Amsterdam Canals – An Epitome of Beauty

Amsterdam, the historic and iconic capital city of Netherlands, is twined with gorgeous and enchanting canals proclaiming the age-old ancient grandeur and charm for decades. Amsterdam Canals proudly list among one of UNESCO's prestigious World Heritage Sites.

As we travel freaks sit and await to again unwrap the exotic travel destinations in the world, I offer you a small gift – A Romantic and Exquisite Tour of Amsterdam Canals. So my friends and lovely readers, sit and relax, as I unleash before you the majestic circuit of the pristine canal waters.

Encompassing the city in a semi-circle, the bird's eye view of the Amsterdam canals present a spectacular pattern of water streams. Named as Keizersgracht, Prinsengracht and Herengracht, the 17th-century old canals represent the majestic aura of history and beauty. Let us now explore into each of the gigantic canals and engulf into their enigmatic richness.

The Keizersracht

It is one of the widest of all the Amsterdam Canals, measuring approximately 31 meters in width. The canal earned its name from the Maximillian, the Emperor of Austria. The construction of the canal started in 1612 for the purpose of ferrying the residents staying at the adjacent houses in boats. The locals prefer to be called it as the Emperor's Canal.

The Prinsergracht

Also known as Prince's Canal, it is present at the outermost circuit of Amsterdam Canals. The construction of the canal enhanced the width and length of the city, ranking it as the third biggest city in the world. Its creation started in the same year as Keizersracht in 1612 and is one of the prettiest among all.

The Herengracht

The main purpose of constructing the canal was to support the transport of merchandise across the waters. It is said that the rich merchants and traders of Amsterdam resided in luxurious houses around the canal. Till today dwelling adjacent to the canal, also known as the Gentleman's Canal, is respected with great honour and prestige.

The Key Attractions of Amsterdam Canals

If you wish to experience the spectacular beauty of Amsterdam Canals, then you must hop on to one of the cruises and explore the mystic scenic views around. Paddleboats are also operated for you to row and discover the astonishing beauty of the canals and the adjoining attractions.

The canal houses lined along the waterways present a painted picture of a magical world, a world full of splendour and exclusive wonder. The picturesque bridges are a treat to the eyes, offering a spectacular experience – a unique combination of architectural marvel and nature's exclusive charm. The glittering lights at night illuminate the bridges, their reflection on the sparkling canal waters create a romantic feeling.

For the historical minds, a visit to the canal museums is a must. They are sure to educate your curious minds on the history and story revolving around the canal ring and its steady evolution through centuries. The prominent among the museums are the Woonbootmuseum and the Grachtenhuis.

Few Interesting Facts about the Canals

Spread across an area of about 100 km, the Amsterdam Canals count to almost 165 creating a captivating circular path with its flowing water streams. The canals are connected by almost 1281 bridges, of which the most famous is the Skinny Bridge or the Magere Brug. About 2500 houseboats are present floating on the canal waters, preferred mostly by the tourists for spending their vacation amid the scenic beauty. The canal ring or circuit is known in the colloquial language as the Grachtengordel, an intersection of multiple waterways.

Several interesting events and festivals are held on the Amsterdam canals, welcoming thousands of party freaks including the locals and the visitors from different parts of the country as well as international travellers. King's Day and the Grachtenfestival are two very prominent events celebrated with great fun and unlimited entertainment. The canals are crowded with people dancing and singing, accompanied by lively music and melodious beats. You can plan your visit during April or August to be a part of these two grand festivities.

I hope you enjoyed the short tour and the photographs of the canals and their adjoining beautiful natural and artificial wonders. When you visit them in reality, you will be mesmerized by their grandness and the picturesque landscape around. The unique style of architecture in the adjoining buildings, houses and museums further enhance the royal significance of the place.

So friends and my readers, let's wait for the world to heal soon and venture out into the wonderful world of ours. Be sure to include Amsterdam in your Europe bucket list and witness the vastness and majestic charm of the canals.

Take care, stay safe and healthy.



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