5 Best Monsoon Resorts in India

Today's article is for those who have learnt to dance in the rain. A lot of people avoid traveling during monsoon or select arid destinations to escape rain. However, there are numerous people who love to get drenched. They enjoy the rain and love to travel to such places where they can fully enjoy the monsoon. Here is a list of 5 monsoon resorts in India that you must visit if you really want to take advantage of the romantic season.

Rainforest Boutique Resort, Athirapally in Kerala

Step out of your room into the magic of nature- lush green rich wildlife, gorgeous Athirapally, and the bubbly Chalakudy River. The chirping of birds, the pitter-patter of rain, the gurgling water, and the gushing sound of the majestic waterfall together make nature's best symphony. Get wet and absorb the vibe of the place. Swim in the infinity pool while rain pours from above and watch the waterfall shoot down in front. From the resort, you can drive down to the Sholayar Dam which is at its best in the monsoon, and Vazhachal Waterfall and Charpa Waterfall. The entire zone is within Vazhachal Rain Forest Division and at the edge of the Sholayar ranges. Hence it is a nature trove. Even if you want to be indoors, you can just sit in your cozy room and enjoy watching the beauty and bounty of nature from your room itself. You can also indulge in a variety of luxurious spa treatments here at the resort; as it is Kerala is so famous for its Ayurvedic treatments. Rainforest Boutique Resort at Athirapally (Thrissur) in Kerala, God's Own Country, is one of the best premium monsoon resorts in India.

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Polo Orchid Resort, Cherrapunji in Meghalaya

The state of Meghalaya, the Abode of Clouds, is known for heavy rainfall. Cherrapunji, also called Sohra, is enchanting during the monsoon. Your rainy trip will be even more memorable if you stay at one of India's best monsoon resorts, Polo Orchid Resort in Cherrapunji, situated beside Seven Sister Falls. The resort is luxurious in terms of comfort, food, spa, swimming pool, and other amenities with a view of the majestic waterfall, rolling hills, and seductive clouds. Cherapunji is popular for waterfalls, stalactite stalagmite caves, and rolling hills. The green is greener and the waterfalls are fuller in the monsoon. Visiting the caves is thrilling. However, just staying at the property and enjoying the monsoon is therapeutic.

Images: https://www.hotelpolotowers.com/polo-orchid-resort-in-cherrapunji/ and self-clicked.

Ayatana Resort, Coorg in Tamil Nadu

Since we have been talking about waterfalls in the rainy season, Ayatana Resorts in Coorg must be mentioned. Can you believe that there is a roaring waterfall inside the sprawling property? Ayanta offers individual elegant cottages with balconies located on the jungled hills. It is considered one of the best monsoon resorts in India, not only because of the gorgeous waterfall where you can take a bath but also because of everything about the resort. The resort has lots of open areas, open eating spaces, cafes, and wilderness around to romanticize over the rain. Activities like guided nature walks, ziplines, and bonfires add to the charm. However, Mallalli Waterfall is the chief attraction of this resort. The greenest greens come alive during monsoon and this premium resort with a private waterfall, a brook, an infinity pool, a spa, an amazing restaurant, and a games room, make it a very attractive monsoon destination. Western Ghats is the most scenic during monsoon and Coorg is known for its panoramic landscapes, misty mornings, lush forests, and coffee.

Images: https://www.welcomheritagehotels.in/hotel-details/ayatana

The Naini Retreat, Nainital in Uttarakhand

Raindrops on a vast lake surrounded by the Himalayan Mountains look dreamy. Monsoon in the Himalayas is beyond magical. The Naini Retreat in Nainital is one of the best monsoon resorts in India as it is a modern luxury wrapped in an old-world envelope. From the resort itself, you get the best view of Naini Lake. The restaurant and the courtyard are amazing. This hotel was a palace before. From the luxurious rooms, you can sit and watch the clouds float by and enjoy the rain. Well, leave the hotel for a walk around the lake with an umbrella and it feels so refreshing. The heart of the town is the Lake. The best thing about Nainital is around Naini Lake. Nainital is a great destination for a slow and relaxing monsoon vacation and the Naini Retreat by Leisure Hotels is the best option.

For booking assistance: https://www.leisurehotels.co.in/the-naini-retreat-nainital/

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Mayfair Hill Resort, Darjeeling in

Rain and tea make such a lovely pair. So during this monsoon, why don't you plan to sip one of India's finest brews while enjoying the rain at the place where these treasures are grown? Yes, I am talking of Darjeeling, the Queen of Hills. Misty mountains, making almost the person just next to you, almost invisible, is the magic of Darjeeling monsoon. It is chilly and damp. In this weather, you enjoy all sorts of gourmet food, great tea, and other good beverages. You may even enjoy reading by the fireplace.  If you want to have all these in one place, Mayfair Hill Resort in Darjeeling is the place. Mayfair is placed on the Mall Road, the most beautiful road in Darjeeling. The hotel was a summer palace of a Maharaja and maintains the old world charm with the best of modern amenities. It is one of the best monsoon resorts possible as you have everything you need on a trip, inside the resort. Well, they even provide huge umbrellas for you to walk around in the rain. Trust me, walking in the rain is rejuvenating and healing.

For booking assistance: https://www.mayfairhotels.com/darjeeling.php

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Love for Monsoon: Do you have a count of how many and songs have been written, composed, and sung, themed around rain and monsoon? In fact, in India, we have ragas associated with the monsoon. Monsoon is a season to romanticize. Awaken the poet and artist in you and enjoy the rain. To have a remarkable monsoon experience, take any of the above-suggested trips and these monsoon resorts will only add to the experience. Your love for rain will gain a new height.



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