Singapore Food Festival 2022: Key Features

Singapore isn't as small as it seems to be on the world map. “Little Red Dot” as referred is home to more than 5.5 million people. Singapore is very popular amongst travelers. It goes above its weight and is home to approx.  19 million tourists in a year. Most of the traveler population is here in Singapore for its food.  It is a foodie destination. Travelers for years starve to relish their taste buds at Singapore Food Festival every year. The Singapore Food Festival 2022 recently concluded on 11th September.

A country that is enthusiastic about food, Singapore is known for its varied luxurious scene and welcomes you on a profound jump into Singaporean cooking. This assorted celebration was featured by commended culinary specialists from Singapore and all over the planet. Exemplary recipes from the masters were demonstrated in the classes. And the remarkable menus were displayed at Singapore Food Festival 2022.

Singapore Food Festival is a festival where all the foodies from around the world accommodate to celebrate the rich food culture of Singapore and its heritage. 29th Singapore Food Festival this year had spread from 24Th August to 11th September 2022. One was able to feast on over 70 gastronomic gourmet experiences through the pillars of culinary contemplation and innovation. The venue for the event was Bayfront Event Space and the address 12A Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018970.

Food with Savory Fillings

 You might have come across these dishes on your adventure tours. But definitely, these special dishes and snacks at Singapore Food Festival are unique.

The most peculiar Durian Concierge menu is the star attraction. Durian Concierge had collaborated with the nearby food way of life idea The Refectory to carry out a most impossible-to-miss durian-driven menu. The menu incorporated charcoal-barbecued durians with cheddar and a curry made with durian.

There were flavorful bites like a salmon rillette or stew crab donut by high-quality bread kitchen Sourbombe. And also the mark dry laksa with lobster by Jelebu Dry Laksa. For the sweet tooth, the options were Kueh from the Rempapa stall or gelato from Hay Gelato.

Sumptuous 9-course feast

Chef's Arena had presented an incredible option at the table with a 9-course meal.

The organized spread (from S$128) comprised nine courses, each made by gourmet experts from the nearby scene. It started with a welcome mixed drink devised by Juan Yi Jun from Keong Saik's No Sleep Club. Afterwards gradually moved into the setup of flavorful courses.

The 9-course meal at Singapore Food Festival featured a hot Peranakan Fish Cake by Chef Damian D'Silva from Rempapa. It was curated in parallel with Otak Udang by Chef Daniel Sia of The Coconut Club.

Maze's Chef LG Han and Chef Ton of Le Du likewise contributed to a fascinating interpretation of Bak Kut Teh that hoists its customary fixings: pork cheek that is all pepper crusted and sits on a herbaceous stock that is decorated with broiled garlic puree.

Surprising flavors oozed out in the principal course, highlighting smoked salmon coated with gula Melaka and supplemented with a tart sambal slaw. Cook Jayce Ho of SGBrisketKitchen was the innovative psyche behind that dish.

Collabs at the Singapore Food Festival 2022

There were plenty of food collabs between any semblance of Michelin Bib Gourmand peddler One Prawn and Co. alongside legacy brand Hock Lian Huat for a thick prawn bisque. A few dishes were made uncommonly only for the celebration as well. For example, a Two Men Bagel House bagel that included Singapore's best curries while Dopo Teatro was backing up a Sambal Goreng (broiled bean stew glue) pizza.

Furthermore, when eminent sandwich shop Steeple's Deli was holding hands with the current Park Bench Deli, the result was corned meat and Pastrami Sammie. Likewise, there was an intricate nine-course supper by top culinary bosses – all highlighted in SFF 2022's virtual master classes. The guests participated in food studios to figure out how to make your own flavors from conventional zest slow down Jeya Spices, as well as get an insider's brief look into best utilizing a Thermomix while baking at home.

Shopping at the market or registering for free master classes

There were meant who were passionate or eager to turn into expert culinary specialists and make people taste your best combinations. The best options provided were buying excellent fixings like cheddar, nuts, and even Mala chips at the Singapore Food Festival's Gourmet Market.

Overall, the Singapore Food Festival 2022 was a huge success where people from various nations flocked in to savor their taste buds. The innovative ideas of expert chefs were evident at the festival. A lot for the foodies and culinary interested people.


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