6 Prominent Historical Places in India – Part 2

I hope you all have enjoyed part 1 of the prominent historical places in India. In Part 2, I present to you some more exotic and famous places adorning the rich history of ancient India. They are phenomenal in their architectural marvel and grandeur; and portray the artistic minds of the rulers and royal families of various clans and dynasties. Some were built to protect the cities and towns from the attacks of the enemies; and some stand as a prestigious testimony to the interests and passion of the kings and queens. Religious sentiments do have governed the creations of the amazing buildings, monuments, and temples, true devotion to the gods and goddesses. Let us now explore some of the enthralling masterpieces of ancient India; to brighten up your minds and ingredients for your travel wanderlust bucket list.

Gwalior Fort, Gwalior

Built in the 3rd century king Suraj Sen, Gwalior Fort is one of the prominent historical places in India. It is an impeccable fortress, situated at atop a majestic mountain in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The fort is the iconic landmark of the city, standing high in valor defining the identity of the city’s historical significance.

Constructed with sandstone, the entire area comprises of three temples, six magnificent palaces and water tanks that served as the reservoirs. The design and pattern are a fascinating combination of the Dravidian style of architecture with some motifs from North India. You must not miss the spectacular light and sound show conducted in the evenings portraying the love story of Raja Man Singh and his queen Mrignayani.

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Hampi, Karnataka

Hampi in Karnataka, is a perfect abode for history lovers. The city has much to its heritage, encompassed by old monuments, temples, beautiful structural remains, street markets and several other artefacts belonging to the empire of Vijayanagara. It is recorded in UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. Located at the banks of the river Tungabhadra, the ruins around the city speak about the gorgeous beauty that had existed in the yesteryears.

The key attraction of Hampi is the Virupaksha temple. Strolling across the city imbibes an amazing feeling visualizing the enthralling structures and buildings that once had been its pride. No doubt it is one of the prominent historical places in India, enticing tourists both from India and abroad. Trading happened in full swing in the city during the rule of the Vijayanagara dynasty. The bustling markets and concert halls stand as proof of it.

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Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur

Built in 1459 by Rathore ruler Rao Jodha, Mehrangarh Fort is one of the grandest and prominent historical places in India. Situated in Jodhpur in the state of Rajasthan, the massive structure is present atop a hill. The fort is very popular among the tourists especially because of its sprawling campus embellished with museums, galleries, paintings, palaces and its seven gates. Each of the gates had been constructed for different reasons, the significant among them being the Victory Gate. The gate was build to commemorate the victory of Maharaja Man Singh over the armies of Bikaner and Jaipur.

The key attraction of the fort is its seven palaces or mahals. The Sheesh Mahal is the palace of mirrors, the Phool Mahal is the palace of flowers and the Moti Mahal is the palace of pearls. Their intrinsic architectural beauty allure the tourists every year. Several paintings and artefacts adorn the museums inside the fort. Besides there are temples, gardens and parks within the fort campus.

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Gol Gumbaz, Bijapur

Gol Gumbaz is one of the significant and prominent historical places in India. It is essentially a structure constructed in memory of Mohammed Adil Shah, whose burial room in beneath it. He was the beloved and respected Sultan of Bijapur. The charming monument was designed and architected by Yaqut in the year 1656.

The key attraction is the whispering galleries, that create a stunning acoustic effect inside the building. Spanning a diameter of almost 144 feet, the dome atop Gol Gumbaz is said to be one of the largest in the world. Several inscriptions on the arches mention about Adil Shah and his life. It is believed that once a meteorite had hit the earth during the Sultan’s rule. The place where it had fallen is called as Bijlipathar.

Image by Bishnu Sarangi from Pixabay

Shore Temple, Mahabalipuram

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Shore temple of Mahabalipuram is one of the oldest and prominent historical places in India. Located on the shores of the gigantic Bay of Bengal, it is an exemplary structure created by the rulers of the Pallava dynasty. Built of stone, the temple consists of untarnished sculptures and carvings.

Following the Dravidian style of architecture, the temples are three in number all standing up on a single raised platform. Lord Shiva is the principal deity worshipped. Every year thousands of devotees and pilgrims visit the temple to offer their prayers and seek blessings from the Lord.  

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Fatehpur Sikri, Agra

The wondrous town of Fatehpur Sikri in Agra is one of the favourite tourist destinations in India. The city had served as the capital of the then legendary Mughal Emperor Akbar. He founded the city in 1571, housing the palace of his queen Jodha Bai, Tomb of Salim Chisti, Buland Darwaza and Jama Mosque.  

Beautiful pavilions and artistic monuments adorn the city complex, depicting the brilliance and intellect of Akbar. The two other attractions of the city are Diwan-i-Am and Diwan-i-khas, the two halls for public meetings and gathering. Both are the masterpieces of architecture with incredible architectural motifs. The idea of Akbar was to build a common space for people of all religions and casts to assemble and voice their opinions.

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A blogger interested in travelling and exploring new places and sharing ideas with all. Curious about the unique features of a place and its ethereal beauty.


A blogger interested in travelling and exploring new places and sharing ideas with all. Curious about the unique features of a place and its ethereal beauty.

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