Best Things To Do in Kishangarh, India

Kishangarh is a small town in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan, North India. Dotted with historical forts and impressive palaces, things to do in Kishangarh are appealing to all domestic and international tourists. Jaipur, Udaipur, and Ajmer are the famous cities in the state that have been attracting major crowds. Once there, you will certainly be impressed by the art and class on offer to see all around the state. On the contrary, things to do in Kishangarh are something different. Kishangarh is a small town not far away from Ajmer City. These days, probably visiting Kishangarh's dumping yard tops the list of things to do in Kishangarh. Don't you wonder what makes the marble dumping yard so attractive a spot? A mere look at an image of the location would suffice to quench your curiosity. Of course, the experience of being on the spot is a completely different story.

History of Kishangarh1

Deemed to have been founded by Prince Kishan Singh in the 1600s, the town is popular even today. The city was named after the prince himself back then. Besides being known as India's marble city, the city's art and culture, as well as the Bani Thani genre of artwork and the Kishangarh Fort, are well-known. Kishangarh has several tourist attractions. Built by Maharaja Roop Singh in the mid-1600s.

Kishangarh Dumbing Yard

Once Kishangarh was identified as one of the major resourceful lands to mine marble in India, the marble mining industry pitched on the spot. The industry flourished within a short span of time thanks to the abundance of raw materials available in the area. Consequently, mining waste accumulated all over. Thus, in 2008, a large area of land was allocated for dumbing the marble waste. Back then no one would have foreseen a promising side to the slurry land. During dumbing the marble waste, most of which is white, the yard looked different. Kishangarh is the largest supplier of marble in Asia. Hence, you can imagine the huge volume of marble being mined and processed in the area.

During the rainy season, the dumbing yard collects puddles of water in the lowlands and pits. The spot resembles a snow-clad, scenic location. Under a clear, blue sky, the snowy land is well contrasted by the ponds with its greenish-bluish tint water. The whole ambiance appears as if you are in a Nordic country. No wonder tourists flock to Kishangarh for photo and video shoots. Hence, visiting this place is one of the best things to do in Kishangarh. On the factual side, the white appearance has nothing to do with snow or climate. It is merely the byproduct of marble mining in the vicinity. However, it has been dumbed in such a way that the spot turned out to produce a spectacular view.

Tourism in Kishangarh

Kishangarh Dumping Yard is also known as Switzerland of Rajasthan. During the rainy season, when the pits are full of water, the scenery becomes even more fascinating. In recent years, Kishangarh has been having a constant line of tourists. Even since celebrities and Bollywood turned to the spot as suitable locations for several song sequences and video album shootings, the popularity of Kishangarh shot up. Celebrities like Noora Fatehi, Honey Singh, and Nusrat Bharuccha to Tiger Shroff, Shraddha Kapoor, and Prabhu Deva left their marks.

Apart from them, several ads were shot too. Subsequently, Kishangarh became a hot spot for commercial video and photo shoots. Now the Kishangarh Marble Association (KMA), charges you between INR 5000 to INR 20000 depending on the requirement. However, if you visit the spot for non-commercial purposes, your entry is free of cost. The horse ride is for photography purposes and is the only extra activity here. It does provide candid moments to capture on your camera. Are you planning a trip to Rajasthan? If then, do consider visiting Kishangarh as well.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Kishangarh is in the Winter season. However, the place is more attractive in the rainy season when water pools reflect the blue skies.

How to reach?

The town is well connected by road. Reaching Kishangarh from Ajmer or Jaipur is no hurdle. A domestic airport and Ajmer railway station only make traveling to Kishangarh much easier. Taxies or autorickshaws can be easily availed to reach the spot from the railway station or bus stand.

Points to note

  • A Marble Association permit is required to enter the premises which can be done on the way.
  • The dumping yard has no shops, so if you plan to stroll around for long, carry food and drinks.
  • Although enticing, it is a hazardous idea to enter the ponds and pools
  • Private vehicles are allowed inside the yard
  • It is a good idea to carry a mask with you
  • Alcohol is strictly prohibited in the area
  • In about an hour, you can call it a day

Of course, it is not recommended to visit Rajasthan to visit Kishangarh. However, if you are in the state, it is worth a visit. Things to do in Kishangarh are not limited to dumbing yard alone. There are other attractive spots too in the city.

Few other attractions of Kishangarh

Kishangarh Fort is a must-see. Its reinforced walls with an intermittent fosse, the durbar Hall, granaries, armories, and the overall majestic outlook are much appreciated by the tourists. A flower castle or Phool Mahal in the native language is another major attraction in the town. The palace was built in the late 1800s by King Kishangarh Maharaja. It was an extravagant garden back then for the royalties to loiter amidst fragrant flowers. It has been now converted into a luxurious hotel where you can stay and dine. Apart from these two major spots, you can also visit:

  • Brahma Temple
  • The Pushkar Lake (Check details of Pushkar Lake here)
  • Ajmer Sharif Dargah
  • Ana Sagar Lake
  • Nasiyan Jain Temple
  • Sai Baba Temple
  • Annual Pushkar Fair
  • Khoda Ganesh temple
  • Bani Thani Paintings



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