7 Monsoon Travel Essentials For a Safe Journey

Monsoons make the trees greener, the streams and rivers fuller, the environment cleaner, and the sky more dramatically beautiful. So monsoon is a great season to travel provided we are well equipped with some monsoon travel essentials. Even though monsoon is an amazing season, it implies incessant rain which may cause some bottlenecks while we are on the go. So we need to take certain precautionary measures to avoid any troublesome incident. Let's make a list of monsoon travel essentials so that you can now confidently pack your bags for a rainy holiday.


An umbrella and rain are inseparable. Umbrellas are easy and instant relief the moment it starts pouring. So an umbrella is definitely on top of your monsoon travel essentials. Another tip, a colorful umbrella makes a catchy subject for Instagram clicks.


When it pours heavily, an umbrella is not enough. In fact, while using an umbrella one hand is continuously engaged. This may appear clumsy and hands-free traveling is comfortable without an iota of doubt. Raincoats or waterproof ponchos are the best in such scenarios, where you are completely protected from getting wet and your hands are free to click pictures or hold on to something. Raincoats are must-have monsoon travel essentials. In addition to raincoats, it is essential to carry a backpack cover and zip lock bags for protecting your gadgets. You should also pack lightweight synthetic wear which dries easily.

Waterproof Shoes and Silica Gel

Among monsoon travel essentials waterproof shoes and an additional pair must be considered. Monsoon means continuous rainfall, water logging, and muddy paths. Hence waterproof boots are the best choice for monsoon travel. It is also suggested that you carry an additional pair in case one pair gets completely wet or is damaged. Do not miss silica gel; they help in absorbing excess moisture preventing bacterial growth on wet shoes apparel and bags. Please carry polybags for carrying wet clothes if necessary.

Antiseptic Liquid and Medicines for Cold, Cough, and Flu

A first aid kit is a travel essential irrespective of the season. Among monsoon travel essentials add medicines for cold, cough, and flu together with your first aid kit. Getting drenched may cause cough and cold and flu and hence prevention is better than cure. The antiseptic liquid is always a part of the first aid kit. Remember applying that on the skin also prevents leech bites. Monsoon is the season when leeches are most active, hence you can try this out or carry salt, the classic method to prevent leech bites.


Monsoons may imply mosquitoes and other insects hovering around us hence mosquito/ insect repellent creams and/ or devices are significant monsoon travel essentials.

Sealed Bottled Water

Monsoons result in floods in many places and there are high chances of tap water getting spurious. Sealed bottled water is one of the major monsoon travel essentials as it is best to avoid the risk of Diarrhea and other water-borne diseases.

Torch and Batteries

We have almost every essential app on our mobile phones. Therefore we hardly think of traveling with a torch these days. Even though our mobile phones have torches and we carry our chargers and power bank, there could be situations where all these would be useless. Heavy rains at remote places often result in a power cut and so we would be left with uncharged gadgets. The old-school torch and batteries will be our savior then. So add them to your list of monsoon travel essentials.

Nothing can stop our nomadic souls, not even the heavy rains. Check the weather forecast and be monsoon travel ready with our list of 7 monsoon travel essentials. Wishing you all happy and safe rainy trips.



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