Indian Festival Decoration Ideas 2022

The Indian festive period always comes with lots of excitement and fun!  There is a lot of delectable festive food to hog upon and lovely festive décor during this season. At home, holiday decorating is a labor of love and great consideration. A few of your favorite festival-related memories will undoubtedly pop up and you would just try to do something new related to décor every year.

Many of us purchase flower baskets to decorate our homes during the festive season in India, and we also paint gorgeous rangoli patterns on our front doors. These two decorations are vital components of the celebration. In India, the holiday season is quickly approaching, so if you're seeking festival decoration ideas for your home, have a quick look at this blog to get all the recent and amazing ideas to make your home festivities ready.

Keep it Sustainable with Earthen Clay Pots

An excellent approach to decorating your home for the upcoming celebrations is with clay or earthen pots. They can be used to make lovely floral arrangements or left lying about your house as décor. For a lovely and festive appearance, you could also fill them with water and place floating candles within to make them look more aesthetic. If you want to keep it simple and sustainable, this is one of the best Festival Decoration Ideas for you.

Flowers Power

One of the best Festival Decoration Ideas to adorn your home for holidays is flowers. They give every space color, vibrancy, and a hint of nature. Fresh flowers can be used to make lovely bouquets, wreaths, and table centerpieces. They can also be added to pots or vases you have around your house. You can use flowers to spruce up your garden, balcony, or porch.

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You can also use artificial flowers. You can choose the ideal ones to complement your decor because they are offered in various colors and styles and are long-lasting. They can also be used to make various sizes of arrangements. You won't have to worry about artificial flowers drooping or dying because they are also quite simple to maintain.

Go for simple yet colorful Kites

No, kites are not only meant to fly but can make your home look beautiful with all the color schemes. When decorating for festivals, colorful kites are a must. They can be utilized to decorate your home and provide a festive feel. Kites can be used as wall hangings or to dangle from the ceiling. They can be used to adorn shelves and tables by placing them in vases or pots. You can pick a kite that matches your décor style because it comes in different forms and sizes. This is one of the most beautiful yet easy Festival Decoration Ideas to give your home that perfect look.

Decorative LED Lights

For festival decorations, decorative LED lights are a popular choice. They are perfect for use in decorations because they are durable and energy-efficient. You can choose the ideal color to go with your festival's theme because they are available in a variety of colors. They can be used to highlight particular aspects of your house or to create a festive ambiance all around.

Diyas, Candles, and Lamps for Natural Lighting

Decorating using Diyas is one of the most well-liked festival decoration ideas in India. Diyas are miniature oil lamps constructed of clay. They are typically employed during religious festivals and ceremonies. Homes are decked with Diyas and candles, particularly during the Diwali festival, to symbolize the light of knowledge and hope.

Candles are also a common choice for lighting festival decorations. They are available in a variety of colors and sizes and can be set up on stands or in holders. Candles may create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere and go well with other decorations like garlands or flowers.

Lighting up your home with lamps is a wonderful way to decorate for festivals and add light. They can be used to make your dining room or living area feel more inviting. To add brightness, put them on end tables or in corners. Or, for a more elegant touch, hang them from the ceiling.

Bring Nature Indoors

By including a few distinctive natural components to the landscape, you may bring the outdoors into your dwellings. To cleverly split zones in your home, combine your elegant and modern furniture with some artistically designed pendant lights and a glass divider. Bring in some bamboo plants for the room's added texture, color, and vibrancy as well as for good luck and future development in all spheres of life. Large windows allow the majority of natural light to enter, giving the dining area an appearance of greater space and airiness.

Handcrafted pieces by Artisans

Handmade Products are not only aesthetically pleasing but also eco-friendly. These objects are made by Indian artists, showcasing their desi art aesthetic and giving your interior decor a unique touch. Some great Made in India products that can be used as festival decorations are handmade paper lanterns, recycled saris, and bamboo wind chimes.

DIY at your home

Utilizing homemade or handcrafted items is one method to make your festival decorations more environmentally friendly. This involves making decorations like streamers, banners, and confetti out of recycled materials. Sustainable-materials-made eco-friendly goods are also available for purchase. You can celebrate more sustainably and lessen your carbon footprint by using these goods.

Go for Basic Rangoli

If you want to add some tradition to your celebration decorations, simple Rangoli designs are ideal. Start by placing a little dot in the center of the chosen area to serve as the foundation for your simple Rangoli artwork. Then, to make a star shape, extend lines from the dot with your finger. When you're satisfied with the shape, fill it in with the color of your choice. Try using more than one color or adding dots to the design's edge to add some extra interest.

Have fun experimenting with various pairings, and don't be afraid to use your imagination! Give your home a well-decorated look with these Festival Decoration Ideas.


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