10 Prominent Indian Railway Stations Best for Local Foods

India's culinary diversity hailing from north to south, east to west, is immense. Varying in taste, flavor, and ingredients, the foods and drinks portray the heterogeneity that governs Indian cuisine. The states in India are a testimony to these wonderful recipes, each of them unique in their local delicacies. This article is specially created for food lovers who enjoy train rides. Indian rail traverses across different regions and the best part is the food served at many of the prominent Indian railway stations. They offer you a chance to have a feel of the local foods of the region.

Sharing 10 such prominent Indian railway stations where you can undergo the utterly mouth-watering experience of Indian culinary assortments.

Sandesh – Howrah Station,

Think of Bengal and the first thought which comes to mind when it relates to food is Sandesh. The sweet never defies the taste bud, melting smoothly inside the mouth. The moment the trains stop at Howrah station or you are boarding a train from the station, hop on to the sweet stalls for satiating your food love. For Bengalis, Sandesh is close to their heart. It is considered auspicious to gift family and friends with boxes of Sandesh, believed to wreathe in harmony, and bonding.

And to your delight, you will find a lot of such stalls and shops at Howrah station. Do not forget to pack some of the sweets with varied shapes, sizes, and tastes for your near and dear ones as well as for you to enjoy on the journey. Tourists have rated it as one of the best Indian railway stations where you can find the best of local foods.

Fish Curry – Tatanagar Station, Jharkhand

What about some delicious lip-smacking fish curry at a railway station? Isn't it amazing? At Jamshedpur or Tatanagar railway station, you can relish fish curries with rice and some salads to accompany it. The meal is available at the railway canteens. The fish is fresh and the curries and rice are served hot which adds to the taste and delicacy. The gravy is specially prepared with Indian spices and masala to add to the flavor and aroma. If you are boarding the train from Tatanagar, then do keep your stomach empty for a fill of the meal and then embark on your train journey. The sumptuous meal rates Tatanagar as one of the most popular Indian railway stations serving local food delicacies.

Kanda Poha – Ratnam Station, Madhya Pradesh

Poha is a favorite breakfast dish in many states of India. With a mix of spices and herbs, the taste is soothing inside the mouth. Kanda Poha is one such variety of the food item, served at Ratnam station in Madhya Pradesh. The aroma of it is so tempting that you will be allured to get off the train and sneak the stop time to purchase a sumptuous dish from the station food stalls. And if you are boarding a train from the station, then reserve some time before the train arrival time to gulp on some Kanda poha.

Dal Vada and Idli – Vijayawada Station, Andhra Pradesh

If you love South Indian dishes, then you must venture out into the food stalls at Vijayawada station in Andhra Pradesh. The dal vada and idli sold at the shops are too scrumptious to be missed. The idlis are soft and create a pacifying effect within the taste buds. The dal vada is crispy and must be tried with the local tea served at the station. The sheer combined effect will satiate your hunger. Both the dishes are popular local foods in the state, and hence a must try. If you are unable to spend ample time at the station, then pack some up to carry on with you in the train journey.

Aloo Chat – New Delhi Station

Aloo (potato) chat is a fast food and street food delicacy in northern parts of India and quite popular even in the eastern, and central parts of India. If you are looking for the prominent Indian railway stations selling aloo chaat, New Delhi station scores high in the rank. The chat at the railway stalls at New Delhi is an absolute delight. The potatoes are boiled and sparingly fried and then mixed with lemon juice, and spices and then served with chutney to add to the fun. If you are a foodie, you will definitely love the aroma and the taste.

Halwa – Calicut Station, Kerala

Halwa is a popular sweet dish and often consumed as dessert in southern part of India and mostly in Kerala. In Calicut station, you will find many sweet and snacks shops selling halwa. They are available in various shapes and sizes and garnished with spices and nuts. The halwas are like jellies prepared with coconut oil. Once you keep one piece of it inside your mouth, you can feel its essence and aroma. Its a perfect dish to soothe your sweet cravings. Hence if you are passing by Calicut then do not miss out buying some packs of the sweet Halwas. And if you are boarding or interchanging a train from the station, then you can spend some good time checking out the varieties of halwas and packing some for your onward train journey or back home.

Pakoras – Chittorgarh Station, Rajasthan

Pakoras as evening snacks with a cup of tea or coffee. Ask any food lover, he or she will be enticed to relish on such an offering. And over and above if you are an ardent traveler and love train journeys, then there is an incredible option for you in Chittorgarh station of Rajasthan. The station hosts several food stalls selling onion and potato pakoras, perfect local snacks to enjoy. Both are a proof of the delicious Rajasthani cuisine, entertaining tourists with their mouth-watering tastes and aroma.

Biryani – Daund Station, Maharashtra

Biryanis are a delicacy and a preferred dish for Indians throughout the country. If you want to taste some delicious biryanis while on a train journey then you must check out them at Daund station in Maharashtra. Travelers passing by the route, crave to pack biryanis and try them on their onward journey. Some even love packing it back to their homes. The aroma of the dish is too tempting with the local herbs adding to the smell. In fact as the trains approach the station, the rich fragrance of the Biryanis capture the hearts of the people.

Moong Dal Pakora – Bareilly Station, Uttar Pradesh

Bareilly station in Uttar Pradesh entertains travelers with its hot crispy moong dal pakoras. Its a local snack favorite among the people residing in the state and loved by the visitors too. If you are at the station boarding a train, do not miss out walking to the food stalls and trying out the pakoras. And if you are passing by the station have some of them packed. You will love to eat them along with tea or coffee. And if the time is evening, then its perfect for savoring the snacks. Barielly is happily considered as one of the prominent Indian railway stations, selling rich traditional and local dishes.

Chole Bhature – Jalandhar Station, Punjab

Talk of local foods and delicacies, Punjab is considered one of the toppers in the list. The Chole Bhature is a prominent local dish among them. Jalandar station in Punjab has some fine eateries selling chole bhature served with curries, salad and pickle. You can add on a lassi to it for the extra refreshment. The dish is perfect for lunch or dinner, sumptuous for a full heavy meal.

Hope you have enjoyed reading about the prominent Indian railway stations specializing in selling the local delicacies of the region. Do share your experiences with us as well.



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