Visit Meghalaya – “The Scotland of the East”

Meghalaya, situated in the northeastern part of India, attracts tourists from various parts of the World and is commonly known as “The Scotland of the East” with its dramatic view of the white fluffy clouds encircling it all along.

You can select Shillong airport or can reach Guwahati airport and avail yourself of a car to experience the soothing greenery and an instant mind refresh with the pure air engulfing the human soul. The journey paves a path into a limitless beauty as one moves ahead into the mystic towns of Meghalaya.

Shillong, Cherrapunji, Mawsynram, and Mawlynnong are the four ecstatically marvelous towns of Meghalaya, the Scotland of the East. You can plan to explore them, grasping and embracing nature's beauty in its magnificence. The journey through each of these romantic towns is entertained with the majestic clouds playing hide and seek with the gigantic mountains. You can easily plan the tour for 3 to 4 days depending on the quench and thirst of the madness for the wonderful landscape. I bet it will be one of your memorable experiences to treasure for your whole life. You can travel solo, or with your family and friends. The place enchants visitors of all ages and generations, enticing all with its exotic natural beauty.

First Day

On the First day in Meghalaya, the Scotland of the East, you can plan for the Laitkor Peak, the Nohkalikhai Falls, and Umiam Lake. You can see the sky mingling with the widespread mountain stretch and creating a heavenly and magical atmosphere around. The beauty seems never-ending with the vastness enthralling every moment.

Second Day

On the Second day in Meghalaya, the Scotland of the East, you can spend the entire day in Cherrapunji, the city known for its magnificent waterfalls. The Mawkdok Dympep Valley View Point is one of the important tourist spots where one can view the breathtaking verdant gorges. Mother nature with her bag full of wonders seems to unfold herself one by one in various forms and ways as one approaches the viewpoint. The wonders increase in an exponential manner as one moves towards the Noh-Kalikhai, Dain-Thlen, and Kynrem waterfalls. The amazing aspect of these falls is you may find no trace of the falls for a few moments as if hidden behind the clouds. Then suddenly, like a magician waving his magic wand the clouds move apart. The falls with the gushing sound of the waters appear from nowhere. It's truly an ecstatic experience and one can feel the inner child within forcing to shout like a kid at the glimpse of the joyous moment.

Cherrapunji | India | Britannica

Third Day

On the Third day in Meghalaya, you can visit the wettest place on Earth, Mawsynram. You may experience decent rains and get drenched in the cool showers to enlighten the romance within you. Well, one must be wondering why this little village experience such long monsoons. The place is surrounded by the Khasi Hills that fall directly in the path of the Bay of Bengal airflow. Hence cooling the surface much more than a normal situation. This leads to condensation and substantial rainfall. The rainfall is the beauty of the place with nature soaked in the raindrops spreading love in the air.

Fourth Day

The Fourth and the Last day in Meghalaya should be reserved for a visit to a simple and artistic village called Mawlynnong. The moment you enter this beautiful town the air is filled with freshness within the wonderfully adorned village full of flowery gardens and simple neat huts. The village is an example to our humanity that how cleanliness can bring positive vibes to our daily lives. Not to miss is the Living Root Bridge, one of the rarest attractions in Meghalaya. The roots of evergreen trees are interestingly twined to form a bridge strong enough for you to cross over. A really amazing view one can experience to watch the sky embracing trees.

My visit to Meghalaya is one of the tours, still alive in my memory. It instills a tremendous amount of positivity within me. Hope you like my blog. Do share your experiences as well. This will help us to engage with each other and connect further. Will be happy to read your comments. Visit my page for reviews on further travel destinations.



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