11 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Lecco, Italy

Ciao! Buon Natale. That is belated of course. But the celebrations and festive mood continue to twinkle in Italy, like in most countries.

Cities and towns, villages, and streets all over the world are decked to match the festive mood. For most of us, Christmas and New Year season is the best time of the year. Being able to spend quality time with our loved ones, traveling to favorite places, good food and gifts and the list can go on. The goodness attached to this holiday season sends out amazing vibes. Like most cities and towns, places to visit in Lecco are adorned with magical attractions. After missing it all last year due to a pandemic, the festive mood is back at places to visit in Lecco.

A note of gratitude to Aurelia Rampin insta@aury_ga for sharing the information and photos and videos.

Luci su Lecco

It is supposed to be customary to illuminate the places to visit in Lecco from 2019. From 27 November to 9 January, via Cavour, piazza Armando Diaz, Piazza XX Settembre, Piazza Cermenati, via Roma, and Piazza Manzoni is illuminated. However, pandemic played the spoilsport last year. This year has been different and the squares are beautifully lit once again. If you are touring in Italy, you wouldn't want to miss out on the places to visit in Lecco during this season.

Not just the locals, tourists from outside Italy visit to marvel at “The Betrothed”, “Divine Comedy” and “Nutcracker”. The illumination is based on these three famous themes. Different Piazzas in the city are adorned with lights based on these themes.

Piazza XX Settembre and Piazza Cermenati

The XX century square, Piazza xx Settembre nowadays is the center where cultural events and shows often take place. Just before Christmas, the square is arranged in such a way to attract the flow of tourists.

Mario Cermenati is so much loved by the citizens of Lecco for his passion for mountains and lakes in Lecco. To honor him they have installed a sculpture of him in the Piazza Cermenati: Monumento a Mario Cermenati.

Piazza Cermenati along with Piazza XX Settembre becomes the stage where Nutcracker is projected. The Christmas fairy tale published in 1816 is still popular, especially during this season.

The part in which Clara receives the Nutcracker as a gift is on display. And her room is filled with mice and the battle between the Nutcracker soldiers and the army of the Rat-King illumine the street.

Via Cavour and The Palaces of Piazza

On the street floor of Via Cavour and on the buildings of Piazza Diaz, the Divine Comedy is projected. In keeping with the 700th death anniversary celebrations of Dante, a visual representation of the words in Divine Comedy showed. Dante Alighieri was an Italian poet born in 1265 and best known for his work La Divina Commedia. The local community is celebrating his contribution in the best manner during the festive season.

Via Roma and The Palaces of Piazza Manzoni

Alessandro Manzoni (1785-1873) spent the first 20 years of his life in Lecco. The Betrothed, his greatest masterpiece, has its setting in his hometown of Lecco. The Betrothed is the most widely read Italian historical novel of all time.

Hence the authorities have arranged to display episodes from The Betrothed on the floor of via Roma and on the palaces of Piazza. As can be seen, the visitors and locals marvel at the glittering arrangements.


Situated by the Lake Como, in Lecco Pescarenico is a quaint, quiet village. Most of the inhabitants are local villagers. What makes this humble village attractive is its role in the Betrothed. The village bears witness to one of the most touching scenes of the book. And the church of Pescarenico reveals the secret about one of the main characters, Fra Cristoforo in the novel.

Funivia Piani d'Erna

The Erna Piani is a mountain resort in Lecco. Cable ride is the most sought-after activity here and the view from the top is splendid. It is one of the much-loved places to visit in Lecco by the tourists. The destination is amazing and a fav spot during the year-end. With activities like hiking and skiing besides tubing, mountain biking, nature walks, there is a buzz always.

Lecco Bell Tower – Matitone

The bell tower has gained enough popularity to attract tourists always. More so during the festive Christmas-New Year season. The “big pencil” of Lecco as it is known, is the second-highest bell tower in Italy. The surrounding streets of the bell tower of the Basilica of San Nicolò are richly illuminated now. Like other places to visit in Lecco, different initiatives are being undertaken to make the city more attractive going beyond a specific event.

Behind Piazza Cermenati you see the Basilica of San Nicolò and the mountain San Martino.

Lungolago Aldo Moro

Probably one of the best places to visit in Lecco and wind up the tour. The scenically beautiful location is soothing and attractive at the same time. By the side of the lake, with the serene ambiance, picturesque mountains on one side, and villages, it is a pure pleasure to spend a few hours. People visit the spot to spend some quiet hours or to take a stroll or for a family picnic. The best part is you can leave the location fully contented. It is also a paradise for a photographer.

Despite the Omicron scare, the cities and towns in Italy continue to illumine and attract tourists. Do follow the necessary precautions and the instructions of the local government and health department.

Let us all look forward to a much brighter and better 2022.

Happy New Year.



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    I am determined to try and save money to travel. I live in the UK but have never been to Italy – there is so much that I would love to see

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    I’d love to ride in one of those cable cars; I haven’t done that anywhere since I was a young child on holiday with my family! Lecco looks lovely. I should’ve visited Italy for the first time in 2020 but sadly, of course it was not meant to be.

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    We’ve been to Italy a couple of times but not to Lecco. We had to cancel I trip there that we had scheduled for June 2020.

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    The Pizzaia XXX looks brilliant around Christmas time! What a fun place to visit and explore – I would love to go to Italy, and clearly need to go around the holidays.

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    I love to see the Nutcracker. To see it in Italy though… would be the absolute best.

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    This is such a great list of places to visit. Will definitely add them to my list!

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    I have always wanted to go to Italy. I will definitely have to visit and check out these recommendations. Thanks for this!

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