Eco Village Kookal in Tamil Nadu, India

Pure and fresh air imbibe us with energies and freshness to calm our souls and seek peace. You can experience this awesome feeling at the heart of the beautiful hamlet and eco-village, Kookal. The serene land, at Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu, is heaven in disguise. Wrapped with lush greenery and sparkling lakes, the place is a solace to the human heart.

Exploring the Natural Beauty

The village offers you moments of solitude, embracing your mind and heart with its soothing breeze. The eco huts and cottages in the village impart an incredible view of the entire environment.

The huge line of eucalyptus plants will greet you with their sweet fragrance. We all know the immense benefits of this wonder plant in treating congestions, colds, and cough. The cultivators dwell in the village and sell them to the manufacturers of eucalyptus products for their living.

The hilly terraced slopes with a wide variety of green shrubs and herbs are a delight to watch. Turn your eyes in any direction and you will be greeted with the tall trees and plantations of ferns, Jamun, cinnamon, etc. The blue sky above and the sun rays seem to smile and embrace the wonderful beauty of nature.

Kookal Lake

The key attraction of the village is Kookal Lake. It's a stunning beauty, a perfect place to spend moments of solitude and peace. Situated at the backdrop of the nearby hills, the place undergoes a magical transformation with the cloudy mist kissing its glittering waters.

Sitting and relaxing at the lakesides is a pristine and surreal experience. Away from the mundane and hectic city life with no city crowds, the place is ideal for calming your soul. The purity and freshness embedded within this spectacular waterbody are bliss. Gazing at the blue sky above you can relish the purity and circumference of your entire self in its vivacious beauty.

Kookal Caves

For admirers of history and archaeology, a visit to the Kookal caves is a must. The Palaiyar tribes from the Southern part of India were believed to the residing inside the caves, protecting themselves from natural disasters and wild animals. The caves are rock shelters formed out of the metamorphic rocks through natural erosions. The area is surrounded by pine trees, geranium plants, and many other wild plantations and flowers.

Things to do

While at Kookal, you can visit the stunning peaceful village and meet the villagers. You can learn about their life, language, culture, and traditions. The green farmlands are worth a visit, with the farmers plowing their lands or cutting the grains and crops. Listening to the chirping of the birds and watching the butterflies dancing around the flowers is a pleasurable experience.

At the lakeside, you can spend a weekend or have a picnic with your family and friends. You can stay till the sunset, witnessing the golden hue of the sun rays spread across the horizon. The reflection of the rays on the lake waters is a treat to the eyes.

Walk towards the caves via the trekking forest and hill trails but with the help of a local guide. The trek is easy and once you reach the cave, you will be astonished to notice the creativity of nature.

Bird watchers can spend a pleasant time as the place houses several species of birds both local and wild ones. It is also recorded there are almost 150 species of butterflies.  

You can stay at the Forest Rest house, a thrilling experience amid the wilderness of the forests around. The nights are especially mysterious as the darkness looms around lit by the bright moon and the twinkling stars. You can quench your adventurous desire at the rest house, gazing at the darkness whilst sipping on a tea or a coffee.

How to reach?

There are buses from Kodaikanal to reach Kookal. The buses will take you to Poombarai from where you need to walk down. Alternatively, you can hire a cab and reach the place directly.

If you are traveling via train or flight then you need to reach the Madurai railway station or the airport. From there, you need to board a bus or hire a cab to reach Kookal via Kodaikanal.



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