8 Incredible Walking Trails in India

Walking trails in India are enrapturing, entertaining you with fun, thrill, and adventure. They enrich you with the country's ancient history cascaded with artistic structures, buildings, and monuments. Besides you can immerse in the bewildering views of nature with greenery, forests, mountains, rivers, valleys, plains, and many more. Strolling along these marvelous destinations is a delight. Not only you are acquainted with the religious and historical heritage of the country but also the enigmatic nature and its enthralling beauty. So here I am sharing the list of the best walking trails in India that will surely help you to plan for a breathtaking trip.

Festive Walk in

Durga Puja is one of the prominent festivals in India. It is especially celebrated with grandness in the eastern part of the country in the state of and majorly in Kolkata. Strolling across the streets of Kolkata during the festival is one of the most astounding walking trails in India. This walking trail spans through the lanes of Kumartuli. Kumartuli is a potter's hub, where the idols and images of the Gods and Goddesses are sculptured and carved. In the next part of the tour, the best way to spend is to visit the flower market and then the Howrah bridge. It is truly incredible to enjoy the glorious brightness of the day along with its pristine beauty. The atmosphere around will chirp up your energy level. Other than some refreshments, you do not have to spend any penny from your pocket for the trail.

The Enchanting Delhi Food Walk 

Delhi is the capital city of India. The city is preferably imminent for hosting some of the famous food joints. Strolling across the streets will entertain you with its best street food delicacies. There are plenty of stalls and food joints where you can try out your favorite juices, delectable kebabs, and seafood. The key attraction of the walking trail is the “Baniya” or the vegetarian street food at the Sitaram Bazar. The place hosts different types of dishes for satiating the taste buds of many. The aroma around is tempting and alluring. Like Kolkata, this walking trail will not cost you any money. Only if you feel so, you can spend some money buying drinks and food. For food lovers, it is one of the best walking trails in India.

Thrilling walk in Mumbai

Mumbai is a city where life is filled with vigor and an unlimited spirit of energy. People flock in huge numbers to soak into its flora and fauna. The sea beaches are the most enticing part of the city. Along with it the marvelous buildings and structures add to its charm. The local foods of Mumbai are also quite mouth-watering and delicious. Mumbai city walk is one of the fabulous walking trails in India. While planning for a walk in Mumbai, the best places you must include are the street food stalls selling Vada Pav and the places where the historical structures stand as iconic landmarks.

Venturing into the rocky terrain of Hyderabad

To us, the Himalayas are the oldest when it comes to rocky mountains and granite monoliths. But surprisingly it has been discovered that the Deccan plateau of Hyderabad is much older. They are as old as 2,500 million years, incredible aren't they? Many of the places in the plateau region have undergone a major facelift, giving rise to skyscrapers or luxury malls. But still, they have retained the grandness of the natural formations. Venturing into these wondrous formations is indeed listed as one of the most thrilling walking trails in India. The rocky formations come in different shapes and sizes and are often named Hamburger, Mushroom, and Obelisk. Like the above walking trails, this one is also free.

A leisure walk along the beaches of Goa

Goa is a traveler's paradise, where tourists flock almost throughout the year. People visit Goa to indulge themselves in its scenic views filled with captivating beaches and shimmering sea waters. The walking trail in Goa is conducted by Bookworm. The members of the Bookworm are the guides for the trip, escorting the tourists throughout the trail. It is truly one of the most mesmerizing walking trails in India. The places covered during the walk are Azad Maidan, the Governor's place, the Natural heritage train, and the Museum of Christian Art. The walkers can also engage in several activities and games.

Immersing in the iconic landmarks of Chennai

Walking in Chennai is an experience unique of its kind. It is one of the educational walking trails in India. The city is draped with religious, divine, and royal buildings. You will love to be enrapturd in the beauty of each of these landmarks. The exquisite images and sculptures mesmerize the tourists. You will be reminded of the age-old ancient Hindu mythological tales. Then there are areas where the Portuguese established their residences. Further, you will be acquainted with Muslim rule and era. The other spots in the city which you must definitely not miss are prominent locations in Chennai statues of Kumaraswami Kamaraj and Mahatma Gandhi, St. Thomas Cathedral Basilica, Kapaleeswarar temple, Marina and Golden sea beaches, and the beautiful house of Swami Vivekananda.

Heritage walk of Bengaluru

For history lovers, the heritage walk of Bengaluru is one of the best walking trails in India. You will appreciate the tradition and culture of the place, combined with its rich history of the ancient era. There are plenty of places to visit in the city, the prominent among them being Lalbagh botanical gardens, the Summer palace of Tipu Sultan, Devanahalli fort, the Bangalore palace, St. Marys Basilica, and the Ulsoor lake. Besides the city has several shopping arcades, street food stalls and food joints to add on to the charm of the walk.

Religious walk of Varanasi

Varanasi is one of the divine, religious and holy places in India where one visits to attain purity. Walking along the lanes of Varanasi brings unusual peace and calm, especially when you approach the ghats and watch the famous Ganga Arati. You will love to hear and watch the different rituals performed at the ghats, the changing of the religious hymns, and the people dipping into the river. It is indeed one of the pristine walking trails in India. 

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