Traditional Attire of Asia – Korea (Part 9)

Korea is a prominent country in South-east Asia, divided into North and South Korea. But the traditional clothing remains the same for both the countries, though they are termed in different names.

The traditional attire of Korea is called Hanbok in South Korea and Choson-ot in North Korea. The dress signifies the culture and identity of the Korean people. It carries with it a huge amount of historical significance.

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The design and the colors of the clothing vary according to the social status, religious and festive occasions. They are available both as formal as well as semi-formal attire, worn by both men and women. Myriad variations of color and artistic designs adorn the Hanbok. The Koreans even celebrate “Hanbok Day” to respect their traditional identity, culture, and art.

The dress is a two-piece set. The women wear a long sleeve blouse in the form of a shirt called “Jeogori” with a skirt called “Chima”.  The men wear a waist-length jacket accompanied by a loose pant called “Paji”.

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The designs on the Hanbok represent the social significance of the Koreans. It is said that the king represented the printed dragon and the queen represented the printed phoenix. Military officials were represented by the tiger designs and civil officials were represented by the crane designs.

Women often wear colorful flowery shoes and the Korean traditional hairpin called Binyeo along with the Hanbok.

It is really wonderful to observe the respect the Koreans offer to their traditional attire. It brings out the integrity embedded within the hearts of the citizens to emphasize the richness and vividness of their culture and heritage.


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