8 Best Christmas Movies to Watch this Winter

Most of us love this time of the year. Who doesn't, isn't it? Holidays, gifts, celebrations, decorations, good food and drink, fireworks, Christmas movies…the season is just adorned with an endless list of excitement and happiness.

Awaiting the Santa to swoosh the magic around is a dream. Everyone has his or her fantasies and aspirations during this season. Among the many, watching the best Christmas movies with family is memorable too. Most of the regions have new Christmas movies releasing during this holiday season.

Here I have a list of the best Christmas movies to watch before the New Year.

8-Bit Christmas (2021, 1h 36m, English)

A hilarious Christmas movie that many may be able to relate to and find interesting. In the present day, Jake Doyle is seen with his daughter, Annie Doyle. Annie is a little disappointed that unlike her friends she doesn't have a phone and has to depend on her dad's phone. At his parents' place, Jake shows her the best Christmas gift he ever earned. It is a video game, a Nintendo. He goes on to tell her the story behind it. The story flashes back to the 1980s Chicago where Jake and his family and friends grew up. And the story unfolds depicting how he gets a Nintendo during the Christmas season.

La noche mágica (2021, 1h 34m, Spanish)

An extraordinary Christmas Eve turns out to be for Kira and Juan. The couple lives with their daughter. A double twist triggers right at the beginning of the story. Nicola, a thief breaks into their home, just as Kira's boyfriend, Cachete is escaping the scene when her husband arrives. They have an encounter and Nicola forces him to accompany him into the apartment. Beyond robbery, more twists and turns are waiting inside the house. Christmas is turning bad for them. Indeed one of the best Christmas movies to watch and relax this season.

Next Stop, Christmas (2021, 1h 23m, English)

Angie is a doctor who has a hectic work life that forces her to miss out on Christmas at home the second year in a row. She did have beautiful childhood with sweet memories. And a lover who is not part of her life now. she is missing it all. And she thinks it was a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. She catches the last express to Yonkers to celebrate another quiet Christmas by herself. But they say the magic of Christmas will find you. A nap in the train and it is magic all around by the time she wakes up. Indeed a pleasant Christmas movie you can enjoy watching.

Minnal Murali (2021, 2h 36m, Malayalam)

Although it is a little Christmassy about this fantasy drama, the family audience has accepted it well as a Christmas entertainer. The story revolves around Murali, an ordinary person until he is jolted by lightning hit. Since then, he has been a completely changed personality. With superhuman powers, he is out there to wield his powers and chase the bad guys. Being the first superhero, sci-fi movie from the Malayalam industry, it has been one of the widely watched Christmas movies currently.

Open By Christmas (2021, 1h 23m, English)

Nicky's parents decide to sell their house and move to a smaller one. Nicky decides to stay with them helping them. While going through the stuff from school days, they find an unopened Christmas card from someone anonymous. However, the wordings in the card inspire her to look for the anonymous person who wrote it back then. She and her friend Simone try hard to locate the person in vain. The story comes to an overwhelmingly beautiful finish. Like a cherry on top, Nicky finds her guy when another card is handed over to her.

Le calendrier (2021, 1h 39m, French)

Eva Roussel is paraplegic and is wheelchair-bound. On her birthday, her friend Sophie gifts her German present, an advent calendar. It has a surprise for every day until Christmas. Well, if it is a good surprise or a bad one, time will tell. And yes, there are rules to be followed. Rule # 1: the calendar contains candy. If you eat one, eat them all. Or I'll kill you.  Rule # 2: respect all rules until you open the last door. Or I'll kill you. Rule # 3: dump it and I'll kill you. Sounds grim. Anyway, Eva goes ahead and eats the first candy. The miracle of Christmas is about to unfold. yet, it is not one of those typical Christmas movies you might like. Be scared.

The Christmas Promise (2021, 1h 23m, English)

Nicole Graham along with Henry, her fiancé owns a toy store and they are planning a family together. However, unfortunately, he passes away in an accident during the Christmas season. One year later, Nicole is trying to rebuild her life. To move on with her life, she decides to sell her store and house albeit the house requires some remodeling to be completed. Luckily she has a good circle of friends and family standing by her to support her. And then Joe Roberts, a carpenter to remodel her house enters her life. Gradually, he does what he can to wipe away her grief. A lovely story this is and one of the soothing Christmas movies to watch.

Dawid i Elfy (2021, 1h 44m, Polish)

An adventure, comedy film where fantasy meets reality. Indeed a magical story to restore the Christmas spirit and it is a good Christmas movie. Ever since moving to Warsaw, life is no more the same for Dawid and his family. On other hand, an elf named Albert ventures out from Santa's place assuming it is loved by the people. Elf is proved wrong and Dawid must help find its way back before it is too late.

Advanced wishes for Christmas. Hope you enjoy watching the movies. Do share any other good movies you are planning to watch this winter.



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5 thoughts on “8 Best Christmas Movies to Watch this Winter

  • December 27, 2021 at 9:19 pm

    I’ve seen some of these movies, they’re the best!!! Perfect for the holidays…

  • December 28, 2021 at 7:49 pm

    On my list to binge through them all! I love great holiday movies!

  • December 30, 2021 at 2:20 am

    What a fun list! I watched all of the Home Alone movies, and loads of Halmark Christmas movies, but had not seen any of these.

  • January 7, 2022 at 5:24 pm

    I find Next Stop Christmas interesting.


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