8 Best Vegan Food Trends 2022

Why go Vegan? The answer to this is very simple. Vegan food prevents damage and exploitation of nature, and birds and animals. It could particularly shrink the environmental footprint and direct climate change. A vegan diet can fuel the most elevated levels of wellness while decreasing the risk for chronic infections. With the increasing trend of Vegan Food, people find more alternatives to it with the passing time. With increasing awareness, people have started to follow Vegan Food Trends 2022.

Say Goodbye to your animal meat and hello to Jackfruit and Plant Based Bacon – Best Vegan Food Trends 2022.


The most ignored spiky fruit in the world now tops the Best Vegan Trends 2022. It is a tropical fruit native to India and India is the biggest producer of it. You would be surprised to know the amount of jackfruit that is wasted in a year. The reason lies behind a lack of awareness and ignorance.

 It is popularly known as meat mimic. It packs some wholesome nutrition, and the way that you can cook, piece, or shred it like chicken or pork makes it a go-to fundamental fixing in numerous vegetarian dishes.

Image by Kiều Trường from Pixabay

Its flavor is impartial, and it takes to a wide range of seasonings. For cooking, newly picked, unripe jackfruit, by and large, is utilized. Once ready, jackfruit can be utilized in better sweet arrangements. Its pork-like structure when unripe has become a powerful ingredient in Chef's kitchens'. And one of the popular Vegan food trends 2022.

Nutritional value: High in vitamin B and C         


Mushrooms are captivating: They are neither a plant nor a vegetable, they're meat textured, yet they're not meat. They come in various shapes and structures — but they frequently carry on with a shadowy presence in our kitchens and dishes. We realize them best by the most widely recognized sorts, and we could frequently utilize them to add surface and flavor to sauces and stews. Yet seldom are mushrooms the star of the feast, but why? Don't go by the nature of it, go by its benefits.

Image by Barbroforsberg from Pixabay

Mushroom assortments like shiitake, King clam (or more modest shellfish mushrooms), and Portobello are brimming with generous, gritty flavors that do ponders in such countless dishes. Mushrooms are particularly protein-rich meat substitutes for vegans.

Nutritional value: Source of Vitamin D, magnesium, and potassium.

Soya Chunks

Soya chunks are to a vegan what chicken is to a non-vegetarian, an extraordinary wellspring of protein! Nonetheless, that isn't the main supplement soya chunks bring to the table. They are certainly very easy to add to recipes and diets.

Image by Rajendra Singh from Pixabay

Soya chunks are a kind of mock meat produced using defatted soy flour. In India, it is called “veggie lover's meat.”

Nutritional value: Contain protein and fatty acids


If you are looking for high protein content, chickpeas are your thing.

Chickpeas, otherwise called Garbanzo, are utilized in various recipes. Whether it's a Chickpeas Curry or you're making hummus, these beans are good and an extraordinary wellspring of fiber.

Chickpeas are legumes, placing them in a similar class to beans, lentils, lupins, peanuts, and peas. They started in the Middle East, where they have developed for a number of years. It's a well-known go-to as a meat substitution for vegans because of its protein content, which is 14.4 grams per cup.

Nutritional value: High in protein and fiber

Banana Peels

This might actually blow up your mind but trust me banana peels are edible. This is one of the most viral Vegan Food Trends 2022. They are too easy to cook and are easily accessible. Grab a banana for your breakfast and your lunch/dinner is sorted.

There's a developing pattern of vegans adopting banana skins as a meat substitute and sharing their recipes on social media. Perhaps one of the most famous recipes – advanced by  Chef Jana and The Stingy Vegan – is pulled ‘pork' utilizing banana skins.

Image by Jan Helebrant from Pixabay

This recipe is genuinely straightforward. In the first place, you need to scratch out the white substance from within the skin, then you can shred the remainder of the strip with a fork. At the point when you have the skin prepared, you can either marinate it and afterward cook, or do like Chef Jana and cook it in your favorite sauce. A sprinkle of water will assist with mellowing the skins, making them significantly more scrumptious.

Nutritional value: Loaded with B6 and B12 vitamins and minerals

Vegan milk

Cow's milk is viewed as a staple in many individuals' daily diets. It is consumed as a beverage, poured on cereal, and added to smoothies, tea or espresso.

While milk is a common favorite among the majority, certain individuals can't or decide not to drink milk because of individual inclinations, dietary limitations, sensitivities, or prejudices.

Image by 1195798 from Pixabay

Luckily, assuming you're hoping to stay away from cow's milk, there are a lot of nondairy choices accessible.

  1. Soya milk – Extracted from soybean or soy protein
  2. Almond milk – Extracted from whole almonds or almond milk
  3. Coconut milk – Extracted from white coconut flesh
  4. Oat milk – Concoction of water and oats
  5. Rice milk – Prepared from milled white or brown rice
  6. Cashew milk – Concoction of cashew nuts and butter
  7. Macadamia milk – Concoction of water and macadamia nuts
  8. Hemp milk – Prepared from seeds of the hemp plant
  9. Quinoa milk – Prepared from water and quinoa

These alternatives are full of nutrition just look for added sugar and other flavors.

Tofu and tempeh

Produced using soybeans, tofu is a less-handled substitute for meat as it's a finished protein. The firm assortment is best for cooking in appetizing dishes, and you can involve the gentler kinds for things like tofu scramble instead of egg, or add to puddings and heats.

Image by hanul choi from Pixabay

Tempeh is made with matured soybeans and is firmer on the surface. It's an extraordinary substitute for protein in Asian recipes, yet additionally great as ‘bacon' in the event that you meagerly cut and sear it. Both tofu and tempeh are extraordinary vehicles for flavor, so function admirably in heaps of dishes.

Nutritional value: Great source of proteins, carbs, and fiber.

Whole egg Substitutes

Powdered egg substitutes used to be found in more specific super stores, yet a new ascent in ubiquity implies you can undoubtedly find them in more stores now, as well.

It's astonishing to imagine that a couple of years prior, vegetarians were restricted to a couple of choices or a little segment of specific in general stores. Always growing vegan lover patterns and the number of individuals evaluating the way of life is driving the ascent of especially intriguing substitutes. It is worth investigating what's accessible to track down the best substitutes for you.

Image by Markus Tries from Pixabay

Chia seeds can work best if you are looking for the same fiber content. You can use chickpea water as an egg white substitute.

Nutritional value: Contain antioxidants and are high in fiber.

Explore your newer self with these Vegan Food Trends 2022 and limit the harm that you might cause to mother earth.


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