10 Thrilling War Movies to Watch during Lockdown

Given the state of affairs, we are all in due to COVID 19, watching favourite movies is a good way to pass time. If you are interested in war movies, here is a list of thrilling war movies to watch during lockdown.

The Wolf's Call

The wolf's call (2019, 1h 56m) French – Majority of the movie gives an account of the activities inside a French submarine, Titan – Le Titane and in sonar office. Sent on a special mission by the Mediterranean coast of Syria, the crew encounters a strange sonar contact. However, on later analysis, the presence of dismantled Russian Timour III ballistic missile submarine becomes evident. The extraordinary sense of hearing of sonar officer Chanteraide changes the course of an underwater nuclear war between Russia and the French Republic. It is certainly one of those thrilling war movies to watch during lockdown.

13 Hours

13 hours (2016, 2h 24m) English – Based on a book published in 2014, the movie gives a capsuled account of militants' attack on a U.S. diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, Libya. In war-torn Libya, the U.S. diplomatic outpost is visited by the Ambassador. Before his arrival, however, the GRS security team which is deployed along with the local security team to guard the compound, declares the area is insecure.

Now they must stand on a nightlong vigil through the violent assault by terrorists to stay alive and protect each other.

The Great Battle

The great battle (2018, 2h 16m) Korean – Commander Yang of Ansi is regarded as a traitor, and Sa-Mool is sent by their ruler to assassinate him. When Ansi is attacked by Emperor Taizong with a formidable army against a completely outnumbered Army of Yang, the commander must deploy the best war tactics. At the face of death, everyone at Ansi stands by their favourite leader to fight against the enemy. During his stay at Ansi, Sa-Mool realizes how kind and genuine a commander Yang is and he goes back to his king to get help to save Ansi. It is an ancient form of battle, it really one of the thrilling war movies to watch during lockdown.

Into The White

Into the white (2012, 1h 45m) German, English, Norwegian – In the WW II milieu, three German crew survive a bomber plane crash in the frozen plain of Norway. A snowstorm forces them to take shelter in a discarded cabin which gives them temporary relief after they lost whatever supplies they had. When two soldiers from British air wing who were also shot down, join in the same cabin, the survival becomes tense and amusing. Later, a Norwegian patrol team comes their way to mark another twist in the story. If not watched, it is certainly one of those thrilling war movies to watch during lockdown.

15 Minutes of War

15 Minutes of War (2019, 1h 39m) English, French – Though not a conventional war zone movie, it is a true story on a hostage story of a school bus with kids in it. The plot set is in 1970s Djibouti and the story is given terse military operation stimuli without interfering the prevailing war or politics antics. The kids are soon joined by their class teacher once the bus driver desserts the scene after the bus is blocked at the Somali border. The slow paced story picks up momentum in the last quarter when the rescue mission turns hot.

A War

A War (2015, 1h 55m) Danish – The first half of the movie depicts how a company of Danish soldiers deployed in an Afghanistan village tries to protect the villagers and maintain peace while fighting Taliban. To lift the morale of his company after one of them dies in an IED explosion, Claus, their commander joins them on patrol. While on a patrol, Claus had to take a decision which changes his life. Back at his home, his wife does her best to look after their three kids who miss their dad. The second half of the movie revolves around the aftermath of the decision he made back in Afghanistan.

Megan Leavey

Megan Leavey (2017, 1h 56m) English – A teenage girl decides to join U.S. Marine Corps and becomes a dog handler. Maybe she didn't know what she was doing there until she meets up with the most aggressive dog Rex, in the camp. A profoundly moving story based on true events about this teenager girl, Megan and her war dog, Rex. Both are deployed in Iraq war zones and get wounded in an explosion. It is one of the touching and thrilling war movies to watch during lockdown.


Raazi (2018, 2h 20m) Hindi – Although not a war-compact movie, the plot acts as a prelude to the Indo-Pak war in 1971. The story, based on a novel published in 2008, gives an account of an Indian agent, Sehmat who is married into a family of military dignitaries in Pakistan. Sehmat is able to pass on vital information to her counterparts in India. Every time she feels her true identity is in trouble, she finds a way to get over with it. But how long can she withstand the pressure?


1917 (2019, 1h 59m) English – Two young soldiers must reach Colonel Mackenzie of the Second Battalion of the Devonshire Regiment, with a message to call off a scheduled attack. Lance and Blake have little time to lose en route the hazardous path. Blake is eventually killed leaving Lance to complete the task. The plot is set in the 1917 battle filed in northern France.

Hacksaw Ridge

Hacksaw Ridge (2016 2h 19min) English – The movie gives an account of Desmond Doss, an American combat medic who was assigned to the 77th Infantry Division during the Battle of Okinawa. Despite Doss's beliefs and (non)action, he becomes an essential part of the Hacksaw Ridge attack.

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