7 Delightful Things to do in Almelo, Netherlands

We know how superb The Hague or Amsterdam are. But we know little about another city called Almelo in the Netherlands. I have been lucky to learn a little about this marvellous city from my friends and pen down the 7 delightful things to do in Almelo.

We can fall in love with some places. One visit and we feel such places are part of us. Almelo seems to be such a city. More than the things to do in Almelo, the very city enchants you to the core. The 11th-century town prospered and populated owing to its geography. And the textile industry did help it to flourish in the yesteryears.

The heritage city flaunts its glorious past for everyone to see. Echoing the rich culture and traditions, remnants of the past envelop your stay. Pastoral trekking trails, tranquil pastures and vibrant foliage cast a magical spell around you. Besides, the city includes visiting museums, parks, art galleries, sidewalk cafés and more.

Thank you, Peter Weideman, for helping me take an imaginary walk through your city. And thank you for taking the time to collect the photos for me. A teacher by profession, he recommends the visitors to take a bicycle tour around his captivating city. Even by walking around the city a lot can be felt, experienced and enjoyed.

Huize Almelo

The central piece of attraction in the city and a must-visit spot is Huize Almelo, the house of the royal family. Among the places to visit in the place, visiting this castle has a prime position. Every person in Almelo has a special place for Huize Almelo in their hearts. And the Earl is always an important person for them. The Earl is responsible for the surroundings of Almelo and preserves the antique status of the city. His estate and houses are well integrated into Almelo. The Count of Almelo, Adolph van Rechteren Limpurg passed away in 2019. However, the rest of his family members continue to reside in the castle. Hence you can only admire the view of Huize Almelo from outside.

Het Wevershuisje

Surrounded by a fabulous garden in the middle of the city there is “Het Wevershuisje”. It's a little city farm with a lovely exposition on making linen. The weaving trade that was the livewire of the city once upon a time, can be witnessed on a minuscule level.

  • Entry fee: No fee.
  • Time needed to see around?According to Peter there is a possibility (if you contact them) to get an arranged tour around the city. That would take you a longer period of time to cover.  

Avonturenpark Hellendoorn

A small fun-theme park in the surroundings of the city. Situated in a nice and quiet area, the park is visited often by kids. The attractions are not that big, but the vibe is perfect in there. While visiting Almelo, you cannot afford to miss this spot. Every child who grew up in the city would have visited the park several times.  

  • Entry feeOnline ticket from €17.50 and at the entrance up to a maximum of €26.50.
  • Time needed to see aroundIf you like theme parks you can be there for a full day.
Ruim 30 attracties die jij moet ontdekken! | Avonturenpark Hellendoorn

De Sallandse Heuvelrug

From the park, you can move on to Sallandse Heuvelrug which is a national park. This place is famous for the Dutch bird Korhoen. It's the only place in the Netherlands where you can see this bird. There are other species of birds and animals you can watch. And Peter assures that “Sunsets on the Sallandse Heuvelrug are sunsets like nowhere else”! Certainly one of the best places to visit in the city from the beginning of September. It is the heather blooming season and visiting the lovely sight is one of the incredible things to do in this wondrous place.

  • Entry feeNo fee
  • Time needed to see aroundYou can do a good 3 hours hike if you are into it. There are walking routes up to 18km.


A historical museum that displays all the highlights of the place. To see how old Almelo is as against the modern city, this is the apt spot to visit. A beautiful collection of antique pictures is on display there.

  • Entry fee
    1. Children between 0 and 12 are free
    2. 13 till 18 = €3.50
    3. 19+ = €6
    4. Groups of 10 persons = €4.50 per person.
    5. Groups of 10 persons outside business hours = €5.00 per person.
  • Time to see aroundIt's a pretty small place. But they have lots of small objects. So if you are interested enough, you can stay in for around one hour.

De Galerij

A shopping street that connects the city centre together. Whether you are from within the city or from outside, walking through this street is one of the things you will appreciate.  In the words of Peter, “I bet every person that is raised in the place (at least, that I know) played the “game” about not hitting the coloured tiles in the street”. The glass roof over your head adds more charm and weatherproof protection while you stroll around.

Dock 19

A nice restaurant in the city centre of Almelo. Dock 19 has good Dutch food and a comfortable interior. It also has attentive staff who will help you choose, by explaining dishes to you. Overall very friendly, with good food at a reasonable price.

Dock 19 heeft sinds kort een terrasboot - Picture of Dock 19, Almelo -  Tripadvisor

The Climate

Pleasant and a bit on the colder side. The average temperature in Almelo is 10°C. May-June records warm temperature while December-Feb turns the coldest. Rains occur intermittently.

How to reach the place

Münster Osnabrück International Airport, Germany is the nearest airport. Düsseldorf Airport and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol are also other options. There are trains connecting it to all the major cities of the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. It is connected to all major cities in the Netherlands by road. And in less than an hour, you can cross to Germany or in less than three hours you can cross over to Belgium.



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