Top 5 Armenia Tourist Attractions

A long holiday in UAE implies a long phase of rest, trips to local attractions, or touring neighboring countries. With Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, and Oman not far from UAE, as ex-pats, we prefer one or two of these tourist countries. Most of the time, Georgia and Armenia top the list given the proximity, tourist attractions, and more importantly reasonable packages. Armenia Tourist attractions and the ones in the aforesaid countries can certainly be considered.

when Eid holidays are declared in the gulf sector, it also heralds the time to plan tours. Unlike other countries, in this region, we enjoy the privilege of longer holidays on such important days in the Islamic calendar. Jubilant occasions such as these provide a welcome break to the ex-pat community all over. Obviously, not just local places, but tourist attractions across the border are enticing. Armenia Tourist attractions, for example, cannot be missed when planning such a trip.

Among Armenia's Tourist attractions, the best among the lot is spread across Yerevan city, Khor Virap, and Garni village.

Photos and videos courtesy of Staju Varghese & Aleena Wilson.

Whether you are traveling from UAE or any other country, there are several tour companies that can facilitate your tour.

An outline of Armenia tourist attractions

  • Safe country for tourists
  • Enjoyable for family trips and solo riders
  • Historically rich and scenically beautiful locations
  • The local currency is the Armenian dram however, you can pay in dollars too
  • Armenia's capital is Yerevan. Most trips commence from here
  • English-speaking local tour guides are available at a reasonable rate
  • Places like Yerevan can be very cold; pack your winter clothes too
  • Mount Ararat in Armenia is where Noah's Ark is believed to have landed
  • Soothing Lake Sevan view
  • The country is dotted with several astonishing monasteries
  • Indulge in local delicacies
  • Best time to visit: April-May or Sept-Oct.
  • Temperature averages typically between 19°F to 92°F
  • Ideal for five days tour

When you have a limited number of days to tour, covering all the Armenia Tourist attractions spots may not be practical. The capital city Yerevan is the center of attraction and activities, visiting Armenia tourist attractions can be started here.


With the scope for multiple tourist activities, the capital of the country is the best city to begin your exploration. Being one of the most ancient cities in the world, the city is a witness to historical events. Of course, the reflections of the same can be spotted as you stroll around in the city. If you have a local guide, you will be escorted to the following places as part of your daily itinerary.

  • Victory Park
  • Mother Armenia Statue
  • Cascade Complex
  • Republic Square
  • Armenian Genocide Memorial
  • The vernissage flea market is worth visiting too – it is open at the weekend
  • Blue Mosque
  • Levon's Amazing Underground World

You can avail English speaking guide assistance even at as low as $25. How convenient, ain't it? The city will keep you busy from the morning through the night.

Noravank – Astvatsatsin Monastery

One of the top sought-after Armenia tourist attractions can be found here. Almost two hours drive from the capital to this splendid location famous for monasteries. Dotted with several such monasteries and Astvatsatsin Monastery is the center of attraction. The 13th-century monument radiates architectural brilliance and an ambiance to pose for perfect photos. The two-story structure with detailed carvings leaves an impression on you. And the surrounding area of hilly terrain with several caves provides an overall picturesque ambiance.

Khor Virap

The enchanting view of Mount Ararat and the surrounding tourist attractions in the southern regions of the country keep you occupied for another day. Khor Virap is a monastery located near Mount Ararat. The proximity makes the monastery even more sought-after as it functions as a perfect spot to marvel at the Holy Mountain. And the location is a prime spot for photography, even holding Armenian weddings these days.

Historical prominence is attached to the location since it is where Gregory the Illuminator cured King Trdat III of his disease paving the way for the advent of Christianity in the country.

More surprises spring up around here. A few ‘world's oldest' can be spotted here. Deep inside the Arena Cave, you can walk into gives a view of the oldest wine cellar in the world. More than 5000 years old ovens, pots, shoes, and the likes can also be seen here.

Walking in and through the Arena Cave to peek at the ancient past would be an amazing experience for you.

Garni village

Another exciting day can be spent visiting Garni village. Besides exploring historic monuments, brace to engage in exciting activities too here. The village is frequented by tourists to witness one of the most classic Armenia tourist attractions. The centuries-old Garni Temple beams with Helleno-Roman architectural wonders. Deemed to be built in the middle of the first century, the temple used to be the resting place of kings and queens.

Near to the village, you get to marvel at one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Geghard Monastery. Can you imagine a monastery carved out from a rock mountain in the fourth century? Adjacent mountains, the Azat River, and attractive cliffs only embellish the spot further.

Tsaghkadzor Ski Resort

You cannot end the day without your share of excitement, can you? Tsaghkadzor Ski Resort can provide you with a different feel to your tour.

The high-altitude cable car gives you a panoramic view of the tourist attractions of the country. Winter sports like skiing and snowboarding can also be enjoyed too if you visit in the right season.


indulging in some of the Armenian delicacies should be a priority while in this country. A delicious mixture of vegetables, meat, fish, and flatbreads make up their primary dishes. Be it the Khorovats or Kyufta or Manti and other mouthwatering items. When you have an opportunity to dine with a local family, accept it by all means.


Not just the memories and experiences, you can take back some solid items too. Souvenirs and jewelry from the local market, khachkar, real pomegranate art works, carpets, dried fruits, fruit leathers and fruit wine, and Armenian cognac.



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    I always say I’m going to enjoy shopping when I travel and then I just get a souvenir and that’s it. I hate to carry things when I travel, but one day I will try shopping in an area where I am traveling. Armenia seems like a good place to visit.


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