Groove at the Third Edition of Majuli Music Festival 2022

Majuli, which also plays host to the well-known Majuli festival, is one of the states of Assam's most unusual tourist spots. In order to highlight the distinctive tribal and neo-Vaishnavite culture of Assam, the festival draws both residents and foreigners. Majuli Music Festival, which yearly draws 26,000 people, has successfully held two editions in 2019 and 2021. The festival includes live music performances by 30 independent musicians from throughout India. As well as exhibitions, exchanges of art and culture, and outdoor activities that allow participants to connect with nature. The festival emphasizes top-notch music along with indigenous wine and food from the area, boosting rural ecotourism. And also giving village businesspeople a sustainable future.

Date and Time for Majuli Music Festival

25 Nov 2022 – 27 Nov 2022

 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM

History and Significance of the Majuli Music Festival

Majuli, an island in Assam, is the largest river island in the world. It has entered its name into the Guinness World Records. Locals assert that the island's land area, which once covered 880 square kilometers, has since decreased to 352 square kilometers. The reason is erosion and the expansion of the rivers that surround it. Numerous folktales claim that in the 17th century, earthquakes and floods caused the Majuli island to form. According to legend, the island was known as Ratnapura in the 12th century and was home to the  Kingdom's capital.

The Misings, Deoris, and Sonowal Kacharis are three of the more well-known tribes on Majuli island today. The island is also home to numerous scheduled castes and non-tribal tribes, including the Ahoms, Koch, Yogis, Kalitas, and Keot. On the island, Assamese, Deori, and Mising are primarily spoken. The Neo-Vaishnavites carry out all religious rites in the numerous monasteries and Satras that are situated on the island.

Every year in the month of November, there are four days dedicated to the Majuli celebration. Every year, the festival starts on November 21 and ends on November 24. The Majuli Music festival is distinguished by numerous cultural performances, traditional dances, and booths selling regional specialties from the Majuli tribes. The festival attracts a large number of emerging and seasoned musicians, dancers, artists, and craftspeople.

Attractions at Majuli Music Festival

Traditional clothing and handicrafts

Along with several pottery pieces, the event also includes demonstrations of handmade cane and bamboo home decor items. Throughout the event, these things are offered at steep discounts. During the event, one can see natives wearing their traditional clothing, which is the Dhoti-Kurta for men and the Mekhla-Chadar for women. In addition to this, some tribes have their own distinctive clothing, such as the Sgaopha (turban) worn by the Dimasa Tribe, the Dokhna (wraparound) used by the Bodo Tribe, and the Mibu Galuk (t-shirt) worn by the Mising Tribe.

Majuli's Folk and Tribal Culture

Many visitors come to Majuli Island because of its rich culture and traditions. The duration of this festival is filled with a variety of cultural celebrations that showcase the islanders' traditions. One has the opportunity to see local folk music and dance.

Local Delicacies

A food festival is also planned, featuring all the excellent cuisine from the state and the tribes that reside on Majuli Island. Foods like Duck Meat Curry, Maasor Tenga (fish curry), Paro Manxho (pigeon meat), Silk Worm, Pitha (sweet dish), and Alu Pitika are available here for one to enjoy.

Mask Making

Meet the most exquisite mask artists at the Majuli Music Festival. Pure art is worth admiring in person. Majuli welcomes you all to experience its long-lost mask-making tradition.

The Spectacular Performances

Majuli Music Festival is set to entertain guests with some spectacular performances from renowned musicians, singers, and rock bands.

  1. Lucky Ali
  2. Nilotpal Bora
  3. Salman Ilahi
  4. Doctor Lincoln
  5. Bishrut Saikia
  6. Trishna Gurung
  7. Harish Budhwani
  8. Arham Fulfgar
  9. Arjan Singh
  10. Atrangi Funkaar
  11. Meraki
  12. Polar Lights
  13. Avora Records
  14. Rum and Monkeys
  15. Din Din Dish
  16. Buland Himalay
  17. Jaden Maskie
  18. The Midnight Taxi
  19. Shady Mellow & Orko
  20. Jutimala and the Tai Folks
  21. Madhouse Mongrels
  22. Akshaypreet Gogoi
  23. Biggle Boys
  24. A Daapun
  25. Chandra Patgiri & Rupali Payeng
  26. Bangmoi
  27. Bio Pegu
  28. Miri the Band
  29. Sparzana
  30. Dr Dope
  31. Urban Breeze
  32. The Light Caravan
  33. Raw Burn
  34. Pratibha Pathak

How to reach

Majuli is easily accessible from Jorhat by a number of forms of transportation and routes. Jorhat can be reached from Delhi, Mumbai, , and Bengaluru at distances of about 2100 km via NH 27, 3,000 km via NH 27 and NH 52, 1,300 km via NH 27, and 3,200 km via NH 44, respectively. To learn about the best ways to go to this fascinating river island, keep reading.

Via Road

Majuli Island is about 20 kilometers from Jorhat and 300 kilometers from Guwahati.

You must take a ferry from Jorhat to the island in order to attend the festival. You have a choice between two regularly scheduled ferries that depart for Majuli, one at 10:30 in the morning and the other at 2:30 in the afternoon. Majuli Island is reached by ferry, which departs from Nimati Ghat in Jorhat and arrives at Kamalabari Ghat and Dakhinpat Ghat in Majuli, respectively.

Via rail

Since Jorhat Railway Station is the closest to Majuli Island, you must disembark there if you intend to go by rail. You must take connecting trains from Guwahati because there are no direct trains from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, or Bengaluru to Jorhat Railway Station.

Via Air

The closest airport to Majuli Island is Jorhat Airport. Direct flights to Guwahati Airport are offered by AirAsia, IndiGo, Vistara, SpiceJet, and GoAir from Delhi and Kolkata.


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