Delightful Street Food in Calicut Beach

Being able to meander at a place close to your heart after a decade is pure bliss. Sweet memories of the spot flowing from the past fuse with the existent vibe. Suddenly, like the gush of wind kissing past your face, you realize some things never change. The sea, the beach, the sand, the sunset, and the endless chain of street food in Calicut beach.

A place like Calicut beach is certain to leave a lasting impression on your mind once you visit it. You become one among the crowd. Subsequently, you can lose yourself in the drama and poetry scripted by the beach. Unlike many other such spots, here you never feel out of place whether you are roaming solo or in a group.

On weekends or weekdays, the beach has its share of the crowd. What amazes you more at the alluring beach is the fact that hardly people get in the waters. Everyone is cozier by just being there.

Families, youngsters, the aged, office goers, daily wagers, students…people of all ages and backgrounds frequent the beach on a daily basis. Although strangers, you can see a reflection of yourself in everyone.

Even as the twilight sets in, the tuck shops dotting the beach come alive. With the battery-lit illumination and the suave fragrance emanating from each tuck shop, you are drawn to them like flees. Mouth-watering street food in Calicut tempts you to taste one, and another, and another.

A long list of sumptuous street food in Calicut beach is available to be savored. From the more common tender coconut, sugar cane juice, spicy sodas, and flavored lime juices to unique items like Kallummakaya fry, green peas, and egg, quail egg roast, and Avill milkshake, you have a lot to indulge in.

Fruit bowls and Sugar cane juice

A mini bowl full of mixed, cube-cut tropical fruits. How does that sound? Oh, wait. Along with it comes a glass of freshly pressed sugar cane juice with a dash of ginger. Perfect. Yes, that's the way to start your snacking adventure on Calicut beach. It's going to be a long night and get ready to indulge in as much street food in Calicut as possible.

Fruit bowl INR 20

Sugar cane juice glass INR 25

Salted fruits and vegetables

All over the beach, you can see vendors selling salted fruits and vegetables. In different-sized glass bottles, they have dipped vegetables and fruits like mango, carrot, gooseberry, pineapple, papaya, and many others. The saltwater mixed with green chilies and vinegar becomes perfect to spice up the flavors of these fruits and vegetables.

Do look around for vendors selling these delicacies dipped in honey. That tastes fabulous too.

Per piece INR 5 or above.

Quail Egg Roast

Quail is quite commonly grown all over Kerala. The meat and egg of the bird make scrumptious delicacies. And it is considered to be a healthy dish too. Although quail eggs are smaller than chicken eggs, they contain more fat, protein, iron, riboflavin, and vitamin B12 by weight. As it can be expected, they are slightly more expensive too. But the presentation of the roasted eggs coated with spicy masala will salivate you. The Quail Egg Roast is a spicy dish served on a plate at the street food counters. Boiled quail eggs are coated with specially prepared spicy gravy. You just have to indulge in them.

Per plate INR 40

Tapioca specials

Tapioca delicacies have always been favorites among the people of Kerala. The delicacies you can find along the beach include tapioca fry in different shapes. The crunchy, spicy varieties are sure to allure the vendor. The sliced tapioca deep-fried in coconut oil after it has been coated with batter makes it a tasty option to try out while strolling.

Per plate INR 20

Ice Urathi

At the outset, a word of great appreciation and gratitude for Jaleelzac for sharing the video of Ice Urathi from his Instagram page @mallu_foodchaser. The beautifully captured video displays how the famed ice Urathi is prepared. How can you not taste such a delightful blend when you are at Calicut Beach? Certainly, unique street food in Calicut that you need to taste.

Scrapped ice is filled in a glass and it goes with different, flavourful concoctions from the jars of the vendor. It is a taste bomb they say and it is one of the unique street foods in the area. With the combinations of fruit pulps, nuts, sugar syrup, basil seeds, and secret mixes only the vendor knows, it is a taste explosion in your mouth. Sweet and spicy, sour and cold, spicy and tangy.

Per glass INR 20

Avill milkshake

Avil milkshake is fast gaining popularity in Kerala. So filling, so refreshing, and so tasty, the shake is a much sought-after street food delicacy. Especially during summer, tuck shops and street food shops along the Calicut beach comes up with different combinations of Avil milkshakes.

A cup filled with Avil (beaten rice) mixed with bananas and chilled milk and topped with sugar, Tutti Frutti, dry fruits, and nuts is a delightful sight. The brimming cup is so tempting and so filling. Video courtesy @mallu_foodchaser.

Per cup INR 50 or above

Kallumma kaya or mussels roast

You do not return from the beach without munching on a couple of sautéed Kallumma kaya or mussels. It is one of the best delicacies to taste from the street food list along Kozhikode beach. Kallumma kaya isn't an unfamiliar dish to those who love seafood.

However, here at Calicut beach, the vendors have their own recipe to tempt you. The spices-filled Kallumma kaya goes into the boiling oil and comes out golden yellow. The transformation makes it crunchy and spicy. When you are a first-time visitor to the beach, it is a must-try street food in Calicut.

Per piece INR 20.

Stop not, for the beach is long and the night still young.



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