An Interesting List of July Movies

To watch a good movie, one does not need to have a special reason or plans. Choose a day and watch a movie. Here is a list of interesting movies to include in the list of July movies.

Movie: How to Blow Up a Pipeline

Year: 2022

Duration: 1h 41m

Language: English

Director: Daniel Goldhabert

Cast: Ariela Barer, Kristine Froseth, Lukas Gage, Forrest Goodluck, and others

IMDb rating: 7.1

A group of individuals with the same motive have gathered at a secluded spot in West Texas. Each of them has a reason to sabotage public property. Beginning with Xochtil and Shawn and ending with Alisha, the background story of each of them is narrated as the plot progresses. How to Blow up a Pipeline is about the WHY behind blowing up a pipeline. These random individuals from different backgrounds plot and execute a daring plan. Each of the characters has a strong motive to be a part of the risky conspiracy. Is the violence or vandalism justified? Although a bit old now, if you are yet to watch it, include it in your July movies list and watch it to find out.

Movie: Joyland

Year: 2022

Duration: 2h 04m

Language: Urdu and Punjabi

Director: Saim Sadiq

Cast: Alina Khan, Ali Junejo, Resti Farooq, Sarwat Gilani

IMDb rating: 7.7

Haider and his wife Mumtaz live at his Abba's place along with his elder brother and his family. Since Haider is jobless for a long while, he joins Mumtaz his sister-in-law to manage the household work and look after their paralyzed Abba. The family juggernaut goes on until Haider manages to find a job in a dance bar. He tells the family that he is the manager there although he is just a background dancer to Biba madam. Haider's attachment to Biba changes the whole scenario of their family. There is a need for everyone to go to the Joyland to release the mounting pressure. It is interesting to note that it is a Pakistani movie.

Movie: Unlocked

Year: 2023

Duration: 1h 57m

Language: Korean

Director: Tae-Joon Kim

Cast: Si-wan Yim, Woo-hee Chun, Park Ho-San

IMDb rating: 6.4

Mimi's world is very small and there are only very few people in it. Besides her dad, she is close to her boss and her friend, Eun Joo. However, her attachment to phones and social media is something. After a night party, she happens to drop her phone on a bus and is picked up by a man. The man happened to be a techy psycho genius who has meticulous plans to trap women using their phones. Mimi walks straight into his trap despite being warned by her father! The trap however is more dangerous than she initially thought. This could happen to you too hence do consider watching it as part of your July movies! The main plot of the story which has Mimi's world perfectly intertwines with the subplot of the movie where another story is narrated.

Movie: 2018 Everyone Is a Hero

Year: 2023

Duration: 1h 57m

Language: Malayalam

Director: Jude Anthany Joseph

Cast: Tovino, Tanvi, Asif Ali, Vineeth, Kunchacko, Lal, and others

IMDb rating:8.5

The movie is roughly based on the flood situation in Kerala in 2018. The plot develops through a few characters based in small pockets in Kerala like Aruvikulam, Aluva, Alappuzha, and Thanki. The story concentrates on different groups of people from these places and how their lives changed after the floods. Relentless rains and rising water levels sank the state into a situation that it had never experienced in a hundred years prior. During the catastrophe, the first group of heroes stood up in the form of fishermen who came forward with their fishing boats on a rescue mission. As monsoon is once again strengthening in Kerala, it is a good time to watch it as a July movie.

Movie: 10 Days of A Good Man

Year: 2023

Duration: 1h m

Language: Turkish

Director: Uluç Bayraktar

Cast: Nejat Isler, Nur Fettahoglu, Senay Gürler

IMDb rating: 6.5

Sadik is an advocate who also multitasks as a detective. He is apparently harmless, strange, and funny. Tevfik, a young man, has been missing for a month and his mother, Yeter requests Sadik to look for him. He could not say no to her and he is on the case. He already has a list of people like, Ahmet, Ali, and Sir to start his pursuit. Like a 10-day chapter, the plot progresses even as Sadik is inching closer to finding his target. Parallelly glimpses of his romantic life recap from the past. His partner used to be an attorney but they had to part ways. His life was on a downward fall after his ex left him. However, now there is this pretty maid who has a crush on him. As each day goes by, as a good man, he has good deeds to do and a mission to accomplish.

Movie: A pinch of Portugal

Year: 2023

Duration: 1h m

Language: English & Portuguese

Director: Clare Niederpruem

Cast: Heather Hemmens, Luke Mitchell, Amy Louise Pemberton

IMDb rating: 6.1

Dining Dean in Sayulita is a TV show where Chef Dean calls the shots. Prep cook Anna is assisting him on the show. Hope, Russ, and Brooklyn are part of the TV crew. Another season is to be shot in Portugal and Dean seems to be just throwing his weight around by not showing up. Lucas, meanwhile, is the farmer's market guy in Portugal who is to help the crew. Since Dean is not available Anna is asked to host the show temporarily. Despite fumbling and initial tension, she does a good job being the host. Lucas's presence seems to ignite love in Portugal while there is Russ who has a soft corner for Anna. By the time Anna gains confidence as a host, Dean shows up unannounced and overthrows all the schedule and plans. He even fires Anna. What will she do now?



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