Upcoming Prominent Indian Festivals 2022

India is renowned for its many vibrant festivals that are observed all year round and are often called the “ Land Of Festivals”. Indian festivals throw light upon our culture and have become an integral part of our life and the environment in which we have grown up. Festivals are associated with decorations, treats, presents, activities, and several other events.

As people get together and exchange gifts and sweets, Indian Festivals 2022 have carried a lot more excitement with them as we had very tough years before due to Covid Pandemic and people could not get-together and celebrate. But, now it is the time to gear up.

To be prepared for what is coming, here is the list of Upcoming Indian Festivals 2022 to make you more enthusiastic about them;

Durga Puja – 26th September 2022 to 4th October 2022

In Bengal, Assam, and other eastern Indian regions, Durga Puja is a prominent Hindu festival that is historically observed for 10 days in the month of Ashvina (September–October), the seventh month of the Hindu calendar. The festival of Durga Puja honors the goddess Durga's triumph over the demon ruler Mahishasura. It starts on the same day as Navratri, a nine-night celebration of the divine feminine that takes place in many northern and western states.

In addition to Lakshmi, Saraswati, Ganesha, and Kartikeya—all of whom are believed to be Durga's offspring—Durga is a manifestation of Parvati.

Among the prominent Indian Festivals 2022, Durga Puja is one of the most awaited. Streets are decorated with holiday lights, loudspeakers play holiday music and priests recite hymns and chants, while local communities construct pandals. On the days of puja, the roadways are clogged with revelers, worshippers, and pandal-hoppers.

Navratri – 26th September 2022 to 4th October 2022

The nine-day Navratri celebration is a time of intense fervor and devotion celebrated with chanting songs, keeping fasts, and worshipping Durga Ji.

Various regions of India celebrate this lovely event in their own unique ways. It is a time when the entire family, along with friends and family, gathers to commemorate the triumph of good over evil. The name “Navaratri” is made up of the words “Nav,” which means “nine,” and “Ratri,” which means “nine – nights”.

On Pratipada Tithi, the Ghatasthapana Muhurta happens. On Navratri, the heavenly Goddess Durga is worshipped since she fought and destroyed the evil ruler Mahishasura.

Among the unique Indian Festivals 2022, both Durga Puja and Navratri are celebrated twice a year.

Dandiya26th September 2022 to 4th October 2022

People in this dance vigorously move while striking colorfully adorned bamboo sticks to the rhythms of the dholak and tabla. It is a stunning method of reenacting the conflict between the Devi and the devil.

Dandiya is also known as “The Sword Dance” because the vibrant sticks used during this dance form symbolize the sword of Goddess Durga. The music playing is reminiscent of the metallic clangs that can be heard in battle. Women dress in Ghagras, long blouses, and Odhnis (shawl). Traditional dhotis and kurtas are worn by men. Another distinguishing feature of these garments is mirrorwork.

Dandiya dance form accentuates the vivid Navratri and Durga Puja festivals.

Dussehra – 5th October 2022

Along with Durga Puja and Navratri, it is one of those Indian Festivals 2022 that celebrates the victory of “Good over Evil”.

Hindus celebrate Dussehra, also known as Dasara or Vijayadashami, as the victory of Rama, a Vishnu avatar, over the ten-headed demon king Ravana, who kidnapped Rama's bride, Sita. The terms Dasha (“ten”) and Hara (“defeat”) in Sanskrit are the source of the festival's name. Dussehra is observed on the tenth day of Ashvina (September–October), the seventh month of the Hindu calendar, at the time of the full moon, often known as the “bright fortnight” (Shukla Paksha).

The festival of Dussehra is observed with great zeal and grandeur. It includes Ram Lila, a grand theatrical presentation of Rama's life narrative, which is performed in North India. In open fields at night, effigies of Ravana—often combined with those of Meghnada, Ravana's son, and Kumbhkarana, Ravana's brother—are lit on fire.

Karwachauth -13th October 2022

Every year, married Hindu women mark the one-day festival of Karva Chauth, during which they fast from dawn to moonrise and offer prayers for their husbands' health and longevity. Unmarried ladies who pray in the hopes of finding a desirable life partner also observe the event. This event is thought to have arisen when wives began to pray for their husband's safe return from wars in other regions.

The event involves observing a “Nirjala” fast, during which ladies refrain from eating or drinking anything during the day, and prayers are made to the Goddess Gauri, an embodiment of Parvati, who bestows blessings for a long and fulfilling marriage.

Dhanteras – 23rd October 2022

Dhanteras often referred to as Dhanvantari Trayodashi, ushers in the Diwali holiday season. It honors the birth of Lord Dhanvantari, the god of Ayurveda and an avatar of Lord Vishnu, and is observed two days before Diwali Puja. believed to have arisen from the ocean's churning while clutching religious books in one hand and a pot of honey in the other. People buy jewelry and utensils on this day to attract luck.

Diwali – 24th October 2022

In the list of the most awaited Indian Festivals 2022, Diwali, the festival of lights, is the prominent one. Rows of clay lamps are lit, and people exchange sweets and worship Goddesses Lakshmi and Ganesha.

In northern India, this day is observed as King Rama's return to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana. It is commemorated as the day that Lord Krishna vanquished the demon Narakasura in Southern India.

The festival in western India honors the occasion when demon King Bali was appointed ruler of the underworld by Lord Vishnu, the Preserver, one of the three principal Hindu gods. Diwali is observed as Kali Puja in Eastern India, particularly in , in honor of Goddess Kali, who is said to have gone on a destructive rampage to purge the earth of all demons.

Bhai Duj – 26th October 2022

A day observed to honor the unbreakable relationship between a brother and sister, Bhai Dooj is comparable to the Raksha Bandhan celebration in India.

Hindu mythology states that Lord Krishna visited his sister Subhadra after killing the evil demon Narakasura, who welcomed him with gifts of candy and flowers. In addition, she tenderly painted Krishna's forehead with tilaka.

On this happy occasion, brothers visit their sisters to check on their wellbeing and share gifts and treats. In addition, sisters apply tilak to their brothers' foreheads and offer prayers for their long and prosperous lives.

Enjoy the upcoming Indian Festivals 2022.


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