Tour of the Chandragiri Hill at Kathmandu, Nepal

Reminiscing past travels is one of my favorite strategies to boost up my motivation and reenergize my body and mind. Today I decided to rejuvenate my brain by dwelling past the trip to Nepal. As I ventured my thoughts into the awesome landscape of the scenic country, I felt like sharing the wonderful experience of my visit to Chandragiri Hill in Kathmandu, via the awesome cable car ride.

We had covered Chandragiri Hill on the last day of the trip and it was a memorable experience. The cable car ride along the pristine beauty of nature and the astonishing view of the snow-capped mountains are a treat to the eyes. You will be awestruck to watch the Himalayan ranges atop the hills. The cold breeze with its freshness entertains you alluring you to its enigmatic beauty.

A Small History of Chandragiri Hill

History says that the name Chandra has been derived from the legendary great Chandragupta Maurya. In the late 300 BC, he is said to have lived at the hills for attaining peace and divinity.

The hill was utilized as a pass by the traders to cross over and reach India for carrying out their merchandising operations.

Experiencing the Chandragiri Hill Cable Car Ride

The short journey of almost 10 to 15 minutes via the cable car was fascinating. The panoramic landscape greeted us with its magnificence. It's a climb of about 2500 meters from sea level. Mother nature seemed to unfold its mystic charm at every moment we proceeded towards the hilltop. The view from the cable car is fabulously encircled by the mighty Himalayan ranges. The cloudy mist atop the mountain ranges and the sun rays gleaming on the snow-capped peaks transform the environment into a dreamy land, a land of fairies and angels.

The Cable Car Ride

The Scintillating Views at Chandragiri Hill

As you descend down from the cable car and start your walk towards the hilltop, you will be greeted warmly by the vibrant red colored heart sign which says, “I Love Chandragiri”. You can strike some photographic poses at the sign with a beautiful town and the mountains at the backdrop.

I Love Chandragiri

There is a small garden at the entrance of the hill peak. It is adorned with the lines of mountain trees and small fountains. There are standing rails around the park for you to stand and observe nature's charismatic beauty.

As we proceeded further walking up the path and the steps, I was mesmerized by the vastness of the Himalayan ranges and their astounding grandeur. Starting from the west you can find the Annapurna Himal range, 8091 meters above sea level. Next to it is the Manasalu Himal range, 8156 meters above sea level. There are blue boards placed along the walking trail guiding you with the ranges, their directions, and their height. You can even use binoculars for a better view. Towards the north direction, you can find the Ganesh Himal range, 7422 meters above sea level. And towards the east, you can find the Langtang Himal range, 7234 meters above sea level. People say that you can view Mount Everest from Chandragiri Hill. Though the sky was clear it was tough to guess and trace Everest.

The Temple of  Bhaleshwor Mahadev

There is a temple too at the hillside. Known as the Bhaleshwor Mahadev temple, it is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The structure of the temple resembles that of a Pagoda with the typical architectural skills from Nepal. An idol of Nandi along with Shiva's Trishul is present at the entrance, facing the idol of Lord Shiva. The windows are made of wood and the walls of the temple are adorned with the sculptures o Hindu Gods and Goddesses. When we reached the temple, the place was filled with tourists and the local devotees offering their prayers to Lord Shiva to seek his blessings.

How to reach Chandragiri Hill?

Since we were staying at Kathmandu and were eager to avail of the cable car ride, we selected the best and comfortable option for traveling towards the hill. We hired a cab from the hotel to reach Thankot. We purchased tickets for the cable car from Thankot, the starting station for the Chandragiri Hill cable car ride

For those who do not want to avoid the cable car ride, you can hire a cab from the capital city of Kathmandu and reach the hilltop. Buses are also available from different parts of the city to Thankot.

The Concluding Path…

The walk along the guarded path around the hill is charming, alluring you every moment to gaze at the beauty around. Surrounded by the majestic Himalayas, the place represents a symbol of tranquility and serenity. The scenic views captivate the mind and the soul, transforming the human brain into a world of eternity and divinity.

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