Sula Fest 2020 – A Musical Extravaganza at Nashik

Experience the enthusiastic lively vineyard music festival Sula Fest, the first of its kind in India at Nasik, Maharashtra. It is one of the greatest music festivals celebrated with immense grandeur, entertaining the audience with energetic music bands and melodious voices of prominent singers. The guests are kept engaged with a wide array of food and beverage stalls.

Located at the backdrop of the spectacular Sula vineyards and the tranquil Gangapur Lake, the Fest attracts thousands of music lovers from all over the world. The Fest brings in zillions of fun and adventure with the wine games, musical extravaganza, grape stomping and much more. You will be swayed in a musical delight with the high voltage performances by renowned musicians and artists.

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The Essence of Sula Fest

Sula Fest promises a memorable experience, combining the electrifying musical performances with the delectable cuisines and wines. You can capture the winemaking processes along with a taste of the delicious beverage. Winemakers of Sula vineyards demonstrate their talents and skills in winemaking. They share about the different types of wine and their unique qualities and taste.

The two days of the fest are jampacked with energetic performances and concerts by famous bands, musicians and singers. You can not stop shaking your legs at the rhythmic beats and enthusiastic melodrama. Music lovers from all over India love to gather at Sula Fest to experience a melancholy of music, dance, wine, food, and unlimited fun.

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When was Sula Fest first started?

The fest was started first in 2008 wherein it made its grand entry as one of India's music festivals. Since then its popularity increased exponentially, drawing many music lovers into this grand festival. The unique theme of the fest was a potential and significant reason for attracting people. The incredible combo pack of music and wine is considered precious by many guests arriving at the fest.

The Top Attractions at Sulu Fest 2020

Sulu Fest 2020 dates were 1st and 2nd of February which is a weekend. The venue was the same as that of every year, Sule Vineyards at Gangapur in Nasik, Maharashtra. Ticket prices range from INR 2300 to INR 2600 for 1 day and INR 4000 to INR 4500 for 2 days. The tickets can be booked in Paytm Insider or in person at the winery. Camping options are also available at the festival grounds on all days. If you do not prefer camping then you can stay at the hotels present near the winery.

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The Amphitheater Stage had been beaming with energy with the electrifying performances by Indian and International music bands and artists like:

  • Hot Chip, the London based pop band reputed for performing internationally acclaimed live performances
  • My  Baby, the famous Dutch band known for country and funky music
  • Doctor Dru, world-famous artist and DJ of contemporary music
  • Electrophazz, French musical group with a global fame for hip-hop and jazz music
  • Salim-Sulaiman, the popular Bollywood musical duo 
  • Kohra, a DJ from Delhi engaging the audience with his versatility and superb musical mix
  • Rumba de Bodas, the music band from Bologna well known for their jazz, hip-hop and funky music 
  • Shveta Salve, popular actor and model from the Indian Television industry 
  • The Local Train, the Indian rock band famous for their innovative lyrics and college-based music
  • The Spindoctor or Sanjay Meriya, the established Indian DJ from Mumbai engaging people with a mix of hip-hop and club music
  • Voctronica or Vocal Orchestra, the prominent Indian band who possess the extraordinary talent of transforming their voice into musical instruments
  • When Chai Met Toast, the young Indian band from Kochi gaining popularity for their folk and pop music
  • Jah Sun & The Rising Tide, talented artists based out of the USA known for their entertaining lyrics and hip-hop music
  • Sindhi Curry or Pramod Sippy, Indian DJ from Mumbai introducing diversity in the musical mix to his audience
  • Sashanti or Alexander Sukhochev, a Russian based DJ and well-known face in Indian and International music festivals entertaining the audience with his enlivened mix of electronic music
  • Boxia, a well known UK based DJ in the International arena
  • Mike Akida, a world-famous DJ from Greece combining rock music to entertain his guests
  • Ana Lilia, a Mexican born DJ based out of Mumbai mesmerizing the audience with her power-packed musical mix

How to reach Sula Vineyards?

The Vineyards are located in Nasik which is 170 km distance away from Mumbai and 225 km distance away from Pune. The best way to reach the place is to hire a cab or board a train to Nasik. Once you reach the Nasik railway station, you can hire a cab to the Vineyards. Local buses and auto-rickshaws are also available from the station.

Sula Fest is an ultimate place to be intertwined with the music and wine at crazy and lively surroundings. You can spend a superb weekend at the Vineyards engulfing into the enigmatic grandeur of the festival.

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