Authentic Pattankodoli Haldi Festival at Kolhapur

Festivals not only offer windows into diverse worldviews and cultures, but they also highlight distinct facets of humanity. One such festival that is celebrated with the color yellow is Pattankodoli Haldi Festival.

Interesting facts about the festival

The best site to experience India's flamboyant side is Kolhapur, which is located in Maharashtra. This ancient town, which can be reached within a few hours from Pune or Goa, has a temple complex that is quite fascinating. Kolhapur is at its most vivid in August when Naag Panchami. The festival is dedicated to snake worship and is held concurrently with another in Pune. However, the actual event is the Shri Vittal Birdev festival. It is also known as the Pattankodoli Haldi festival, which is hosted in the Kolhapur district of Maharashtra. Pattankodoli Haldi Festival is celebrated annually. This year it went through from October 13 to October 16.

The Dhangar community, or shepherds, who live in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Goa celebrate the Pattankodoli Haldi festival coloring the air yellow.

The Myth behind the festival

A “baba” who visits the area to provide forecasts regarding the upcoming farming and weather conditions for the village is the festival's main attraction.

The baba, Sri Keloba Rajabau Waghmode, is from the Solapur district's Anjungau village. He travels 17 days on foot from his village to Pattan Kodoli, where he is greeted by a musical parade and big umbrellas. The baba has people anoint him with turmeric and dry coconut powder as he sits beneath a banyan tree.

He enters the Shri Vittal Birdev Temple on the second day. There he dances and makes his prophecies in Kannada, which the temple priest subsequently translates into Marathi as the drums' pounding increases. The celebrations come to an end on the fourth day, and the baba departs for his village.

People continue to pour Haldi, or turmeric powder, over him as they sit under a Banyan tree and ask for his blessings. Thus maintaining the festive spirit in full swing. Thousands of devotees visit the village during the celebrations. They take in the food, entertainment, and artisan stalls that line the streets.

For a traveler from all over the world, India's deep customs and extraordinary ceremonies have always been a wonder. Considering that this Pattankodoli Haldi Festival is still one of the least well-known and least well-liked events worldwide, it nonetheless holds the greatest potential for realizing the goal of a traveling photographer.

Golden Hues of Pattankodoli Haldi Festival

The Bhandara, or turmeric powder, that turns the entire hamlet yellow, is without a doubt the most stunning aspect of the Pattankodoli Haldi Festival. Some claim that the powder has no fragrance and only closely resembles turmeric in appearance. Devotees gather the Bhandara offered to the deity in order to use it on auspicious occasions. It also heals any illnesses because it is also thought to possess medicinal properties. The Bhandara, with its vivid golden color, brings another level of excitement to the celebration. It is shown in several moments in the photographs of the festival attendees.

This Indian celebration is nothing short of a fantastic opportunity if you're trying to add some color to your life. Gear up for the next year and have a yellow splash in your life!


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