8 Tasty and Delectable Omani Dishes

When you have an Omani national in your friend's circle, be assured to taste sumptuous Omani dishes. There are several dishes that are commonly found in all the Arab countries. However, some of the items are originated and authentic to certain places. Among Omani dishes also, there are indigenous Omani dishes and Arabic dishes. What matters is the taste.

For a hungry stomach taste or cuisine doesn't matter. Yet there are dishes that can tempt you to come out of your abstinence.  Grabbing a bite of some of the Omani dishes would certainly be a delicious experience. My colleague Jerin @Jerinjnickz in Oman has shared his rendezvous with some of these delicacies.


Majboos is a wholesome and delicious rice-based Arabic food that is so filling. Although not a typically Omani dish, Majboos is a traditional dish common to all Arab countries. And it is famously and commonly available in most of the food outlets in Oman; one of the renowned Omani dishes.

Basmati rice mixed with vegetables, meat and a blend of aromatic spices comprise the basic ingredients. Being a rice-based food and so filling, it is a must-have in most of the family gatherings and festivals in the country.

If you are familiar with Indian biryanis, then you can imagine how flavorful and tasty Majboos are. The meat used along with the rice can be chicken, lamb, camel meat, fish, or even shrimp.

Side dishes along with it usually are green salad, pickles, yogurt, and sauces.


One of the mouthwatering Omani dishes is Mishkak, which is a kebab. Skewered on a piece of stick, marinated beef, mutton, or chicken is grilled to prepare mishkak. This is popular among the people in Oman as street food as well as a special item during feasts and parties.

A wide range of herbs and spices go into the making of the mixture used for marinating the meat. Certainly, that's what makes it so appealing. Ginger, garlic, cayenne & black pepper, cardamom, cloves, cumin, cinnamon, tamarind paste, raw papaya, and coriander are some of the core ingredients. Can you imagine how flavorsome this blend can be?

Usually, Skewered beef, chicken, or mutton are available at the shops. Even the ready-mix spices for marinating can be bought too. Before going on a hillside outing, buy these and grill them at your convenience before relishing the bites.

With Omani bread, this is surely one of the best Omani dishes you can enjoy when in the country. Tamarind or chili sauce with fresh salad completes the combination to perfection.

Omani Bread

While khubz is a common roti available in all the Arab countries, this bread is a special Omani dish. You have different varieties of Omani bread available. Thick and circular version plus the crisp and smaller one. It is one of the common Omani dishes. And it is enjoyed with meals when you have dishes like Shuwa or Mishkak or even with regular curries. It can be had as a main course too.


Another grill special is Shuwa. And it is considered the most popular of Omani dishes and the tastiest one too. If you are a fan of grilled meat, you have a justifiable reason to visit Oman. Can you imagine, the cooking process is so lengthy that it takes a day or more to complete?

Usually, lamb or goat meat with bones is used to prepare this dish. Rather large chunks of meat are marinated with specially prepared spices. It is then wrapped in banana or palm leaves before being roasted and smoked in specially made underground pits.

Since the preparation is time-consuming, the dish is prepared mostly on special occasions like Eid. Served with rice, this is a special item to be tasted when you are in Oman.

Courtesy: https://gulfnews.com/food/famed-omani-shuwa-recipe-that-takes-slow-cooking-to-an-elevated-level-1.1620825063835


Mashuai is a roasted fish preparation. Usually, kingfish are used to prepare this traditional dish. However, other types of fish can also be used. An entire fish is used for the preparation after cleaning it well. The specially made spices mixture that includes cinnamon, ginger, turmeric cumin, and coriander seeds is used for the preparation.

Mostly it is served hot and combines well with rice.

Courtesy: https://worldfood.guide/dish/mashuai/

Craving for something sweet?

Omani Halwa

You are someone who loves sweets? Who doesn't, right? Beware of this Omani dish. The Halwa is going to lure you to gobble it up endlessly. Those who have been to Oman would know this.

Omani halwa is sweet and sticky preparation. Available in multiple flavors of dry fruits, nuts, and rosewater. Basic ingredients are corn flour, butter, sugar, and water.

It is a must-have on all auspicious occasions. And this is one of the items those touring or working in Oman, take back when they return to their homeland.

Even the elaborate preparation of this sweet item itself is so enchanting. Watering your mouth already? Well, you should be if you look at the video.

Halawet Ahmad

It is another special sweet item. Basically, a vermicelli preparation that's given a sweet touch. The muffin-shaped, sweet dish is served as a dessert or enjoyed as a snack.

Condensed boiled milk, almond powder, sugar, and dried-up coconut are the main ingredients besides thin vermicelli. To attain the shape the blend of these ingredients is pressed in a particular mold. Some shops use colors vermicelli to give the dish an appealing appearance.

Courtesy: https://www.123rf.com/photo_93232091_arabian-cuisine-halawet-ahmad-arabic-dessert-traditional-assorted-dishes-top-view-.html

Omani Laban

During summer laban is a popular drink across the Middle East countries. It is a watery form of yogurt often blended with different flavors. A refreshing drink that is not expensive and easily available. Talking about the Omani Laban, it is a slightly salty drink flavored with cardamon, mint, or cumin. Just imagine the feeling of taking a sip of the refreshing drink when the outside temperature is around 122°F. It is commonly available across the country and even people make it at home in Oman as a daily drink. Stay hydrated, stay healthy.

Yet another reason to visit Oman, right?



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