12 Tasty Varieties of Bananas in India

One of the healthiest, tastiest and most easily available fruits is banana. Enjoyed as a snack or juice or shake or smoothie, it is a favourite pick of fruit among foodies. Other delicacies made from banana include cakes, fry, fritters, chips, bread, muffins, appam and mousse. Banana is one of the most comforting fruits to rely on if you are travelling or as a quick snack. The health benefits and flavours are an added bonus. There are several tasty varieties of bananas cultivated through different countries.

They come in different shapes, colours, and sizes. Yet, travelling to tropical countries opens a wide range of tasty options. You have different colours and flavours of bananas to feast on.

If you travel to India, you have several options of tasty varieties of bananas to choose from.

Banana plant is a herb and the fruits are grown not on a trunk or tree. For the sake of convenience, I have used the word โ€˜tree'.

Elaichi or Yelakki Bananas

The small-sized fruits are very sweet and loaded with nutritional properties. It is a good sleep inducer. Well, enjoy these small beauties at night, nothing wrong in trying that out, you might sleep well. The variety is commonly found in Central and South Indian states. Considering it is a very sweet and nutritional banana, it is used to make desserts in many places.ย  On an average a bunch will weight around 20 KGs.


Found mostly in South India and in Bihar and Jharkhand, this is a medium-sized fruit. The sweet fruit has yellowish skin in the ripened form. The flesh is white, and firm; tasty with a characteristic flavour. The tree is not very tall and produces bunches weighing around 20 KGs. Crop maturing duration is relatively longer exceeding 12 months.


Imagine the sight of golden yellowish, short and roundish bunches of banana fruits on a tall tree. The very sight itself is enticing. In different states of India, it is known by different names like Poovan, Chakkarakeli and Alpan. The fruit is widely available in South India. Yet Tamil Nadu is the leading producer of Poovan varieties of banana. Enjoyed as a snack or used to make sweet delicacies, the fruit is slightly acidic, firm and has a typical sour-sweet aroma. It is one of the sought after and tasty varieties of bananas.

Lady Finger

In India, Tamil Nadu state is the leading cultivator of this variety. The medium-sized, tasty yellowish fruit is popular now in other states as well. The plant is tall, and a bunch can weight almost 20 KGs; packed with fruits. In the fully ripened form, the fruit is sturdy; it has more shelf life.

Bhim Kol

It is an indigenous variety of banana popular in the Assam state of India. The fruit is widely consumed in the state as a breakfast ingredient and as a baby food after deseeding it. The tall tree bears relatively large bunches of fruit. Even the raw bananas are used as part of different vegetables. Its flowers are an excellent source of calcium and iron.


Nendran is a popular, nutritious and a unique variety of banana from Kerala. The tall tree bears hefty bunches and each fruit measures 8 to 12 inches. In the ripened state, the fruit is firm and can be enjoyed in multiple ways. Banana rolls, fries, frills, sweet delicacies and many more local dishes are prepared with it. The unripe fruits are used in making the traditional Kerala banana chips fried in coconut oil. Its harvesting duration is only around 12 months. Best part is even a fully ripened banana can remain 2-3 without getting spoiled.

Red Banana

The fruit is quite eye-catchy; attractive and possessing unique colour. The purple-reddish fruit has different names in different places. The medium-sized fruit is sweet and tasty. It is a good source of potassium, magnesium, vitamin C and B6. Better in comparison to the varieties of bananas in India. It takes almost ten months for the tree to flower. The crop duration lasts for about 18 months. The fruit is available in many counties and is a common sight in Indian fruits market.

Thella Chakkarakeli

One of the tasty varieties of bananas is Thella Chakkarakeli. It is mostly available in the state of Tamil Nadu. The medium-sized fruit is attractive, delicious and sweet. An average bunch of fruit weighs around 10 KG only. The fruit has poor keeping quality in the fully ripened state. Better to consume it in the ripened form. Its quality and taste are incredibly delectable. The reason for it being slightly expensive.


The sturdy, tall tree with an ash colour long bunch of fruits is a bewitching sight. The ash colour fruits with a yellowish shade stands out in markets. The fruit is sweet, roundish and soft in the ripened form. The medium-sized fruit is mostly enjoyed as a snack.


A popular variety of banana from North East India is Malbhog. The banana is widely considered nutritious. It is one of the varieties exported from Assam. The small size, pale green fruits turn deep yellow the moment it is fully ripened. The crop maturing duration is almost 6 months after flowering. The medium-sized bunches weigh around 15 KGS. The hilly terrain of the North East India is suited for its fertile growth.

Dwarf Cavendish

Probably Dwarf Cavendish variety is the smallest fruit-bearing plants in the banana family. The states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Bihar and South Indian states of India are the major cultivators. The medium-sized fruit is pale yellow and sweet in the fully ripened form. Normally a bunch weighs around 15 KGs.


It is one of the more common varieties of bananas widely available in India. You travel to any state in the country. Robusta banana will be available for you. South Indian states are the largest cultivators of Robusta. You must consume the aromatic and smooth fruit in the ripened state.

You can find many more tasty varieties of bananas in India like Safed Velchi, Martaman, Palayam kodan, Monthan, Virupakshi et al.

Let's go banana with the tasty varieties of bananas in India!



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