8 Indian Winter Road Trips Along the Snowy Mountain Trails

Welcome back to our second edition of Indian winter road trips. Hope you have enjoyed the first edition where we shared the incredible winter road trips in India along the beaches. It is indeed a splendid experience to traverse through the mountain trails capped with snow. The whitish layers are a treat to the eyes and driving past them is truly mesmerizing. The chill in the weather around eases the drive and creates a thrilling effect. Adventure lovers will surely love the adrenaline rush while driving past the snowy mountain trails.

Without further ado, let me share 8 such Indian winter road trips where you can feel a stimulating and rip-roaring experience.


The stretch covering Jammu-Anantnag-Aharbal is one of the breathtaking Indian winter road trips. If you love driving then at least once in your lifetime, you must embark on this journey. Watching the snow-capped mountains from the beginning till the end of the trip is a treat to the eyes. During the journey, you can visit some of the nearby villages and mingle with the locals. You can also speak with the Army personnel posted in the area and acquaint yourselves with their ways of working. The best part of the journey is Aharbal; a place encompassed by lakes covered with snow and frozen waterfalls. Approximately 260 km distance is covered within a time span of 8 hours along the NH44 highway.


Kanchenjunga mountain ranges are picturesque and astounding with their natural wonders and exotic flora. During the winters, the snow-capped view of the ranges along with traces of greenery and quaint hamlets is truly bliss. Siliguri, Gangtok, and Mangan are located alongside the spectacular Kanchenjunga mountain ranges. Driving along this stretch is an intriguing experience; a pleasure to witness the surreal calmness prevailing around. It is one of the picturesque Indian winter road trips. Do not miss visiting the local markets and purchasing some of the hand-made art and craft items as souvenirs. Taste some of the delicious and delectable local foods to savor your taste buds. The entire journey of 217 km can be covered in about 8 hours along the NH10 highway and the Gangtok-Chungthang Road.

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The route covering Delhi, Katra, and Panitop is scenic and intensely beautiful during the winters. Venturing out for a drive spanning through these places is one of the thrilling Indian winter road trips to opt for. At Katra, you can spend time visiting the famous temple of Goddess Vaishno Devi. After seeking the blessings of the Goddess, you can start your journey towards Patnitop. The drive is scenic with views of the snow-capped mountain peaks and the winter chills. You can try some winter sports and activities, once you reach Patnitop. The entire journey stretches through a distance of 715 km along the NH44 highway, the travel time being almost 14 hours.


Kashmir is heaven on earth. Nature's flora amalgamates here, treating the eyes of the visitors with its stunning beauty. Driving across the valley is truly heavenly and divine. The best among the routes spans Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Srinagar, and Sonmarg. One of the impressive Indian winter road trips; adorned by snow-clad mountains, lakes, and glaciers. You can also engage in several winter sports and activities, during the journey, especially near Gulmarg. At Sonmarg also known as The Meadow of Gold, you will love the vivacious beauty of nature. Situated at the banks of the river Sindh, the snowy mountains impart an exhilarating effect to the entire trip. The total travel distance is 280 km along the NH1 highway, the time for the journey being 8 hours.

Image by Rhugved Kandpile from Pixabay


A road trip with Spiti Valley as the target destination is an inspiration to drive through the mountain terrains. Its picturesque landscape and fascinating valleys are enticing and are a dream destination for many. The road trip starting from Delhi and concluding at Spiti valley via Shimla and Kinnaur is breathtaking; truly one of the mind-blowing and thrilling Indian winter road trips. On the way, you can check the charming Dhankar and Chandrataal Lakes, Key, Tabo, and Lhalung monasteries. The views of the pristine hamlets, snow-capped mountain peaks, gorgeous valleys, and snow-layered meadows are a soothing treat for road adventure enthusiasts. Do not miss out on tasting the local food and experiencing the local culture. The journey is through the NH3 highway, covering 730 km in 17 hours.

Image by rachittrehan from Pixabay


Nestled within the majestic snow-capped Himalayan mountain ranges, Munsiyari is a quaint hamlet. The road trip starts from Lucknow and rises up to a height of about 7540 feet above sea level. The entire journey is sure to mesmerize you by its gorgeous scenic views with the looming mountain peaks, and splendid valleys. Indeed one of the charming Indian winter road trips. If you love driving past mountains and glaciers, then you must try this trip. The drive is via the NH7 highway, crossing 568 km in 14 hours.


Enjoying the blissful beauty of the mountains and along with it exploring the life of nomadic tribes, is a unique experience. The drive from Amritsar to Bharmour provides that different feeling, one of the splendid Indian winter road trips. The moment you reach Bharmour, you can notice the change in the environment and its influence on your mind and soul. At Amritsar, you can feel the religious and divine vibes at the temples and gurudwaras, and at Bharmour you can soak into the vibrant beauty of nature. Several orchards and farmsteads greet the travelers in the entire journey. The journey is through the NH54 highway, covering a distance of 280 km in 8 hours.


If you wish to embark on a road trip across, exploring an offbeat destination; the drive from Delhi to Chopta is one of the preferable and scenic Indian winter road trips. The journey leads to a climb of about 8790 feet above sea level, a thrilling and stimulating experience for road adventure lovers. There are two different routes to reach the place. One starts from Delhi and reaches Chopta via Sonipat, Muzzafarnagar, Roorkee, Haridwar, Rishikesh, and Srinagar. The other traverses via Ghaziabad, Sonipat, Muzzafarnagar, Roorkee, Haridwar, Rishikesh, and Srinagar. The entire trip is majorly through the NH7 highway, crossing 403 km in 11.5 hours.

Image by varungautam2111999 from Pixabay

If you love driving especially during the winters amid the chilly breezy climate, then you must try out these road trips. Happy and safe driving.



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