay. An adventurous and amazing experience, to be embedded in my memory for years to come. Though we had to face some hiccups of occasional rains and a few cloudy patches, the tour had its own special and unique charm which has created a remarkable impression in my heart. To begin with, first, let me tell you some interesting facts about Phi Phi Islands and Maya Bay.

Interesting Facts about Phi Phi Islands and Maya Bay

Adorned by turquoise blue waters and lagoons, natural limestone structures, and white sandy beaches, Phi Phi island is truly one of the dream destinations to visit. It is a conglomerate of six islands, among which Phi Phi Don is the most inhabited with plenty of restaurants and water sports facilities. The next popular island is Phi Phi Leh where also you can find some shops and other activities to engage in and have fun.

The islands Bida Nok, Bida Nai, Ko Mai Phai, or the Bamboo Island are also well-known among tourists. The Ko Phi Phi Leh houses also the famous “Viking Cave” which is popular as an industry selling edible bird nests.

Maya Bay is another popular destination, embellished with majestic limestone cliffs, exotic coral reefs, bright white powdery sandy beaches, and crystal clear waters. The entire stretch of 200 meters is truly awesome and a pristine treat to the eyes. There are small shacks across the stretch for some rest and refreshment. It essentially is comprised of several small beaches with plentiful opportunities for snorkeling and witnessing some exotic marine species.

Start of the journey toward Phi Phi Islands and Maya Bay

The journey started in Phuket. We were escorted in a private van from the hotel to the jetty where all the spread boat cruises begin. The arrangements were fabulous and we were asked to wear green bands as an indication that we belonged to the green group who had to board a particular speed boat. Our guide was Bobby who clearly explained all the norms and regulations and the details of the trip. Our first destination was Maya Bay and hence we boarded the boat to start the amazing journey. As the boat whizzed past the waters, the thrill mounted up and I realized the trip was going to be super fun. The white foams of water spread apart on both sides behind us, and nature seems to be engulfing me at its core.

The enchanting view of Maya Bay

The approach towards Maya Bay is truly enchanting. The huge green cliffs along with the greenish waters greeted us. The soothing breeze refreshed us with its freshness. The water is so crystal clear, you can almost see through its bottom; the best part of Maya Bay. The walk towards the beach is thrilling, strolling past green forests with birds chirping all around and the sounds of insects here and there. As the forest area terminates, you will be astonished at the view in front of you. A huge stretch of pure whitish sandy beach with the greenish turquoise waters looming in front of it and huge limestone structures greenish in color; creating a divine and tranquil environment. I felt like spending hours sitting and relaxing at the beach, such is its magnificence and beauty. I was completely transported into a dreamland, witnessing the quaint and scenic views stretching beyond the horizon.

The greeting words displayed at the entrance and the beach are the popular photography spots and I also did not miss clicking some shots. You can swim if you want or enjoy some beach sports too. There are shacks, shops, and restrooms for travelers and places to sit and relax too. After a 40 mins stop at Maya Bay, we were summoned by our guide Bobby to start towards the next destination.

The long-tailed boat ride at Pi Leh Lagoon

The next destination was Pi Leh Lagoon where we transferred temporarily to a long-tailed boat for touring around the Pi Leh Lagoon and also witness a closer view of the place. It was a wonderful and super-cool ride along the waters with the boat slowly moving fast. You can also descend from the boat and wet your feet in the waters. The majestic view of the limestone cliffs with their dense greenery, the color of the waters, and the white sands here and there seem to imbibe an astounding feeling. A feeling tough to describe in words, and a moment to cherish for long. The waters are shallow, ideal for novice swimmers. It is also a good spot for snorkeling and diving.

The unique Viking Cave

Near the Phi Leh lagoon, we also visited the Viking cave. The cave was supposed to be inhabited by sailors who were believed to take shelter during storms. There are paintings in the cave that represent the Viking ships of old Europe. The cave earned its name from the paintings, discovered on its southern and eastern walls. The place is also prominent for harvesting the nest of swiftlet birds, which are edible and are said to be good for health. Locals narrate that long ago, a sailor had lost his boat in a storm and took shelter in the cave. He had no food to eat and hence started eating the nests to survive for days. The harvesting of the nests and selling them is now one of the thriving local industries in this area.

Lunch at Phi Phi Don

Our next destination was Phi Phi Don where we spent almost 1 hour for lunch, refreshments, and strolling across the beach. There are plenty of restaurants and street shops at the beach. The food was super delicious and there were special Thai dishes which I relished on. And then my next try was the coconut ice cream, which was truly mouth-watering and delectable. There are options for swimming, kayaking, diving, and snorkeling too. But that's not my forte, so had a good time strolling along the beach and enjoying the vivid environment around me.

Last halt at Khai island

The last destination of the cruise to Phi Phi Islands and Maya Bay was Khai Island. It consists of three islands of which Koh Khai Nai is the largest among them with provisions for swimming and snorkeling. You will love to be at the beaches, warm and sandy, and crystal clear waters. Umbrellas and sunbeds are available at the beach for rent and spending time in leisure. There are several shacks, snacks, and drinks bars for refreshment. You can enjoy coconut water and ice cream as well. The island is small and hence a stopover of 30 minutes is absolutely convenient. The return journey towards Phuket starts from Khai island.

The return journey

Thereafter we started on our return journey to the Phuket jetty. It was truly a bumpy ride, totally thrilling and fun-filled. The wind was breezing past at a superfast speed, brushing across our faces. I loved each and every moment of the journey, barring the rains. One must never miss the cruise while planning for a trip to Thailand. The scenic beauty of the place and the panoramic charm are unparalleled.



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