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We are overwhelmed at the amazing response received from my dear readers on the Travel Couple Series we are hosting right now on our website. Their travel journeys are inspiring and motivating, a feed for others to venture out and discover the unknown.

In our third episode, we are glad to feature another wonderful and stunning Travel Couple, popular on Instagram as ID90 _wanderers. We are extremely happy to introduce them to our readers. Their journeys are full of life and energy. Their bonding with each other is beautiful and precious.

Sharing our interview with the cute and loving couple, enjoy reading about their journey together.

Hoisting a Sri Lankan flag for the first time in Uyuni,Salt flat Bolivia 

The Interview

Where did you travel for the first time as a couple?

We travelled to Singapore for the first time as a couple.

How many places have you travelled?

We have travelled to 40 countries together.

Share your travel experiences and some memorable moments which you cherish

I was a cabin crew for Emirates; though given the 2020 hit I lost my job. But I am not hateful as me and my husband being both staffs on Emirates is what made each other meet. My husband calls flight number EK348 as destiny's flight as on that flight we met for the 1st time. He asked me out for the 1st time, proposed to me for the 1st time and we flew to Sri Lanka to get married.

Many unforgettable memories from the 1st time my husband surprised me in Singapore; we have been making wonderful memories. Visiting the 7 wonders of the world would be the best thing we both did together as a couple. I feel like it's an achievement for both of us. The most wonderful day we spent was the sunset on Easter island Chile. Looking at the sun go down with the Moai statues and enjoying the sun come up on the next day; slept looking at the stars it was the best if I had to pick a memory.

Devil's Pool Victoria falls, we call this ” Mystical moments “

What are the essential things one needs to take care of during travelling especially for a couple?

Each other and understanding that you might need to compromise on things once in a while. 

How is travelling as a couple different from travelling with other members of the family or in groups? 

Travelling as a couple makes you understand each other better, mostly anything else other than the romantic aspect of it, as a couple you grow in experience personality and make an unbreakable bond between each other.

What are your future plans for travelling?

We want to go round the world trip which we had been postponed for a long time now. Other than that we both love to visit exotic destinations. If 2020 would have gone better we would have visited Galapagos Islands, Angel falls in Venezuela, and Iguazu falls in Argentina and visited the south pole. My husband has the most exotic ideas and I love to jump to any flight boat bus ship that he tells me to as I know it's going to be an amazing time.

Who or what inspired you to venture out on travels?

Well, almost every traveller inspires. Everyone has their own inspiration journey's. Since we both work for an airline having to access almost all major airlines at a low cost was an advantage for both of us. And as a couple, we wanted to see what's beyond the city that we live in, experience hardship and other cultures together and see what the world has to offer.

Hope you enjoyed reading about the spectacular journey of our featured Travel Couple. Do follow them on Instagram at ID90_Wanderers to read about their fascinating journeys together.


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