First Blog Anniversary – The Journey Ahead

Today is the day, 29th May – My First Blog Anniversary. I never ever had imagined owning a website. A website where I can write down what I wish to. It was a dream since childhood to do something of my own. When I was small, I had the least idea of what would that be.

Years passed, I went to higher school and then college. Completed by engineering and joined my current job. Then the responsibilities of a family and a son. Life had many things for me. I even completed my Masters in Finance. But there was something missing, a thought that bothered me for long.

My social circle is big no doubt. I have numerous friends from my school, college and office. We do sometimes meet and chat and have fun. Yes, life was craving for something more. Yet one day I realized that I have to write. Without a second thought, I started questioning my inner self. The answer was, “Go, girl, spread happiness with your travel ventures”.

But how to start? That was the real challenge. I almost ransacked the internet, trying to discover the means to establish a website. Too many information and ideas made me crazy. I decided to stop exploring and just start it. And I did, I opened my website and penned down my first article.

That’s it and then after that, there was no full stop. There were many hiccups and many hurdles. I am slowly overcoming those and will do so in the near future. Only one thing I can say is, the blog completes me in many ways. It helps me to express my thoughts, my passion, my desires and my lovely experiences.

I had started celebrating my First Blog Anniversary by presenting travel photos clicked by my parents and my husband. I also introduced to my two esteemed authors.

Today on this special day, I want to share some photos clicked by my baby – my 10-year-old son and my travel pictures. Hope you like it and do keep visiting our blog for more interesting and exclusive articles.

Photos Clicked by my Son

Victoria Memorial in Kolkata, India

View from Cable Car, HongKong

Fluffy Clouds

Sea Gulls in the Arabian Sea

Sunset at the River Ganges in Kolkata, India

My Photography


Experience "Bhutan"- A Kingdom in the Foothills of the Himalayas


Immerse into the Tranquility of Nepal

Sikkim, India

Enroute to the Mystic Changu Lake

Boise in Idaho, US

Discovering Boise - The Most Populous City of USA

Durdle Door, UK

Durdle Door - The Majestic LimeStone Arch of England

Lurray Caverns in Washington, US

Luray Caverns - A Plethora of Nature's Beauty


The Enticing Beauty of Victoria Peak



My First Blog Anniversary celebrations went well so far. I enjoyed posting travel photos clicked by my family and my authors. Hope you all liked the snaps. Please visit our Travel Photos section.


A blogger interested in travelling and exploring new places and sharing ideas with all. Curious about the unique features of a place and its ethereal beauty.

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