Solo Motorcycle Journeys of Crazy.Coolz

I hope you are enjoying our Solo Travel Series. We are trying our best to share the Travel Experiences and Travel Journeys of Solo BackPackers. Today we are introducing Crazy.Coolz, innovative nickname, right? He is Dr Ashwin.K, and we will share about his solo Motorcycle Journeys and thrilling experiences.

Though I have known about many bikers in my life, be it friends or my colleagues or my relatives. Yet I have seldom interacted with a solo biker. Hence I was eager to interview Ashwin to know about his Solo Motorcycle Journeys. I am sure you will also find the conversation interesting. He has shared some very good tips on solo travels.

Without further delay, let me share with you the conversation excerpts with Ashwin and his Solo Motorcycle journeys.

Conversation with Crazy.Coolz

Which was your first solo travel destination? 

Actually I don't remember exactly the destination. I usually travel without any destination. I keep on riding, and on the way, I try to find good locations using google maps and head over there. Basically, I don't make plans prior, most of my rides will be unplanned.

How many places have you travelled solo?

I really don't keep a count on them. I used to travel every week before this pandemic hits. By profession, I am a Doctor, and I used to keep a separate day in a week for travelling. So I used to make myself free on that day and go for rides. I have visited numerous waterfalls, parks, gardens, forts, sunset points etc.

Share your solo travel experience

Well, the only best thing I can say about solo travels is that it is full of fun and too adventurous.

What are the essential things one needs to take care of during solo travels?

The main thing one should take care is ones own health both physically and mentally. One should get a good sleep before the journey They should be well hydrated always. And keep some foodstuffs. (But never throw it everywhere you go, carry the waste and dispose of it in the proper place, always keep the nature clean).
Keep a bottle of water, ORS powder always with you. Though I travel by bike I keep the emergency tool kits with me. And it's better if we learn some basic mechanical works of bike too.

Try to carry less luggage as possible. Be aware of the place you travel.
Always be good to all, never fell for an argument with anyone.
Try to interact with locals with their own languages, they will be a good guide for you. Never over speed in unknown places.
Never keep all the cash in the same place, in case if you lose your wallet you won't have 2nd option. If its a bike ride always wear the safety gears and don't forget the rain liner(depends on the climate you travel).
Get a spare key, mobile phone, and a power bank.
And most importantly inform about your travel plan to your family or close friends. In my case, as I said I ride without a destination I share my live location to my close ones.

How is solo travelling different from travelling with family or in groups?

Both has its own advantages and disadvantages, like coming to solo travelling one can enjoy their own freedom. There will not be any stress of taking responsibility of others, they can modify and adjust the plans according to their economy, there will be no one to question or oppose. Totally they will be like a free bird. And speaking about disadvantages if they feel low or in case of emergency there won't be anyone by side as their own. They cant get good photos clicked rather than clicking selfies or need to beg someone to click.

Coming to travelling with family or groups we can enjoy a lot together, we will be having helping hands with us always.
And everyone should be a kind of the same mentality nor it will be the worst trip. You cant make your own decisions.

Do you have further plans for solo travelling?

Ofcourse I need to travel. But as I said I don't plan.

Who or what inspired you to venture out on solo travels?

During my college days, we friends used to plan the trips and at the end it used to be a flop. I realized that planning doesn't work. I was fed up asking others to join the rides/trips; that's when I started travelling alone.

With that, I end my interview with Ashwin. By now you must have understood what are the joyous moments and benefits of travelling solo. Most interestingly his solo motorcycle journeys. Keep riding and riding, nature is limitless and its beauty is intense.

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