An Aerial View of the Hindu Kush Mountains

My Business trip to Birmingham, United Kingdom, had gifted me one of the best experiences of aerial views. The astonishing view of the snow-capped Hindu Kush mountains from my flight window is a memory I would carry with me for years to come.

Hindu Kush mountains is a 500 miles mountain range spanning across Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and China. There are several snow-capped peaks in the mountain range, which present a breathtaking view as the flight hovers over it.

My mobile camera went on flashing multiple times to capture the majestic spectacle. The panoramic landscape was indeed a treat to the eyes.

I remember my fellow passengers on the flight were desperately looking for a space to click on with their mobile cameras. I was quite generous enough to assist some of them, conscious of the mystical and mesmerizing view of the mountains.

The Hindu Kush mountains bear historical pieces of evidence of numerous invaders who crossed to access the northern part of India. The main being Alexander the Great, Chengis Khan, Timur, and Mughal emperor Babur.

The highest peak is called Tirich Mir, at an altitude of 7,708 meters. It is located in Pakistan. The second highest peak is the Noshak located in Afghanistan. The other peaks are Istor-o-Nal, Saraghrar, Udren Zom, Lunkho e Dosare, Kuh-e Bandaka, Koh-e Keshni Kahn, Sakar Sar, and Kohe Mondi.

Now relax and enjoy the photos I captured from the flight window.


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