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My Blogging Journey is a story in itself. I had a notion that I need to move forward alone, remain self-motivated and inspired as I proceed onwards penning down my travel experiences. But after a few months, I realized I was wrong. And that feeling made me happy, an immense pleasure of being part of a family. Yes, a family of wonderful and talented bloggers and writers. This year and specifically this month as I am about to complete my 1 year of blogging, I intend to share with my audience and readers a few important friends and well-wishers with whom I am collaborating for a mutual partnership.

Being a Travel blogger myself, I feel a deep connection with fellow travel bloggers. It is a phenomenal experience to explore the world, extract the intrinsic beauty of different travel destinations and immerse into their divine charm. Today, I am happy to introduce Shruti Rai, a superb Travel Blogger and Enthusiast and the owner of Mappingmyroutee. It was a great pleasure when I collaborated with her for the first time. A versatile writer with immense travel experience and adventure feats, she is a true inspiration for many aspiring travel bloggers.

Well, without delaying further, let me share my conversation with her. In this short interview, she shares her love for travel and the way she intends to propagate her experiences among her readers.

Name of your blog or website and the purpose of its creation

Hey, I'm Shruti Rai and my website name is (Mappingmyroutee)

Well, Mappingmyroutee is a manifestation of my love for sharing my travel adventure with everyone. My passion for traveling drove me to quit my day job, and now it gave me the strength to turn my hard work and inspiration into a beautiful platform for everyone to share their personal travel experiences. My main motive behind creating this platform is to provide a place to those content creators or travelers who have interesting stories to share but doesn't have any website or blog to share.or they don't have time to write etc. I choose stories and share them with my readers.

Share briefly on your blogging niche

I enjoy traveling and that's what adds to my love for sharing my experience and knowledge with everyone. My love for sharing experiences about different cultures is what motivates me to run my blog with quality content and that's why I chose to travel as my niche.

Share a few words on your blogging journey

 That little curious spark made me start this blog, not just for me but for everyone. Before blogging, I was working as an article writer in one international company in Kathmandu. While working there my interaction with other travelers became more frequent. Now I can confidently say that my idea turned into a practical process in Nepal. I had a few solo trips to collect my thoughts about choosing between launching my blog to turn myself into a full-time travel blogger or staying in my job. Lastly, I left my full-time job for my blogging career. Till the day I consider my new blogging journey quite successful because I got a chance to collaborate with those people who I really admire. For me, it's So far so good.


Tips and Tricks for blogging

If you are new in this blogging game and want to divert your audience/readers from other platforms to your website, I find Twitter & Pinterest really helpful. You still need 10k for swipe up option on Instagram. So, Twitter and Pinterest are best if you have less than 10k followers on Instagram to divert readers. Lastly, your content is king. All these tips and trick will only work if you have good content. There is no shortcut for that.

Your blogging achievements

My biggest achievement so far has been my debut article. Kpop wave is really strong in India these days and I did my very first collaboration with Korean Youtubers in India. The collaboration was with those Korean Youtubers who are into Indian culture like Korean Dost, Namaste Korea and Aawaaz from Korea. This collaboration is really close to my heart and my biggest achievement. Many other achievements are coming really soon too.

Your future plans on blogging

I do international collaborations which take time. I always try to maintain a balance between what I want to write and what my readers want to read. So my future plan is to provide that content which is fun for me to write and interesting for my reader to read.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about Shruti and her superb journey as a Travel Blogger. You can also follow her on various social media platforms.

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Do share your feedback and comments and I will be soon back with my next set of conversations with other interesting bloggers. So please watch out our Interview section for more details.


A blogger interested in travelling and exploring new places and sharing ideas with all. Curious about the unique features of a place and its ethereal beauty.

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  • July 2, 2020 at 2:26 pm

    Nice interview piece with Shruti.Will make sure I follow both your blogs in future. If you’d be interested, and have time, take a read of my latest blog on Gyeongju in South Korea and leave a comment if you enjoy. #WorldComplete

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