8 Beautiful Railway Stations in India

My country my homeland, India, is amazing. The more I dig into its treasures, my astonishment personifies rapidly. Nature, history, architectural charm, engineering skills are inter-mingled in this fabulous country. Today, I would especially like to overwhelm my readers with 8 beautiful and grand railway stations in India.

The key feature of the railway stations is their design, speaking out the talents and skills of Indian engineers and architects. It's their tiring efforts and their innovative brains that resulted in these wonderful creations. We must equally thankful to the developers and workers who work relentlessly to establish the pride possessions of India.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai

I have memories associated with this stunning and one of the oldest railways stations in India. The fact that I landed here in 1999 when I received my job offer; and travelling now and then in local and long-distance trains, moments seem to wave in front of my eyes. Grand in its structure and an iconic landmark in Mumbai, the capital city of the state of Maharashtra. Earlier it was known by the name of Victoria Terminus.

Established in the year 1887, it proudly occupies a place in UNESCO's list of World Heritage sites. Designed by Axel Haig and Frederick Stevens following the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture, it is a prestigious building in India.

Howrah Station,

I hope I am allowed a small biased mention here since West Bengal is the state where I have been born and brought up. I feel a sense of happiness within me while I mention about Howrah Station. Constructed in 1854, it is the oldest among all the railway stations in India.

Innumerable times I have stepped into this station, boarding trains to visit different tourist destinations of Bengal. I can recollect my childhood days when I used to travel with my parents, sometimes to my grandparents' place and sometimes to a relatives place. Each nook and corner of the station is familiar. The station has a whooping capacity to handle the highest number of trains spread across 23 platforms.

Char Bagh Station, Lucknow

Stunningly attractive, brilliantly designed and vivacious greenery; that's how you can define Char Bagh station at Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. It is one of the gorgeous railway stations in India. At first glance, you may mistake it for a grand palace with the royal garden views at the front.

The designers and architects deserve accolades and applause to plan out such a fabulous building. The architectural pattern and style resemble a mix of the Mughal, Rajput and Awadhi cultures. The pillars and the domes portray the ancient Indian artistic palatial view. The well-curated garden at the front is a real treat to the eyes. There is a fountain in the middle that especially illuminates at night, creating an elite environment in the surroundings.

Chennai Central Station, Tamil Nadu

The station is located in Chennai in the southern part of India and is one of the grandest railways stations in India. Architect Henry Irwin had pioneered the construction of the station, almost 143 years before.

Chennai Central Station is well maintained and stands high in the city; a significant landmark for the tourists. Its architecture is simple yet elegant. A visit to Chennai is incomplete without visiting the station and boarding a train. I too did not think of missing it during my visit to the city.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls Station, Goa

Goa is a paradise for travellers from all around the world. Natural wonders are twined in every aspect of this place. Dudhsagar waterfalls station in Goa is also not an exception. It is one of the ravishing railway stations in India.

Situated at the backdrop of lush greenery, it is an enthralling experience walking towards the station. Boarding a train and travelling to and fro the station generates a feeling of delight and pleasure among the tourists.

Jaipur Railway Station, Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a state flocked by tourists throughout the year. Its railway stations are one of the busiest among all. Jaipur railway station experiences the maximum footfall. Still, it is the cleanest and is well maintained by the officials.

The famous luxurious train “Palace on the Wheels” and several others halt at this station; dropping in the visitors for a tour around the city.

Vijaywada Railway Station, Andhra Pradesh

You can realize the beauty of the station at night. The lights adorning the building are carefully and artistically sequenced to display a stunning view of the station.

The station is quite old, constructed in the year 1888. It remains busy due to the inflow and outflow of tourists and the local travellers.

Mysore Junction, Karnataka

I specially picked up Mysore Junction in my list for the amenities it provides to its passengers. The key being the facilities for the visually challenged people travelling by train.

The junction has received special accreditation for the innovative ideas and carving out a modern rail route much to the convenience and benefit of the travellers.

In my end note, I want to emphasize on the point that there are many more beautiful railway stations in India. Some are very old and carries within them the vintage history of the country.



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