Solo Travel Series – Journey with Solo Traveller Emily

Welcome to the third episode of our Solo Travel Series. Today I want to introduce to one of my new friends and solo traveller Emily-Claire Nemmers. I met her recently in Instagram and was fascinated by her journey as illustrated nicely and beautifully in her page.

She has visited many countries and wonderful places. We took the privilege of interviewing her to know more about her solo traveller experiences. Sharing to all our readers Emily's marvellous travelogue where she traverses and discovers the beauties of nature and its spectacular wonders.

She is an inspiration for travellers venturing out into solo journeys. Please read about her experiences and tips as she shares with us in the wonderful conversation.

Interview with Solo Traveller Emily

Which was your first solo travel destination?

My first solo destination was Lisbon, I travelled for 3 days in January of 2019, on my way to study abroad in Rome. It was the perfect destination for a first-time solo traveller.

How many places have you traveled solo?

In total, I have visited 8 countries (Portugal, Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Czechia, Slovakia, Cyprus & England). I have solo travelled for about a month in total.

Share your solo travel experience

I enjoyed travelling solo, at first it was a little scary. I landed in Lisbon and it hit me, I don't know a single person in this entire country and I'm all alone. But then I realized I could control the narrative and I could do anything I wanted, see whatever I wanted, no compromises needed to be made. I was able to see everything I wanted to and had an amazing experience.

What are the essential things one needs to take care of during solo travels?

Safety is always a concern as a female travelling solo. While I believe it is completely safe to travel as a solo woman, you have to be aware and smart. I did not drink alcohol or stay out late. I was very careful with my belongings and I did not wear flashy outfits that would attract attention. Travelling is so much about common sense and I just did the things that I thought would keep me safe.

How is solo traveling different from traveling with family or in groups?

It is very different, the entire experience is different. You are the only one who is there, yes it sometimes gets lonely, but you can do anything you want. Important is you control what you see, where you eat, how you get places. You are also more aware of what you are experiencing. When I travel in groups, we are always chatting but when you are solos, you take it in more, you experience surroundings in a deeper way.

Do you have further plans for solo traveling?

As of now, I don't have anything booked because of the pandemic. But I hope to travel to Asia sometime in 2021 or 2022, whenever it is safe and spend 4 months of solo travelling.

Who or what inspired you to venture out on solo travels?

When I went to study abroad in Rome, I read about the program where I could add a stopover in Lisbon for free. I didn't hesitate at all, I knew that any opportunity to travel, was something I would take. I think I wasn't scared because of the many strong women who travel solo. Two of my biggest inspirations are The Blonde Abroad ( and Lexie Alford ( These women travel extensively alone and have inspired me to do the same.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about Solo Traveller Emily. Please check her Instagram page and blog to read more about her journeys and experiences.

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    Yes, when you are all, you soak in all. Enjoyed reading about Emily. The Blonde Abroad is one of my favorites.


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