A Day Trip To The Enchanting Val di Mello, Italy

Welcome to the hiking paradise at the Val di Mello in Italy. Dotted with breathtaking natural attractions the area surrounding Val di Mello has still not been an overcrowded tourist destination. The commune, Val di Mello in the region of Lombardy is not far from the border of Switzerland. Thus inviting several international tourists from across the border as well.

Val di Mello is apparently a Nature Reserve that is not ruined by human intervention. Hence, the hills, streams, valleys, waterfalls, wooden bridges, natural pools, ponds, flora, and fauna enchant you to frequent them often.

My friend and family hiked through the area last week to unwind from the hectic mundane work schedule. They started their hike from San Martino and walked up to Cascina Piana. Thanks to @Aury_ga1, we have the photos and videos.

Legend of Gigiat

A legend in the area claims that an animal called Gigiat protects the mountains around. According to their belief, those who do not respect the mountains are punished by the animal. As can be seen, large paintings on the walls of the buildings revere the animal, which in turn protects them and the mountains.

San Martino

San Martino is the nearest village to Val di Mello from where you need to hike leaving behind your vehicles. The thinly populated typical mountain village becomes the perfect stopping point after your drive. Before embarking on the trekking spending time to admire the lifestyle of villages can be an amazing experience.

In less than thirty minutes of walking through the trodden trails from San Martino, Qualido Lake comes into view. The enchanting sight of the lake itself is so relaxing and inviting. Quickly you will realize the walk up the trail is worth it.

Val di Mello

What makes Val di Mello the climbing paradise are the vertiginous granite walls in the region. Il Pricipizio degli Asteroidi, Luna Nascente, Kundalini, Il Giardino delle Bambine Leucemiche are some of the epic walls in the valley. The mountain overlooking the valley is called Monte Disgrazia, which stands tall at 3600 meters.

Tourists who visit the location come with the predominant idea of trekking and relaxing with the family. You have multiple choices to keep yourself engaged in this hilly region.

  • Climbing and trekking.
  • Staying the panoramic mountain houses of the valley.
  • Go on hiking around the high passes of the Masino valley. (Not  recommended for armatures)
  • Spend relaxing hours with the family in the Bagni Masino Therme or in Predarossa.
  • Plunge into the lakes and streams.

Many of the visitors picnicking in the area with family tend to stay around the Torrone stream and the waterfall Della Chiusa in the vicinity. Di Ferro is another waterfall where you can stop by to slip into the waters. And why not? The pristine location begs you to stay longer and breathe in the beauty surrounding you.

The lake where many prefer to enjoy a bath is Il Bidet Della Contessa.

For the others, who are more adventure-minded hike further into the more dense forest plaques. If you have it in you to climb 1500+ meters up you reach the splendid pastures of Alpe Pioda. Once on top, the panorama of the Mello valley and the whole of Val di Mello becomes a pleasing sight.

Food and Accommodation

Of course, given the location where you are, expecting premium or luxury facilities will not fetch desired results. However, San Martino has a few hotels, restaurants, and grocery stores. There are also campsites for you to settle down.

There are many places to stop and eat and to spend a relaxed day. Trattoria gatto rosso, Rifugio Mello, Rifugio Rasega, etc. are a few of them.

Since you are in the village, it is a good idea to taste the local Pizzoccheri (a kind of pasta prepared with potatoes, kale, and Bitto cheese), the polenta Taragna, and wines.

How to get to Val Masino and Val di Mello?

You have to pay for parking in San Martino and seven euros more if you want to get to the valley.

Val Masino is next to the village of Ardenno that which is reachable by train.

Val di Mello is connected with a shuttle bus service from Val Masino. Alternatively, you can choose to travel by your own means as roads connect the village.

The nearest airports are located in Zurich and Milan.



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