The Elegant Houseboats in Kerala, India

When it comes to touring Kerala in South India, visiting the backwaters and sailing by houseboat ought to be on your bucket list.  Enjoying the tranquillity of floating merrily on a premium houseboat is an experience you would relish for a long time. The enchanting green-blanketed surroundings and the seafood delicacies served on the houseboats in Kerala are unmatched. Alleppey and Kumarakom are the popular sought-after destinations for houseboats in Kerala. Both these spots are not very far from each other.

Nicknamed Venice of the East, the beauty of Alleppey is best-appreciated sailing across the interlinked canals in the region. Although Alleppey is the better choice of sailing destination for newcomers, opting for Kumarakom is wise too. More so if you are looking for a less crowded ambiance out in the water. Either way, you get to soak in the boundless beauty and pleasure of cruising through an enchanting experience.

From among the numerous houseboat options, you can opt for deluxe, premium, and luxury categories. Besides houseboats, you can also avail of the services of Shikara boats and motorboats in these regions.


Houseboats in Kerala are large and well-designed boats. These are modified versions of normal boats, which in the olden days were used for ferrying people or things across water bodies. Having given a complete facelift, now these boats are luxurious floating houses with all the modern amenities. Tourists rent out these deluxe platforms to enjoy an extraordinary sail during the day and to spend a comfortable night in it. Apart from that, family pleasure trips, official rendezvous, or casual parties are organized on board. Even honeymooners prefer these floating beauties.


They are comparatively smaller. Of course, they are economical compared to houseboats. They sail at a good speed too. Usually, the locals use them for daily transportation. Although it does not have an appealing appearance, tourists also opt for this option.

Shikara boats

Another option you can avail of when you are in Alleppey or Kumarakom. More of a heritage boat than a houseboat where you can stay. Shikara boats are uniquely decked to represent the culture and heritage of the state. These boats are mostly used for sightseeing from one point to another.

Are you someone visiting Kerala for the first time? Or do you enjoy the leisurely tranquil vibe of a rustic village and the soothing sight of the backwaters? And what about munching on seafood delicacies? If you answered YES to one of these, then houseboats in Kerala will satiate you to the brim.

Activities on the trip

The houseboat sailing package usually includes several activities. Sightseeing, village visits, hands-on fishing experience using traditional methods, visiting choir-making workshops, going toddy tapping, and savoring various fresh seafood on the boat.

Both in Alleppey and Kumarakom there is no dearth of options to splurge on these luxury sails. Nonetheless, to start with the sailing expedition, I have handpicked the below two companies.

Rajadhani Holidays

Rajadhani Holidays is one of the leading houseboat operators in Alleppey and Kumarakom. They provide enchanting daily cruises at both of these destinations. The full-day cruise includes excellent seafood, accommodation, and mesmerizing sightseeing experience through the backwaters. Obviously, a three-member, experienced crew will accompany you to cover all your needs.

Are you traveling solo or in a group? Or are you planning to board the houseboats in Kerala as a couple? Rajadhani Holidays has a fleet of boats to match your requirements. There are single-bedroom houseboats for one or two people. Two-bedroom houseboats for four people. Then the three-bedroom houseboat is for six guests and the 5-bedroom houseboat is for ten people.

With more than a decade in the industry, their luxury boats epitomize their class and supremacy in the backwaters. The pristinely maintained boats with all the modern facilities assure a comfortable stay for the guests. By using eco-friendly materials such as bamboo and coir products, they have naturally augmented the charm of their boats.

You can contact them at

Spice Route Luxury Cruises

Established in 2008, Spice Route Luxury Cruises is the pioneer of ultra-luxury houseboats in the Alleppey backwater cruise sector. They have etched their name credibly by exhibiting and providing 5-star hospitality to the guests. To impart an authentic backwaters sailing experience, Spice Route Luxury Cruises offers a unique set of choices to its guests. Aptly named after the spices in Kerala, their fleet of houseboats floats with the most coveted luxury features.

Spice Routes Presidential Suite–Saffron (1-Bedroom houseboat). It is a one-bedroom, fully air-conditioned luxury boat equipped with all the modern amenities. It is perfect for honeymooners or a holiday for a small family.

Spice Routes Super Luxury- Pepper (2-Bedroom houseboat). The Super luxury houseboat with five-star facilities and centralized air conditioning is apt for small families and groups.

Spice Routes Super Luxury- Cinnamon, Clove, and Fennel (3-Bedroom houseboats). These houseboats in their fleet provide plush facilities. Large families and groups can easily be accommodated on them.

Spice Routes Super Luxury- Tamarind (5-Bedroom houseboat). It is one of the latest additions to their luxury fleet. With a majestic upper deck and other five-star facilities, the boat exudes elegance in all its features. ‘Tamarind' offers best-in-class technologies for hosting business meetings and conferences with a Wi-Fi facility. The cozy and embellished interior and sundeck become a favorite spot for family get-togethers, parties, and celebrations. The boat can accommodate seventy people on board for the day cruise.

You can contact them at

Best time to visit

Vembanad Lake, the largest freshwater lake in the state of Kerala, becomes a bustling hub of tourist activities from November to February. Being peak season prior to booking the houseboats in Kerala is recommended. It is better to stay away during the rainy season in Kerala.

However, throughout the year you can avail of these houseboats at your convenience.

How to reach?

Cochin international airport is the nearest airport situated around 80 KM away. Both the spots are well connected by national highways.



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