First Blog Anniversary – The Journey Ahead

Today is the day, 29th May – My First Blog Anniversary. I never ever had imagined owning a website. A website where I can write down what I wish to. It was a dream since childhood to do something of my own. When I was small, I had the least idea of what would that be.

Years passed, I went to higher school and then college. Completed by engineering and joined my current job. Then the responsibilities of a family and a son. Life had many things for me. I even completed my Masters in Finance. But there was something missing, a thought that bothered me for long.

My social circle is big no doubt. I have numerous friends from my school, college and office. We do sometimes meet and chat and have fun. Yes, life was craving for something more. Yet one day I realized that I have to write. Without a second thought, I started questioning my inner self. The answer was, “Go, girl, spread happiness with your travel ventures”.

But how to start? That was the real challenge. I almost ransacked the internet, trying to discover the means to establish a website. Too many information and ideas made me crazy. I decided to stop exploring and just start it. And I did, I opened my website and penned down my first article.

That's it and then after that, there was no full stop. There were many hiccups and many hurdles. I am slowly overcoming those and will do so in the near future. Only one thing I can say is, the blog completes me in many ways. It helps me to express my thoughts, my passion, my desires and my lovely experiences.

I had started celebrating my First Blog Anniversary by presenting travel photos clicked by my parents and my husband. I also introduced to my two esteemed authors.

Today on this special day, I want to share some photos clicked by my baby – my 10-year-old son and my travel pictures. Hope you like it and do keep visiting our blog for more interesting and exclusive articles.

Photos Clicked by my Son

Victoria Memorial in , India

View from Cable Car, HongKong

Fluffy Clouds

Sea Gulls in the Arabian Sea

Sunset at the River Ganges in Kolkata, India

My Photography


Experience "Bhutan"- A Kingdom in the Foothills of the Himalayas


Immerse into the Tranquility of Nepal

Sikkim, India

Enroute to the Mystic Changu Lake

Boise in Idaho, US

Discovering Boise - The Most Populous City of USA

Durdle Door, UK

Durdle Door - The Majestic LimeStone Arch of England

Lurray Caverns in Washington, US

Luray Caverns - A Plethora of Nature's Beauty


The Enticing Beauty of Victoria Peak



My First Blog Anniversary celebrations went well so far. I enjoyed posting travel photos clicked by my family and my authors. Hope you all liked the snaps. Please visit our Travel Photos section.


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