Top 10 Creative Ideas for Durga Puja Decoration

The festival season in India has started. It simply means the beginning of happiness and exultation. Celebrating festivals with all the ritual and one's belief hold a deeper spiritual meaning for life. Performing festival rituals at home, decorations, spending time with family, making Prasadam and sweets together; bring a bundle of joy and hope to our lives.

Navratri and Durga Puja

With each day passing by we are moving forward and close to celebrating several festivals with our loved ones.

At this time in India, it is finally the time to celebrate Navratri and Durga Puja. Navratri is a Hindu fast festival that spends 9 nights and 10 days. It is celebrated every year in the autumn. It is observed for different reasons; celebrated differently in various parts of the Indian cultural sphere. Navratri is celebrated as a victory over evil. The festival is associated with the prominent battle that took place between Goddess Durga and the demon Mahishasura. These 9 days are solely dedicated to Durga and her eight incarnations.

Durga Puja is traditionally celebrated with all the rituals in many places in India. It is celebrated in with the finest pandals. You can witness grand celebrations. The Puja is celebrated all over India in Maharashtra, Delhi, Varanasi, Kullu, Guwahati, Patna, and Gujarat. In each of the places, it has a different and unique significance.

Top 10 Creative Decoration ideas for Durga Puja

It is very important to decorate your house, temples, pandals, and other places during the time of the festival. Here are the top 10 festive decoration ideas for Durga Puja.

Decoration with handmade Diya or Lamps

Navratri and Durga Puja are celebrated with complete belief as a victory over evil. This festival signifies that where there is darkness there is always light. We can place many Diyas outside our home, mandirs, and pandals to illuminate the surroundings as it takes away all the darkness. The handmade idea with all the creative colors, designs is the best way to decorate. Handmade designs are always distinctive and an amazing way to showcase one's creativity.

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Flowers are always perfect

Yes, flowers are always used during any festival; and even during Durga Puja as well it can be used to decorate any corner of your house. It can be used for making rangoli as well as a garland; the choice is yours. Flowers are always perfect for Durga puja decoration. The colors and the joy we feel with fragrance in presence of flowers are just refreshing.

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Pots for the decoration

For the decoration of Durga Puja, we can place beautiful pots, clay, or mud pot in any corner of the house, office, temple, or any other place. They make that corner amazingly beautiful. Clay pots are easily available in the market and give a different look to your house. It can be of any size you can choose according to the space available for the decoration. It can be smaller it can be larger but it looks uniquely beautiful and can spice up your place.

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Fabric decoration

For the decoration of Durga Puja, fabric decoration is another way to decorate your place. It can be any contrast color. It can be of different styles, florals with patterns, and many more. Using fabric decoration is something you can do at the home, office or any place. You can use any curtains, bedsheets, and matching cloth with your furniture. Even dupattas of different colors can be used to decorate a specific corner or your temple. During Durga Puja, this looks amazingly beautiful, bright, and hopeful.

Decoration with light

Using different light patterns, you can also decorate your house or any particular corner for the Durga Puja. Celebration using LED lights of different sizes and colors can light up beautifully. You can use colorful lights of different shapes, lanterns to illuminate your house; placing them in such a way that it looks unique. You can use table lanterns and small glass pieces of pots can be a unique way for inside decoration.

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Handcraft and paperwork

For the decoration of Durga Puja, we can make hand-crafted designs by using paper works. There are many unique as well as modern designs for the festive decoration. The designs go well with light, curtains, lanterns, and rangoli. This is one of the best creative ideas for Durga Puja. It is a very simple, easy, and colorful way to decorate your house for Durga Puja. Designs can be made smaller or larger. It can be mix and match with several colors.

Decoration with different type of Candles

Candles are one of the sparkling creative ideas for Durga Puja. It is another beautiful way to decorate any particular corner of your house. It can be normal colorful candles, scented candles or it can be floating candles. One elegant idea to decorate floating candles is; to take a pot with some tap water, and float different flowers or petals and floating candles into it. Place the pot anywhere in your house to beautify that corner. It just not provides light or serves as a lovely decor accent for home; but also imparts a breathtaking aroma to the space. One or more floating candles of different colors can be used for the decoration of the Durga Puja.

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Theme based decoration and resin art

Pooja rooms or Mandir can be decorated for a particular theme. Puja room is the first place in the house that needs to look its best. This can be achieved by imparting a pristine theme to the Puja area. It can be any theme and with any color combination. This could bring freshness to your house and could look unique as well. Themes for decoration can be according to your convenience. For example, a conch shell theme can be used for decoration. For that, we can use white color shells, stones, and contrast with some other colors. It could definitely look very beautiful. Nowadays resin art is getting a lot of popularity because of its unique and modern design. It can be done with flowers, gold and silver paper for the decoration of the Durga Puja.

Idols or sculpture for the decoration

Smaller or larger idols, sculptures, and statues can also be one of the best creative ideas for Durga Puja. Idols of Goddess Durga, Panchratna, or Panchmukhi Murti of God and goddess can also be used as a decoration for Durga Puja. It can be decorated with light, lamps to illuminate that place. Beautiful idols are easily available and can be placed according to the availability of space. It could be a unique and elegant way to decorate your home During Durga Puja.

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Toran – wall hanging for the decoration

Toran is a kind of wall hanging meant for hanging over the doors. Traditionally it is made from marigold flowers and mango leaves. But now we get them made by mirror clothes and heavy embellishments that are available easily in the market. It could bring a very beautiful look to doors as well as windows. Few wall hangings are made with paper. It can be designed traditionally with threads clothes and many other things.

There can be many designs smaller or large unique or traditional. Share your ideas as well.


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