A Day Trip to Nelliyampathy – Palakkad, Kerala

A short and untiring family outing; or a solo ride is always soothing and reinvigorating. Hill stations like Nelliyampathy provide just the perfect ambiance. Perched exquisitely in the bosom of nature, Nelliyampathy is an ideal location when planning to spend a day with your family or trek alone.

When you think of hill stations to chill in Kerala, Munnar and Wayanad can top your list. Obviously, these two spots have their own splendor and an aura of beauty.

Do you think you are a no-crowd person? Well, Nelliyampathy is then one such getaway that brims with the thrill of high range minus masses of tourists. Serene, cool, and quiet, Nelliyampathy is an Eco- friendly Hill Station in Palakkad District, Kerala.


  • Ideal for a one-day trip.
  • Not as many hairpins or winding roads.
  • Comparatively less cool clime.
  • Much less crowded.
  • Less expensive too.

Picture and video courtesy @shifasmohammed.

Pothundi Reservoir and Garden

The 19th-century Pothundi dam is erected mainly for irrigation purposes. The authorities have gradually converted the surrounding area into an attractive tourist destination. The reservoir area extends to around thirty kilometers providing a wide and beautiful vista. Visitors can halt at the long stretch to relax, enjoy snacks, take photos, or take a stroll. The boating facility makes your stay even more entertaining.

The garden adjacent to the dam is a must-visit. Although not a hi-tech garden, adventure activities, and play areas provide entertainment to families and kids alike.

There is a nominal entry fee.

Almost 10 KM further up, you have a forest check post to cross. Better to check the entry timings prior to the trip as there can be restrictions being the forest areas.

Seethargundu Viewpoint

From the check post, Seethargundu Viewpoint is one of the prime spots you can visit. To reach this spot, you will be traveling through a private tea plantation – Poabs Group. So, you have only one hour time to see around and exit the premises.

The visual treat that you can enjoy includes the green plains and paddy fields in the valley. Nenmara Town and neighboring villages, orchids, plantations, and waterfalls stretch your vision. Of course, the cloud-kissing hills around will totally amaze you when watched from the heights.

Some of the cliffs are notorious for causing accidents hence caution is advised while trudging.

Poabs Tea Estate View

Tea estates look remarkably blanketed in fog and under the sun. Video and photographers flock to the region to cover such magical images.

Long stretches of tea plants and walking through the little trails can be mesmerizing experiences during your day trip to Nelliyampathy.

Kesavan Para and Karapara Hanging Bridge

A rock bed that provides an amazing view of the Pothundi Dam and surrounding area is the center of attraction here. From the road, you need to trek through the jungle for a short while to reach Kesavan Para.

Not very far from there, you can reach Karapara Hanging Bridge. The short distance to get to this spot is superbly scenic. And if lucky, you can spot a few exotic animals and birds, including Kerala's state bird – the great hornbill. Upon reaching, you will find an old hanging bridge across a rivulet. The rainy season presents excellent sceneries to photograph.

Raja's Cliff View

Another cliff-spot that can delight you with numerous captivating sights. Surrounding mountains, reservoirs, waterfalls, and the lush green stretches socked in mist in Nelliyampathy can be captured here.

Imagine the sight of tea gardens and cardamom estates around you. And the occasional sighting of monkeys, giant squirrels, sambar, bison, elephants, and even leopards to surprise or startle you.

Off-road drive

Are you an adventure lover? Try the off-road drive by jeeps at Nelliyampathy. By spending around INR1200 you get to explore the jungle and key viewpoints off-road. The twists and bounces along the way can thrill you.

Green Land Farmhouse

The farmhouse situated in the middle of the forest is a must-visit while in Nelliyampathy. Besides providing a comfortable stay at the property, what makes it uniquely special is what you get to see there.

The farmhouse is home to many animals like rabbits, chickens, quail, emu, ducks, and cattle. Seeing them savoring the natural habitant makes the visit worthwhile.

Nelliyampathy and Karapara Falls

Without visiting at least, a couple of waterfalls, the trip is incomplete. Surrounded by luxuriantly diverse flora and fauna, Nelliyampathy Falls in the rainy season is a bewitching sight to marvel at.

A little further away, Karapara Waterfalls awaits you. Splashes of cool water cascading down give a satisfying sight.

Once the monsoon hits the Western Ghats, rivulets and brooks splash down cracking several mini waterfalls across Nelliyampathy.

Water seeping through huge rocks pegs you to dive in. But, beneath the apparent serene face lie hidden loose rocks and steep ditches. Strong undercurrents and whirlpools can worsen the scenario. Hence, without local aid, it is ill-advised to venture into waters in monsoon.

How to get there?

At around 120 KM away you have Coimbatore airport, and Cochin airport is 160 KM away.

The nearest railway station is 55 KM away at Palakkad junction.

The National Highway 47 passes through Nenmara town which is 24KM away from Nelliyampathy.

Best time to visit

The rainy season in Kerala starts in early June and it is the best time to visit Nelliyampathy. However, people do visit even in summer to spend a day or two in the cool climate.

Before concluding take note of the below spots too. Enroute Nelliyampathy stop by at:

  • Orange & Passion Fruit Processing Center in Nelliyampathy
  • Nenmara village during ‘Nenmara Vela' festival
  • Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary – Tiger Reserve
  • Ancient and legends have ridden Kachamkurissi Temple
  • Meenkara Dam and the surrounding picnic spots



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    It must have been stunning to see the pretty scenery at the different view points. I love that there is a range of wildlife to be seen there too.

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    There certainly is plenty to see. The tea estate looks like a lovely place to visit and the scenery from the top of the view pount is stunning

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    What a wonderful place to visit! Nelliyampathy looks like a great place to visit for a day trip!

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    This is definitely a day trip I would love to do, especially to see the wildlife, it is also nice that it is a bit cooler so you do not get too hot and bothered

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    I live in Palakkad. So this was an exciting one to read !

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    It’s good that you don’t think this is as full of tourists as sometimes places can get so busy. Sounds like a great place for a day trip if you’re in the area x

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    Had visited this place as a kid. Thanks for bringing back the memories. Amazing pics. 👏

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    Wow you were able to spot so many different animals! The connection these sorts of day trips have with nature is truly wonderful.

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    Day trips are so much fun. This is so beautiful! And I love that it’s less expensive and not as crowded as some other locations!!

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