Why Traveling Solo is Always the Best Choice?

About to take that trip that is big? Contemplating going? Concerned about the idea of traveling alone? After taking almost 25 solo trips in my life, first for a few weeks in Seychelles a couple of years back and now travel solo around the world for nearly a year. I'd prefer to throw my 2 cents on several benefits and pitfalls of traveling alone than traveling with someone where my plans don't go according to my own choice and situation. I always feel that sense of self-confidence. Which I lost while trying to adjust into a world full of competition. The way taking solo trips changed my life is sometimes quite unbelievable for me. Here in this article, I'm sharing a few advantages of traveling solo and why it is good for you especially if you are confused about what to choose. So, let's read on and explore some positive points here because I know you love traveling as much as I do.

Gaining your lost self- confidence

Well, I guess most of you already know why I relate solo traveling to self-confidence. Going to some totally unknown place or to a familiar location with different faces. One thing you'll have done is asking for help. No matter if it's just a small help in finding the right street or asking about some local restaurant. In our regular life, we find it sometimes difficult to ring that phone or knock that door to ask for help. While traveling solo it's all about how kindly you are asking and you'll witness some of the most beautiful experiences of your life. Managing everything on your own from that hotel/hostel booking to what to explore in that place. Doing things perfectly without taking any help from travel agencies is totally a booster for self- confidence.

Traveling Solo is related to Self-Confidence

You are the boss! (Do whateva you want, wheneva you want)

This one is definitely the most important reason, why most of the travelers love exploring different verticals of this world solo. Sure, I wouldn't mind having someone to go along with, but the fact is, traveling solo gives you more freedom to do what you want, whenever you wish and for how long you would like to do it. Traveling with someone comes with a few compromises and conditions. But traveling solo and experiencing that adventure in your own terms to get a better perspective of life is always awesome. You can make changes in your ongoing or future travel according to your comfort. There are never any disagreements on where you would like to travel or how long you would like to stay. You can stay in a hostel rather than that hotel room, which you have to book because your traveling partner is not comfortable with bunk beds. (Ha-ha! we all travelers must have encountered this situation once) In solo- traveling you're always free to decide your complete journey.

You are “The Boss”

A more active way to interact with others

As you are planning out that trip overseas, you might wish to bring along a relative or friend for the experience. Not everyone has friends and relatives who share the desire to travel or they may not be in a location where they're able to do travel. At that point, either changing your plan or traveling solo is your last option. You sometimes choose solo traveling and this decision is very true when individuals don't wish to give up. During your trips, you might feel you are traveling solo, but you will never be alone. The person is next to your seat in-flight or that person who is helping you understand your route. There is always someone with an unfamiliar face around you. If you need a more planned way of interacting with others and locals, then you can connect with others through Couchsurfing communities for the specific city you're in and attend any event or meetups that can be taking place. That way you talk, you share and something clicks, that bond you with other peoples on your unknown adventure.

Increases bonding with others

Staying in Hostels than Hotel

So, if you want to maintain your budget or you want to save that hotel money for some delicious fancy cuisine then yeah hostels is always the best choice. If I talk about myself, I always prefer hostels over the hotel. By traveling solo and staying in a hostel you will likely meet many more individuals than if you had been staying in a hotel. Staying with them, getting to know their plans and adding or erasing things or places in your list based on that shared knowledge is quite helpful. (I always add never erase) Clearly hostels can offer the simplest way wherein to meet others. Try hostel over the hotel to experience something different.

Stay in a Hostel to save money

My experience of stranger's kindness

During my first solo trip to Seychelles. Right after landing at Seychelles International Airport, I had an anxiety attack. That happened because I dropped my wallet (Passport was not there phew!) somewhere on my way to the airport exit. Seeing my almost about to cry face, one young man pointed his finger and said “Hey look there! They are calling you”. Finally, there was a couple who returned my wallet after finding it. I thanked them and after a few talks the next day we went to do some island hooping together.

The Beautiful Seychelles

Final Words

In solo traveling, you never know what magical thing you'll encounter. So let's pack our bags and capture those beautiful smiles, people's kindness and life-changing moments.

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Shruti Rai

A crazy lover of life, a vagabond, and a gypsy all rolled into one,
When I'm free I create content for wanderlust souls.

Shruti Rai

A crazy lover of life, a vagabond, and a gypsy all rolled into one, When I'm free I create content for wanderlust souls.

5 thoughts on “Why Traveling Solo is Always the Best Choice?

  • April 12, 2020 at 11:48 am

    Nice article…travel solo for the soul!! With family and friends we don’t get to focus so much on the self and also the minute details of the surrounding. Traveling solo is a way of self development.

  • April 13, 2020 at 8:55 pm

    That’s a noteworthy perspective.
    My travelling solo experience tells me, it’s a time saver. Going fast and far has thus been easier for me. 🙂

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  • May 17, 2020 at 2:40 pm

    I lovvve solo travel! I just went on my first one a few months ago!


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