Places to Visit in Dubai – 7 Days Itinerary

Guest post by Mubin Ansari on Places to visit in Dubai. He has provided a detailed 7 days itinerary for easy reference and guidance.

No doubt the top tourist destination on everyone's list is Dubai. This travel manual is going to help plan your trip well, for a first-timer or an ex-pat with guests. There is much to explore in the most happening city-Dubai.

Dubai is very fascinating and multicultural. As a first-timer, you will find it a very luxurious and exciting infrastructure. Do not worry luxury doesn't mean that you have to spend heavily. There are many places to visit in Dubai within a reasonable budget.

Places to visit in Dubai satisfy the taste and preferences of all. Some attractions are free, some are paid, some are costly, some are adventurous, etc.

Best Time to Visit Dubai

Desert and hot temperatures dominate the Middle East weather. Dubai temperature varies throughout the year and summers are unbearable. Some attractions are closed on the summer season.

I recommend you to plan your visit between November and March. Winter is always a good time to visit Dubai. Get in touch with Mubin Ansari.


The places to visit in Dubai will amaze all – a solo traveller, couple, family or a group of friends. Based on the group size and budget you can book accommodation. The more you pay the more privilege you get. Price varies from location to location. I recommend to stay in Bur Dubai as it has got good connectivity. You can look for a hotel apartment if you are planning to cook food on your own. I recommend using a application for exploring various accommodation options.

Tips: Check property details on app for bathtub, free gym access, pool access, etc. If you a baby you can request a cot.


Road Transport Authority is well organized in Dubai. Taxi, bus, metros, trams are available at almost all the locations. Various transport service providers are available for booking cabs. For using the metro and RTA bus you will need an NOL card. NOL card is a prepaid card. You must swipe it at entry and exit points.


If you are foodie, you need to control your emotions. Dubai offers a wide range of cuisine with finger biting taste. Seafoods, Mediterranean, Indian, Chinese, Mughlai and what not all are available in Dubai.

Advance Booking

You need not book in advance for the majority of the places to visit in Dubai. You can access the attractions by paying via NOL card or buying tickets on the spot. Dubai fountain is free of cost. You have to book in advance to visit the Top of Burj Khalifa. Same goes for desert safari, book it according to your requirement.

Itinerary for Places to Visit in Dubai

One week seems less for places to visit in Dubai, but you can plan accordingly. There are some additional places you can explore if you have local friends or family. Jebel Hafeet, Al Ain and Jebel Jais are mountain peaks in UAE and it requires half of your day so you can skip it.

Day 1 : Burj Khalifa , Dubai Mall, Fountain.

Visit Burj Khalifa in the morning and explore Dubai Mall. Dubai Mall is very huge so make your you take your pain killers LOL. You need to walk a lot inside the mall. Relax near the fountain and enjoy the show.

Day 2 : Palm Jumeirah , Desert Safari

Start your day by visiting Palm Jumeirah. You can take a tram as well to explore the fascinating view of the Palm shaped island. By noon you can go back to your pick up point for Desert Safari. Desert Safari usually starts at 4 p.m so you can have your lunch at that time.

Day 3 : La Mer Beach, Kite Beach , Jumeirah Beach Burj Al Arab

Cover Jumeirah stretch on 3rd day. La Mer beach is referred for fine dining and shopping. You can spend some time at Kite beach and move ahead for Burj Al Arab. While going back you can hop on to Antar Cafeteria for tasty shwarma and burgers.

Image by Keerthi Ramesh from Pixabay
Day 4: Miracle Garden, Butterfly Garden, Love Lake,Global Village

Plan your trip for Miracle Garden, Butterfly Garden, and Global Village. All these attractions are close by. You can start your visit by Miracle Garden. Butterfly garden is opposite to Miracle Garden. After finishing the Butterfly garden you can take a cab to Global Village at a very reasonable rate. Undoubtedly you will enjoy global village to the core.

Day 5 : Abu Dhabi, Grand Mosque , Ferrari World, Yas Island

Start your trip by visiting Ferrari world early morning. If you intend to visit Ferrari world you need to spend entire day. Its upto you for going inside Ferrari World or Explore from outside. After this you can move to visit Grand Mosque. After finishing Grand mosque visit Marina Mall and Abu Dhabi Corniche.

Day 6: Dubai Museum , Meena Bazar , City Centre Naif Souq.

Sixth day you can dedicate for shopping. Shopping is attractive to women and indeed to many men. You can visit Dubai Museum in the morning hours and spend time around Meena Bazar. After finishing shopping you can take aabra ( Boat ride ) at 1 AED to travel Diera. Diera is bussiest place for tourists. In addition to this prepare your shopping list in advance to utilize your time. Last but not the least prepare your budget as well.

Image by Jeff Kingma from Pixabay
Day 7: Theme parks.

Theme parks like Motion Gate, IMG World of Adventure, etc on the 7th day. Also, you can go for a Dolphin show or sky diving based on your interest. Please note Friday and Saturday are weekends in UAE so timing may affect your visit.

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