Singapore” – A country with unique combination of culture and entertainment

Singapore, one of the prominent islands in the Asia Pacific Zone, has been wooing travelers from all around the world especially visiting with kids on account of its theme parks, islands, fun rides, zoos, bird parks, and amusement parks.

Well first let's start with the cultural aspects of Singapore which are unknown to many. The island hosts some very notable buildings from different religious sects like the peaceful Lian Shan Shuang Lin Buddhist monastery, the beautiful Sri Mariamman Hindu temple, and the gigantic Sultan Mosque. It's believed that one of Buddha's teeth is present in the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and one must not miss the chance of visiting the temple as it's quite a nostalgic experience.

Singapore hosts some magnificent artistic buildings, towers, and gardens. Gardens by the Bay, with its mesmerizing light shows, is a colorful nature park spanning across acres of land amidst the waterfront. One is bound to be awestruck by its architectural beauty and the glittering lights. 

It's really an awesome experience to watch the way they portray the country's official mascot, the Merlion. A statue of Merlion, a mythological creature with half body as lion and half body as fish, stands along the waterfront sprouting water from its mouth like a fountain. 

Many of us are acquainted with the London eye. We find a similar replica here called the Singapore flyer and the ride is worth availing to view the decked up island with its luxurious grandeur. 

One can entice oneself into the romantic boat ride in the Singapore river along with a dream walk over the historical riverside Clarke Quay. The evenings are lively with the tinkling of glasses and the chiming of the vessels in the restaurants overlaying in the Quay. 

Kids specifically enjoy the Singapore Zoo, the Jurong Bird Park as well as the Night Safari. The zoo has won many awards with 315 species of animals roaming in their natural habitat. It is said that it has the largest collection of orangutans in the world. Jurong Bird Park is known as Asia's largest bird paradise and its amazing to watch almost 400 species of birds housed in the park. I was particularly mesmerised by the colourful macau birds and their friendliness with humans. One may also go for a short visit to the night safari, a home of many animals. 

Finally, I would provide you with a virtual tour of the Great Sentosa Island, which is the main attraction drawing millions of tourists into this small country. It's an island of its own with its beautiful beaches, fun rides, amusement parks, live shows, and shops. You can literally spend a whole day full of widespread activities on this island. It has entertainment arrangements for all ages starting from the Universal Studios, the lively “Song of the Seas” show by the country's talented cultural artists and enthusiastic performers accompanied by laser shows, water jets, lights, and music, and then the cable cars, skylines, and beaches. 

Its fun to watch more than 1000 species of marine animals in the S.E.A. aquarium inside Sentosa island. You can experience a dip into the waters and dive through the wide variety of sea animals traversing along the fresh and salty water of the aquarium.

Before I conclude, I must remind you that one must not miss the street foods and the riverside shops for the Singapore delicacies. The riverside or the waterfront is the best place to chill out in the evenings watching the sky above the twinkling stars and getting engrossed in the scintillating atmosphere in this small but happening island.


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