World’s Tallest Indoor Waterfall at Singapore

The moment we think of waterfalls, the visual that appears before our eyes is water gushing across the rocky cliffs or mountain walls and splashing on rocks or plains to create a mesmerizing stream of the water pool. Watching water falling from a height brings peace with it like the pouring sound of the water is a soothing music. But then what if it's indoors? Thrilling right? Well, indeed you can feel such an experience at the World's tallest indoor waterfall in Singapore.

Travelers from all around the world crave now to to visit another augmentation of Singapore's Changi Airport, to see the world's tallest indoor waterfall. Standing 40 meters tall with water flowing down from the dome molded roof of Jewel Changi Airport (Jewel), the HSBC Rain Vortex is the world's tallest indoor waterfall.

The Rain Vortex is seven stories tall. It siphons 500,000 liters of water through the top of the Jewel building. That is one fifth of the volume of an Olympic-sized pool. The venture was designed by Safdie Architects with Landscape engineering by PWP Landscape Architecture.

The Jewel toroidal inverted dome makes another sort of spatial experience. There is a day lit immense finished garden, connected with seven levels of shopping areas on floors and air terminal offices. This dome is designed with all steel and mirrors. Watching this World's tallest indoor waterfall is a thrilling experience no one should miss.

Major attractions at the World's Tallest Indoor Waterfall

A dark black ring of water surrounds the Rain Vortex and is known as Reflective Pool . It is the Reflective Pool, making it an ideal place for an Instagram photograph. The water that streams into the Reflective Pool proceeds downwards on to two levels, making a unique effect of the Water Skin that is pleasing to watch.

Garden at World's Tallest Indoor Waterfall

An eight-acre of garden over inside retail space incorporates surprising highlights that will draw in travelers of all the age groups. Gardens porch down almost 30 meters to a focal get-together space with casual amphitheater seating. This forest canopy containing 200 species of plants surrounding the waterfall will be cooled up by the waterfall.

Eating joints and Light and sound show

Cafés and bistros as well as an event plaza can be accessed from this garden. The experience of the Rain Vortex changes depending what time of the day you are at Jewel Changi Airport. Each night, the streaming water, alongside fog and music, turns into the focal point of an hourly 360 degrees, mystical Light and Sound show. Guests can encounter a light and water show at the focal point of the structure. Water and captured rain fall from the rooftop turn into a projection screen. This is a major attraction for the visitors.

Working Mechanism of HSBC Rain Vortex

To create a circular effect of the water flow down the Rain Vortex, special features have been incorporated at the outside of the dome structure. There is a network of pipes that channel the circular flow. Water flows down in the middle of the oculus. And then is distributed down the Rain Vortex with this circular network of pipes giving it a beautiful effect. There is a repeated cycle of water flowing to the B3 around the catchment area and then again to oculus.

To maintain the beauty of this alluring world's tallest indoor waterfall, it is made sure that it circles around clean sparkling water. As per the regulatory requirements, the water samples go for lab tests on a periodic basis to check if it meets the quality. There is a specialized team assigned to this process. Whenever this periodic cleaning cycle takes place, the waterfall is then shut down for up to a week.

There is a pump room designated to the waterfall located at the B3 car park level. There sits a water tank behind the wall and all the pipes and pumps run around the walls. Rainwater is stored in the storage tank on heavy rainy days and is channeled back to the oculus. When the tanks exhaust their storage, the excess water is used for other purposes like irrigation.

This waterfall is not just mesmerizing to watch, but literally transforms the entire vibe of the airport space. It feels like the roof is pouring in the water to the building and creates a beautiful virtual effect.


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