An Evening spent at Park Street Kolkata before Christmas

With Christmas approaching, I decided to venture out one evening to one of the happening places of . Yes, Kolkata the place where I reside now. Well, the happening place is none other than Park Street Kolkata. Adorned with exclusive eateries, exotic restaurants, streetside shops, lively pubs the place is perfect for people of all generations.

Part Street Kolkata is elegantly decorated during this time of the year. It is an absolutely amazing experience to walk down the street and immerse into the energetic atmosphere hailing in the place. The street is a long stretched one, glittering with the décor and lights. The restaurants, the stalls, and the shops brighten up their premises, imparting a festive look to the entire area.

Throughout the pavements, small shop owners were selling the Christmas caps, reindeer horns, glitters, stars, trees and many more. People were flocking at the shops to purchase them, their faces full of joy in tune with the festive atmosphere around.

The Kolkata Police have arranged for a musical show every day at Park Street Kolkata to entertain the visitors during Christmas and New Year. It is a musical performance by a band comprising of talented singers and musicians. They kept the people engaged and entertained by their melodious voices. The songs were selected perfectly with rhythmic beats.

The young crowd was in true spirits of celebration. They had decked up with lovely costumes with the Christmas caps or the reindeer horns. Posing for pictures is something they need to be appreciated. The enjoyment in their eyes is wonderful to watch. Their spirits were high in sync with the vibrant entertaining life of Park Street Kolkata.

The food joints, cake shops, and bakeries and the restaurants were glowing with the bright illuminating lights. With discounts, offers and special menus they were determined to entice the food lovers and the party-goers. The pubs had a special drinks menu to celebrate Christmas and New Year.

Walking through the entire stretch of Park Street Kolkata enlivened my spirits. I felt rejuvenated and energized. Even though I had come in after a full day at the office, but not for a second, I felt any tiring feeling inside me. On the contrary, I just kept on walking and engulfing the liveliness and the brightness around me. I will miss visiting Park Street Kolkata during Christmas and New Year as I will be on a vacation. The thought made me more eager to engulf the vibrancy prevailing throughout.

I ended the day with a dash on Chelo Kebab at my favourite restaurant Peter Cat Kolkata. I have been visiting Peter Cat Kolkata for about 12 years now and the food has not even changed still in its taste. The special aroma of Chelo Kebab Peter Cat Kolkata offers is unmatched and unparallel. The ambiance is superb and their service is excellent. The behaviour of the staff of Peter Cat Kolkata is worthy of appreciation. It has remained unchanged and I could see several familiar faces among them. Some of the waiters have been working for 20 years with the same dedication and positive attitude. I spoke with a senior person and he was overwhelmed to hear that I can recognize him still. He had retired but because of goodwill and honesty, Peter Cat Kolkata restaurant owners have still retained him.

If you ever happen to visit Kolkata, you must not miss Park Street Kolkata. It offers a plethora of opportunities to spend a fabulous evening with fun, food, and music.


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