8 Best Honeymoon Destinations in India

Presenting a special series for newly married couples. The pandemic is preventing many weddings to be celebrated in full mode. Honeymoons have come to a toss. Yet there must not be disappointment and sulkiness. The world will heal and couples can spend a loving vacation together. Let me share today the best honeymoon destinations in India. In the next episodes, I will be sharing more and more honeymoon destinations in different parts of the world.

India is gifted with a multitude of romantic travel destinations. The places offer a memorable experience for the couples to spend the beginning of their lives with happiness and joy.

Come and let us explore the magnificent and best honeymoon destinations in India.


Sway your minds through the soothing breeze of the snow-clad mountains. Wave across the lush greenery prevailing throughout the panoramic landscape. Close your eyes and engulf the pristine calmness with your partner. Embrace the freshness dancing along the gorgeous valleys.

Can you feel the intense pulse? Yes, that's Dalhousie, one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in India. Be it winter or summer, its magical beauty wraps the soul with its surreal peace and calmness. Well if you are an adventurous-minded couple, you can enjoy the river rafting, and paragliding too along the gushing waters and the majestic mountain ranges.


Wake up viewing the golden aura of the sunshine. Rejuvenate your minds by experiencing the wavy sea waters. Spend a vibrant beach party and exuberant nightlife. Immerse into the sandy white beaches, feeling the enigmatic beauty of the ocean. Gulp into the delectable seafood and the local delicacies.

You can experience all of these in Goa, one of the most exclusive honeymoon destinations in India. The chirping sound of the birds, the waves splashing at the seashores, and the balmy breeze resonate with feelings of happiness among the newlyweds. You can enjoy a moonlight dinner with your partner beneath the starry skies, a moment of eternal bliss.


Who doesn't know about the vivacious and exhilarating valleys of Kashmir? An internationally acclaimed tourist spot, it's capital city Srinagar is one of the sensational honeymoon destinations in India.

Riding on a Shikara hand in hand with your loved one is an experience you will cherish in Srinagar. Dancing around the Mughal Gardens, and floating across the Dal lake are the best ways you can enjoy yourself with your partner. The heavenly atmosphere is priceless and beyond imagination. And if you are visiting sometime in May, you can experience the vibrant colored tulip gardens.


We have read about numerous tales in the Arabian Nights. The tales of beautiful princesses and handsome princes wooing their lady loves. Many dreams of such a romantic experience with their partners. You can actually simulate the same feeling in Jaisalmer.

Land of deserts, eccentric traditions, historic forts, and energetic folk culture. The key characteristics that engulf Jaisalmer and term it as one of the best honeymoon destinations in India. Riding a camel and engaging in a thrilling desert safari is an ideal way to experience the stunning beauty of the place. You can even sing and dance with the locals, waving in the melodious tunes of folk music.


The mini “Switzerland of India” entices romantic couples into its green meadows, fascinating valleys, and gigantic snow-clad mountains. The beautiful hamlets scattered along the plains and the mountain slopes transport the mind to a dreamland.

Several luxury resorts located in the city will offer a memorable honeymoon for couples. You can relax, leisure around, and stroll across the scenic walking trails to engulf the enthralling beauty.  There are some renowned local markets where you can quench your shopping desire.


It is one of the prominent honeymoon destinations in India that can be visited any time of the year. The majestic mountain peaks spread an aura of grandeur and charm. Watching the golden hue of sun rays setting across the horizon behind the mountains with your partner is romantic and sensational.

The tranquillity and serenity of the place is perfect for spending a moment of solitude with your partner. The enchanting flora soothes the mind and soul, the fresh air purifies the heart.


Popularly known as “The Scotland Of India”, it is one of the popular romantic spots in the southern part of the country. The dense forests encircling the hills, the exquisite flora and fauna, and the pleasant weather are perfect to spend a memorable time with your partner.

The gushing waterfalls, the pristine landscape, and the vast coffee plantations are a treat to the eyes. For wildlife enthusiasts and adventure-loving couples, there are a plethora of opportunities. You can go for bird watching or opt for hiking across the mountain and forest trails.


Snow clad mountain ranges, sparkling river streams, and artistic villages are framed in a picture-perfect landscape. Talking of Manali, that's how the fabulous place fits in the description of a traveler. No doubt it is one of the most selected spots by newlywed couples.

You can book a ticket to this enchanting destination any time of the year. In summer, the beauty is heavenly with the green mountain slopes, deep gorges, and gorgeous meadows. In winter, the beauty is magical with the snow-covered mountains and the fluffy ice-clad roads and valleys.

India has many more interesting and vivid tourist spots for couples. The country has a wondrous store of natural beauties at its disposal. You will never be disappointed visiting its dazzling sea beaches, charming hill stations, and magnificent historical places. The only reason we love to call as “Incredible India”.



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