Best 11 Types of Dates – Specialty of Gulf countries

Guess what? The dates ripening season is here. The fresh, juicy fruits plucked straight from a tree tastes so scrumptious. You have one and your hands will reach for more. Just make sure you are not encroaching any private property though. Date palms with cluster-full of fruits is a common sight now in the Gulf countries. Today my special article on 11 types of dates.

The flora and fauna of the Gulf peninsula are used to the extremely hot and humid clime. The temperature in the gulf region sores beyond 50°C during the summer. When we crib and control our movements, the fruition of dates on palm trees gets the desired results in a hot climate.

Palm trees have been on exitance for more than thousands of years. Growing to a height of around 20 ft, with long leaf bundle and firm trunk, palm tree resembles coconut trees. Do not be surprised if you see bunches of fruits from trees as short as only 3 feet! Depending on the varieties of trees, various kinds of fruits we can enjoy. In the Middle East, the date palm is regarded as the “tree of life”.

Although the fresh fruits taste so delectable, they needed to be dried and preserved for future consumption. Several different types of dates are available in the Gulf countries. Visiting dates shop in the Gulf countries can give you a sweet and happy problem of plenty. A few of them are listed out below.


It is one of the smallest types of dates belonging to Basra, Iraq. The small, round fruit is enjoyed when fresh or as dried fruit. The ripened fruit has a bright yellow colour and is enjoyed by people even if it is not dried. Later it turns brown and is dried to preserve. It becomes sweeter and fibrous by then.


This premium quality date, Mabroom is mostly grown in KSA. The long sized fruit is a favourite among the sweet tooth dates lovers. With mild sweetness, it is rich in antioxidants and minerals.  Mostly this variety of dates are allowed to ripen and dry on the palm itself. When ripened its hard and fibrous flesh comes with a distinctive flavour.


Firm texture, nutty flavour, hard flesh and brown colour make Thoory/Thuri dates special. It is one of the special types of dates from Algeria. Due to its hard flesh, it is often used for baking and making cookies. Since it is not a sticky variety, the fruits are loved by long distance travellers. It has a brownish-red tint.



The caramel flavoured, sweet dates come from the deserts of Iraq. The fruit gets its name from the very sweet flesh it has. The medium-sized fruit with golden-brown is a favourite among the dry fruit lovers.


It is one of the popular types of dates grown in Morocco, Palestine, Jordan and KSA. They are grown outside the Middle East too. The reddish-brown fruit has a rich and sweet taste. Due to its large size, the fruit stands out and you will be easily tempted to pick it. This variety is ripened earlier compared to others.


Known for its superior taste and texture, Khadrawy variety is enjoyed fresh as much as dried. The fruit is small in size and the colour changes from orange to light brown when ready. It is recommended to eat them fresh.

Deglet Noor

It is a sweet and semi-dry type of dates from Algeria. As it ripens its colour changes from light amber to dark brown. Very sweet flavour of this variety makes it a popular fruit. As a dry fruit, it can be preserved for longer duration. It is also one of the widely available types of dates.


One of the expensive variety of dates cultivated in UAE is Dabbas. The small sized fruit has moderate sweetness and distinct flavour. It turns mahogany brown when ripened.


High fibre content and sweet flesh makes it a special variety of dates. The fruits are of medium size and have an oval shape. They turn to light brown in colour when ripened. Juicy thick flesh makes it suitable for storing. Zahidi variety is mostly grown in Iraq.


Pleasing colour and pleasant flavour make Dayri a favourite fruit among dates aficionados. From red to brown to black, the fruit takes different hues once matured. The large-sized fruit has soft and sweet flesh.


Ajwa date is a popular variety from Al-Madinah, KSA. The fruit is packed with vitamins, minerals, iron and fibre. Ajwa dates have a meaty, chewy texture and a sweet flavour with a touch of caramel taste.

Other notable variety of dates include Fard, Zaghloul, Hayany, Kalmi, Mazafati, Khudri, Ambera, Lulu and Iteema

Arabs and Dates

Dates are a common and essential item in an Arab household. The fruit holds a prime spot in Arabic culture and lifestyle. Dates are essential ingredients in any common or religious festivals in Arab nations. Visiting government offices in Gulf countries, gives you a chance to taste special tea and dates. Guests at Arab families can always enjoy different varieties of dates. During Ramadan, the Muslims break their fast with a few pieces of dates.

Health benefits of Dates

Dates are a great reservoir of proteins, sugar, and numerous essential vitamins and minerals. All dates types are full of medicinal properties and good for human body. Dates are good to increase immunity, strengthen bones, add glow to skin and fight off several diseases.

Largest Producers of Dates

Egypt, Iran, Algeria, KSA, UAE and Iraq are the largest producers of dates. Each of these countries is popular for producing distinct types of fruits peculiar to the country.

Enjoy the season!



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